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    Bogans in 4WDs at Trig Point (Lysterfield)

    Last week we saw them up there again, a police helicopter came, the circled and landed but did absolutely nothing to actually apprehend these morons. Instead they actually made it more dangerous for park users because all these Utes hauled ass out of there down the walking track. I hope this...
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    Giant PXCR0 Tubeless conversion

    If converting the wheels to tubeless is the yellow rim strip supposed to be removed and replaced with tape? The kit with the wheels came with tape so unsure.
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    Picture Request!!!

    All.. I'm trying to track down the famous pick of the downhill rider who's front wheel snaps in half. I think it's been past around for a while now, but I can't find it. Anyone have a link?
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    VIC Wombat 100 / Woodend / 22nd April 2012

    Registration opens December 1st.... who's in? I've always liked this race, it's close to home and I enjoy the trails so I'll be there! :boink:
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    Chinese Carbon 29er

    OK.. which Rotorburnian is going to the first to take the plunge and get a Chinese Carbon 29er frame, built it, and write a review. There are some lengthy threads on MTBR about this, and given that bikes (especially carbon 29er) are ungawdly overpriced in Australia it seems like the like it's...
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    1 x 100km DirtWorks NSW entry

    Plans changed, can't make it to NSW this weekend, if anyone is looking for a 100km entry please let me know, I'll let it go cheap, I'd hate to see it get wasted. Can email me ... (my username on this forum) @ gmail dot com. Anthony
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    Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

    ....has been released... All three are a good watch.
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    Fiji Travel Advice

    Anyone have any family friendly travel advice for Fiji? Something off the mainland with nice beaches. We'll be traveling with a <1 year old as well, we've heard that Fiji is family friendly, but any advice with positive stories about island resorts would be great. Thanks!
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    Forrest Conditions? 15/01/2011

    We're thinking of heading to Forrest tomorrow AM. Just wondering if the trails are open and/or how much rain they've received in that area. Thanks!
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    Wanted: Otway Odyssey 50km

    Want to do this on a the SS, and the 100km w/ a different start/finish location doesn't work for me. If anyone has an entry for the 50km please let me know. Anthony email: my name on this forum @ Thanks.
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    VIC (Melbourne) Chris King Support

    Anyone have actual experience with a Chris King authorized shop in Melbourne? If so, please let me know which one. I would like to have two sets of ISO Disc Hubs rebuilt. I know anyone can rebuild them, but I'd rather take them to a shop that deals with Chris King regularly. If you know of...
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    VIC Racing Calendar?

    I'm just wondering if there is a comprehensive list of MTB racing events happening in Victoria? Once in a while I see an event like the "Golden Triangle Epic" in a thread on here only to find out it's a couple of weeks away. Being new to the area, I'd really like to plan out a year of racing...
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    Giant Recalls Anthem X 29er Bicycles Due to Fall Hazard

    Not sure if this applies to Australia models, but I can't see how it wouldn't... (Disregard the bit about price, I'm sure you lot paid 2x for them.) :p:cool:
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    Please please please vote for my dog!

    Hey everyone, would you please vote for my dog!? I would appreciate the help. Thank you so much....
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    You're doing it wrong.....

    Classic "you're doing it wrong" example...
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    Wanted: Chase the Sun Round 1 Solo entry

    Went to sign up and got this message. Chase the Sun Round 1 has sold out. Enter Round 2 now to avoid disappointment!! I was really looking forward to attending this event, please let me know if you have an entry available. my email is my username on this forum at Anthony
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    Lerderderg State Park

    Does anyone ride the tracks in this park on their mountain bike? Other than having to dodge the odd motorcycle or Ute it seems like it would be good fun and has plenty of tracks for good variety. VIC Parks website doesn't show a bicycle option, but I can't see why it wouldn't be a good place...
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    Trails in Woodend VIC?

    I see that Dirt Works coming up in November is in Woodend, VIC. Are there trails there that can be ridden year round? Does anyone have a links or info? I'm fairly new here and still trying to explore some new places to ride within a couple of hours of Melbourne. Thinking of a Easter Weekend...
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    Williamstown/Altona riders, I have an idea..

    ...for a short course XC/Cross race, it would be grassroots running weekly, something like a Tuesday Nighter. The course could vary from 4-8km or so and include a few tricky climbs. Interested? If so, please contact me, I need to assistance from locals with the course layout. Perhaps if I can...
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    Race Across the Sky

    Some friends watched the first screening of this movie in Durango Colorado and said it was brilliant. (Make sure you watch in HD, it'll be worth eating into your monthly bandwidth quota!) What are the odds this will be played at the Bicycle...