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  1. hazza6542

    Hazza's Excellent Adventures

    I fuckin love when hazza comes back on here. Just wait for all the pro Trump shit talking and story telling! Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. hazza6542

    Star Wars, The Last Jedi

    Just watched the live stream of the panel at Star Wars Celebration, and the trailer is rad. Not sure how Empire it's gunna be, given 7 was 4 pretty much, so watch this first. And the poster is pretty badass, too.
  3. hazza6542

    NSW Sold pls delete

    Sold sold sold
  4. hazza6542

    DH 2016 Pivot Phoenix Carbon build thread.

    Doesn't look like my horse is coming back, decided to move forward 10 years in design. Placed my order for a frame this morning, hopefully it'll arrive before the month is out. Always loved pivots, Halloween is coming up, so black and orange it is. Committed to a frame, and I'm in budget for...
  5. hazza6542

    Stolen: Ironhorse sunday

    Anyone that knows me knows how much I fucking love my horse, just got taken off my car. Only horse with a float x2 in the world, it's on my thread in my signature. Glenbrook, blue mountains NSW bike is extremely custom, nothing else like it. Pictures here. Help a brother out. Sent from...
  6. hazza6542

    AM Ironhorse 6point6 rebuild

    Well, I got an opportunity to be that wanker, so I took it. Bring on more Ironhorse. Picked up a large 6point off a fellow burner a while back, but the car has been taking all the funds. Should follow same plan as my Sunday rebuild, every part replaced eventually with 2016+ spec, newer geo and...
  7. hazza6542

    E-cigs and vapes etc

    Hey guys, just getting it into vaping and e-cig stuff now, wondering if anyone on here has one too, any knowledge to drop on them etc? Bought a Kangertech Subox Mini kit, it's great, haven't had a cigarette in 2 weeks today but after trying my brothers eleaf with an atlantis tank holy balls...
  8. hazza6542

    Ironhorse Sunday Large Frame

    Item : Ironhorse Sunday large frame, preferably 08 or 09 (F7 link) Price : Depends how desperate I get Location : NSW would be nice, will probably pay postage though Extra Info : Medium is too small, new rear triangle coming for 650b Sunday. Help make it happen, you know you want to.
  9. hazza6542

    Anthill films unReal

    This is one of the best edit's I've seen, and there's no editing... Holy shit. Using that song makes my day. Should make an awesome movie.
  10. hazza6542

    Buying a diesel 4X4

    Hey guys, looking into buying an 80 series, diesel, but never dealt with diesel cars before and don't have too much knowledge on the inner workings of a 4wd. Any tips on things to look for, what to avoid etc. etc.? I'm set on an 80 series so any first hand knowledge would be awesome. Went out in...
  11. hazza6542

    Speeding is bad, mmkay?

    First off, not trying to find loopholes and a way out so please don't post up why I deserve it and why I shouldn't be on the road etc etc. Some quick questions about licenses and demerit points etc. Last night on my way to be the deso for the night, got done 22 over during double demerits...
  12. hazza6542

    Boxxer world cups air problem

    Mates asked me to post up. He's got 2012 world cups, says they don't extend out to full travel (regardless of air pressure) about 10-15%. With sag, he's sitting on half travel and thredbo statey is coming up. I can service forks but haven't done an air spring yet. Another mate said it could be...
  13. hazza6542

    NSW Sold please delete

    Back up for sale, fell through. Mods please don't delete until sold not pending payment, cheers. Item: 2013 Rockshox Boxxer WC Location: Lower Blue Mountains, happy to post at buyers expense or sort out a deal with price/postage, already packed, wrapped and taped up ready to post the day...
  14. hazza6542

    Blown Sub?

    I'm having trouble being fully sick in carparks at late night without the sub working anymore, turned it down at a set of lights (apparently not everyone likes metal, and I'm a nice guy) and when I took off again no sub. Didn't turn off the car, music was still playing at low volume but sub...
  15. hazza6542

    NSW 2013 Boxxer World Cup - SOLD PENDING PAYMENT

    Item: 2013 Boxxer World Cup Location: Lower Blue Mountains Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Trying out Fox Price and price conditions: $700 ONO Extra Info: 165mm steerer. Green Slik Graphics decals on top of the red decals underneath which are clear coated over from...
  16. hazza6542

    Broken ankle?

    Small crash this afternoon, didn't seem too bad but now at 4am I can't tell my ankle from my leg. Dark bruising and a tonne of swelling, but all of the 'symptoms' I've found on the net seem a bit general for any injury (can't bear weight, swelling, bruising etc). I can't really move my foot more...
  17. hazza6542

    Broken Stiffy

    So I tried using it for the first time and broke my stiffy, bit disappointed because I didn't get to go out for a proper ride. Now I have to use rubbers. Puns aside, bought a set of Spank Stiffy rims and on the first ride the lip of the rim bent and meant no more tubeless (insert erectile...
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    Sold please delete

    SOLD 10 char
  19. hazza6542

    Lower Mountains Downhill Shred

    A quick edit a mate threw together over the weekend, don't think he's a member so I'll post it up for everyone. Taking no credit for the video, but enjoy my nips halfway through.
  20. hazza6542

    NSW Please delete - no longer for sale

    No longer for sale please delete