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  1. boyracer

    The last movie you've last watched last

    Clean with/ by Adrian Brody. Cool car bro'
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    School me on Melrose please. Kids finally getting into MTB and I want to take family up this year...tried 2020/2021. I haven't been there for ages, like 20 + years. Who's going ? Stay at Caravan Park? Website still has 2021 dates on it but it's still long weekend in June? Then 18 hr in August?
  3. boyracer

    You laugh you lose

    I still remember the 2 QLD lads i worked with in Kalgoorlie years ago who nicked a glass each every night from the local. They had a chest freezer back at the single mans quarters and they nested them in it, 1/3 filled with water. Come end of roster , chest freezer went into the ute, with 200...
  4. boyracer

    Little Things You Love

    If I haven't used mine weekly for the last 30 years i'd be surprised..and i have a 100mm wide linisher as well as belt sanders, etc. This is pure tool porn from the master himself, Paul Brodie.
  5. boyracer

    SA Found- Derailleur hanger

    Thanks Rev'. Missed this post. I went through the huge pile at LBS and found one but then got carried away building new wheels. Then pieced together another 10 speed Campy derailleur, then ... What is yours off if you know? Where are you located?
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    SA Found- Derailleur hanger

    Thanks for checking jrok. Any chance of a photo reverend?
  7. boyracer

    NSW Garage sale

    PM 'bout frame.
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    SA Found- Derailleur hanger

    Item: Derailleur hanger as pictured Location: ADL or post Item Condition: straighter than mine. To suit 2015 Marin Cortina CX commuter Reason for needing :stick Price and price conditions:$$ /beers/favours Extra Info: My CX got munted by a car a few weeks ago and now 2nd bike took a liking to a...
  9. boyracer

    Electric Vehicles etc

    That USofA Ute comparo is well done. Rivian would be great, but unlikely to get to us supply and demand wise. F150 coming next year to Aussies, wonder if they will bring the hybrid/elec versions or just left over diesels?
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    The "I will ride _____km in 2022" thread - commit and conquer here!!

    Of course I never have the bloody thing with me when MTBing...
  11. boyracer

    Single Speed Conversion Kit

    Ghetto SS? Plumbing pipe and an old cluster with lock ring. Punch out the cluster pins to remove individual cogs. 32/16 was good on 26 wheel.
  12. boyracer

    SA Found - Avid 160 disc 6 bolt.

    Paging Dr beebs. Can we get a meds check for poodle...
  13. boyracer

    SA Found - Avid 160 disc 6 bolt.

    Sound great Ozzy. yes, Junior dirt skills day should be good. i'm just down bottom of hill. I don't have a single disc here.. the one on the CX /commuter got bent last week too! Pm incoming.
  14. boyracer

    SA Found - Avid 160 disc 6 bolt.

    Item: Avid disc 160 mm 6 bolt Location:ADL Item Condition: not bent Reason for needing: make wheel go round and match front one. Price and price conditions: ?? Have beer/ cash waiting. Extra Info: Just picked up a 'new' bike for miss 10 and disc U/S...bent like a potato chip. Need one for...
  15. boyracer

    Little Things You Hate

    Tyre and rim combos that won’t seal up. If you look closely you can see where it appears to be leaking around valve… Other little things I hate- being hit and knocked 6 feet in the air by a cum stain in a car who makes his own road rules!
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    XC 2022 S-Works Epic Evo

    Like that stand too. Sweet looking rig. After coming back to MTB dually (Banshee Prime) from SS rigid i really need to look at a ~10 kg build i reckon.
  17. boyracer

    ACT Shed clean out.

    100mm stem is it 31.6? no branding?
  18. boyracer

    ACT Seatposts, fork, brake stuff, tubeless valves & more

    I’ll take the dt skewers.
  19. boyracer

    Why you ride

    Go over this regularly with others, especially other staff at school. They all exclaim at my riding 70 kms a day-summer/winter, etc. I still can't believe that they justify driving to work solo in a 2.25 tonne SUV from 5-10 kms away! Why? because it's there is all. It keeps me fit(ish), it's...
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    Well done . Life’s too short to die wondering. I had a visit from a mate last week who sold a suburban house and used the money to buy 120 acre bush block 12 months ago. Living in 2 small ply caravans No power, no plumbed water,heating bath water for his kids on open fire. Cooking on a bbq...