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  1. DMan

    Sold Ethnies. EU 43

    Item: Ethnie flats with Michelin soles. Very grippy. 43EU. Beige/ Grey in color Location: SEQLD Condition: Excellent Reason: Excess Price: $35 plus post Photos: Sure
  2. DMan

    Sold Scott Boa flats $50

    Item: Scott Voltage boa flats. EU43 but run just a smidge small. Ran them for a few weeks hoping they'd stretch. Olive green Location: SEQLD Condition: Excellent. Soles great Reason: Just a bit too small. Price: $50 plus post. Have some new spare complete boas for them too Pics: sure
  3. DMan

    Sold 29" Duroc 40 Boost front wheel

    Item: As above. 15X110. 40mm external. 34mm internal. 28 spoke Location: SE QLD Condition: Good. Bearings are good and it runs pretty much true Reason: No 29er... Price: $60 plus post Pics: Yes. can provide a complete wheel pic if necessary
  4. DMan

    Sold 29" 2.5WT EXO Assegai

    Item: 29" 2.5WT Exo Assguy. Happy to post Location: SE QLD Condition: Very good. Very little riding on it before wheel taken off Reason: No 29er wheels. Well other than my wife's which all take 2.3s.... Price: $50 plus post Pics: Sure
  5. DMan

    Sold 2016 Fox 34 Factory FIT4 with Kashima damage

    Item: 2016 Fox 34 29er 140mm boost Factory FIT4 fork. Extensive Kashima damage. Like it when I bought the fork to experiment with mullet. The fork still works well. I gave it a lowers oil change and put new foam rings in it. No idea of the service history sorry. I did lightly sand them back and...
  6. DMan

    Wheel bearing came out...

    Pooop. I removed the cassette off a wheel and the bearing came out as well. I've tried pressing it back in but it gets to here and then stops. I'm frightened to crank on the press as it came out easy enough with the cassette.... Thoughts??
  7. DMan

    QLD 2020 Cube Stereo HPC 140 $2400-- $2200

    Item: 2020 Cube Stereo. Medium. 27.5. carbon frame. 160/140 travel. Manitou Mattoc Comp with Dorado airspring fork. Rockshox Super Deluxe Select+ shock with Megneg. Original can and spacers included. Original Fox DPS Evol shock included. 12sp Shimano. XT shifter/ derailleur. SLX cassette. New...
  8. DMan

    Leyne Ally Computer Ap

    Can someone see if it's just my phone as it used to be there? I run a Lezyne Mega computer and wanted to reload the App on my phone but I can find it anywhere in the Google playstore. Only the LED and sensor apps show up for me.
  9. DMan

    Sold 2020 Fox 36 Rhythm 140, 29er, boost with 50lb Smashpot coil $650

    Item: As in description. Excellent condition. Clean stanchions. Film on legs. 180mm steerer. 6hrs since coil went in and the fork had a Hyperservice done by NS Dynamics at the same time Location: SE QLD Condition: Excellent Price: $650+ post Reason: No 29er Pics: Yes. Can post more
  10. DMan

    Changing a smashpot spring

    I'd like to change my spring in my fork. I've read the document from Vorsprung and it seems sensible enough. Anyone done one and is there anything extra to know that the manual doesn't tell you?
  11. DMan

    Do cassettes come with spacers??

    I need a 1.85mm spacer to fit 11sp 11-42 cassette to a road HG hub. Do the spacers come with the cassette or do I need to order it separately?
  12. DMan

    Shimano 11sp 105 R7000 11-42 vs SLX 11sp 11-42

    What's the difference? I need a new cassette for the wife's gravel bike. Can I run either? It presently has a Sunrace 11sp 11-42.
  13. DMan

    Tubeless valves for Gravel rims

    Can anyone recommend a tubeless valve for a narrow bed rim? I'm trying to convert my GB rims but the bases of the ones I have for my mtbs are too wide and tyre bead won't fit around them...
  14. DMan

    Which chain for GX cassette and XT derailleur

    I need a new chain for my Franken-drive. Because I couldn't get a MS driver for my new wheel I was forced to go GX. Then I went a OneUp switch oval chainring for good measure.... Franken-drive! So for a new chain would I be better to go GX to match the cassette seeing the only thing Shimano now...
  15. DMan

    Sold MT610 boost 170mm 12sp crankset+ 32t chainring

    Item: MT610 boost 12sp crankset with 32t chainring. 170mm. This isn't a DM crankset. Location: SEQLD Condition: Good. Some scratches and scuffing but no deep gouges Price: $80 posted Reason: I really want to mount the fucking OneUp Switch chainring I bought and need DM cranks!! Pics: Yes
  16. DMan

    Does the spider come off a MT610 crank

    I bought a Oneup switch chainring and adapter for my Mt610 crankset. On the Mtbdirect website said it suited MT610 cranks but now I've pulled the cranks off I can't see how the "spider" comes off? Am I missing something or is this crankset just not DM capable?
  17. DMan

    Sold 10-45 SLX cassette $160--$140 posted

    Item: NIB 12sp SLX 10-45 cassette. $140 posted Location: QLD Condition: Spankers. I took it out of the box to fit it but then put it back in when I realised I'd been sent a 29er rear wheel instead of a 27.5 Reason: New wheel is XD Price: $170-- 160-- 140 posted Pics: It's a cassette
  18. DMan

    How does this end cap come off?

    I want to swap 2 drivers between 2 Synchros wheel sets. The non drive spacer just pulls out. The drive side doesn't seem to ( I can't pull it off anyway. You can see once the non drive side cap is off it takes a huge allen key which I don't have. Is there a tool that is supposed to go in there...
  19. DMan

    QLD Hydraulic caliper cable brakes

    Item: Ztto hydraulic cable operated calipers. With 140-160 adaptor. Location: SE QLD Condition: Very good. They work well but I sold the bike they were on and I'm happy with my Spyres Price: $50 posted Pics: Here you go
  20. DMan

    Zipp 3zero Moto wheel

    I was looking at buying one on special. It was listed as having 12 pawls with 132poe. But it's actually the previous model with the ZM1 hub which is 4 pawls and 50ish Poe. At $680 is it, in peeps opinions, still a reasonable buy? Or go a Nukeproof Horizon V2 at $500??