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    Do you know what the weight of the fork is? Cheers
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    ACT 2.00 x 400 or 2.00 x 450 spring for rear shock

    Item: 2.00 x 400 and/or 2.00 x 450 springs Location: Canberra, but happy to pay postage Price range/Willing to Pay: $10-$60 depending on what it is. Extra Info: Its to go on a Cane Creek DB-Inline coil, so I think the inner diameter needs to be 36.5mm (1.43in). Manitou, Marzocchi, XFusion...
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    Guides yay or nay

    SLX shadow+ 10sp and a 32t RaceFace front ring. Pretty much the same setup I have had on the full suspension bikes, might be a chain line thing?
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    Guides yay or nay

    With clutched rear derailleurs I rarely drop chains on full suspensions bikes, but on my xc hardtail the chain dropped all the time. So ended up with a guide on the xc bike.
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    2018 World Cup discussion

    The redbull coverage did not really show the tight spots. I only saw how tight it was a day or two after the race from rider head cams.
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    Most noticeable cockpit adjustment

    The first time I change the stem length I was amazed how much of difference it made. I did not like the change but it encourage me to keep trying different lengths until I found something which suited.
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    Is this 29 worth it?

    Get on Gumtree and have a look at bikes in your local area, then if there is something that interests you post the link up here.
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    Is this 29 worth it?

    Yep a 29er would be a good option for what you want it for. But as others have said your money will go further on the second hand market. But if you want new Polygon is probably a better option -
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    The Vintage Mountain Bike Thread.

    Spotted a 1994 Trek Y11 for sale in Canberra -
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    converting giant p-xc 2 29er wheels

    I would recommend using Gorilla Tape as well. Used it on a few ghetto tubeless set ups over the years with no issues, it always has sealed up the rim first shot for me. Including Giant P XC 2's with no rim strip. Also you can buy it in a 2" width which is pretty perfect for most rims.
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    Balance Bike Build

    Great thread, I had just started thinking about this other day. and thanks for the link to the wooden balance bike plans. The Monty 202 looks pretty well thought out if anyone is looking for inspiration -
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    The Vintage Mountain Bike Thread.

    Anyone want to give an old Kona a new breath of life? Looks to be in pretty good nic still.
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    Child trailers for single track

    Any one seen this - Of course you would not go through rock gardens and wip through corners with a kid in the back. But you can definitely ride with a trailer on the back.
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    Gripsport Dual Bike Carrier Review

    Just wanted to add that I found some stuff called Plastimake which I used to do the same sort of thing as the guys using plasti-dip are doing. See here - Worked well, no more beat up cranks and cheaper than plasti-dip.