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    The "I will ride _____km in 2022" thread - commit and conquer here!!

    2016- 14,500km. Aiming for 18,000km in 2017, of course this is a mixture of road/gravel/mtb/bikepacking/commuting. Definitely want to increase the MTB km's this year.
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    Red Hill; Legal trails

    First trip out to RH today, what a fun place to ride. Well done to the trail builders and maintainers. I can only imagine how much fun Trail 8 must be in the wet at speed. :yuck: Looking forward to making it a regular event, I'll try to sync up with one of the club rides soon.
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    Road bike body position

    Shouldn't take long, get a proper bike fit done. You should be very comfortable going back and forth between the MTB and road bike.
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    Atheist's, what got you to your atheism?

    Why? This guy.
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    Atheist's, what got you to your atheism?

    I never believed the bullshit stories and myths. The first Zeitgeist movie really helped me put my thoughts into words. My favourite meme is the picture of the dinosaurs saying, "which way to the ark?".
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    Sea Sucker either Talon or Mini Bomber

    I have a brand new one, PM me, I'll take a pic of it and the box after my ride this morning.
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    Post your all mountain bike

    Definitely not money wasted, more so on a road bike but ENVEs are nicer to ride than your average open mould Chinese wheel. I know because I've owned both on road and mountain. I bought ENVE for my primary bikes and tried Chinese carbon for my other bikes. Needless to say I wish I could...
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    Now Your Drone Follows You - EVERYWHERE

    I was hoping to get one these to follow me.
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    NSW SOLD: Ventana El Fuego full suspension frame and Fox fork

    Such a good buy, I can't believe no one has snatched this up. Trust me when I say these Ventana's ride amazing and are rock solid.
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    Bike bags

    Scicon Aerocomfort. Used mine for many overseas trips without issue. I recently bought the Scicon Aerotech hard case for traveling on smaller airlines in more remote places. Both are excellent.
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    Post your Roadie

    The Tarmac is ~6.7kg and the Trek, the difference is mostly in the wheels. Both are great bikes but I ride the Trek more. Nothing beats a Madone, I can't wait to get the new Madone 9.
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    Little Things You Hate

    Going to the MEL CBD at 6:30 on Saturday night when Batman Ave and Flinders St are closed at the same time AFL is kicking at the MCG. So much for that 7PM dinner reservation. What should have been a 25 minute drive took 90.
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    NSW 2011 Titus Rockstar 29" *** SOLD ****

    Very nice!
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    Post your Roadie

    Madone and Tarmac
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    Ibis Goes Dealer Direct In Australia

    That's good news!! Good luck, will be great to see a few more Ibis' on the trails.
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    Post your all mountain bike

    Some upgrades are in progress for the Ventana including: XT 1x11 Fox 120mm fork 5" Ventana rear rockers Not the lightest bike by new standards, but still goes amazingly well.
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    Whatever happened to Rapid Rise?

    I loved the dual control 03 XTR, definitely one of my favourite groupsets.
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    What are you listening to NOW?

    Wu-Tang Clan 36 Chambers
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    Is trail etiquette dead?

    I blame Obama and Strava.