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    Elon Musk Has Bought Twitter...

    Elon Musk has bought Twitter and is taking it private, Twitter share trading halted. It only cost him US$44 Billion.
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    Anyone Following The Rittenhouse Trial

    I've been captivated by the farce that is the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial. It's better than any shows currently being aired on our commercial TV screens. It has everything you could want in a Hollywood blockbuster movie.. prosecution malfeasance, evidence tampering, jury intimidation a spineless...
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    R.I.P. Bert Newton
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    R.I.P. Prince Philip @ 99
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    Red Bull Ride - Jindabyne 2003 Full Video

    Found this in my archives so I have uploaded it to a file host.. Jindabyne Vid: P.S. I have many Gigabytes of BMX/MTB Video's so if you have any requests.... post them here and I'll see what I can upload:)
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    What the hell is Boost ???

    So I'm seriously looking into buying a modern day bike probably a 650b as trying to find a 26er is harder than Chinese algebra and everything seems to be boost this and boost that... from wheels to forks to cranks/bb, even frames.. What the hell does boost mean or refer to ??? The last time I...
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    All Sorted

    Pink Poodle has helped.... this thread is now redundant.
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    Getting Back Into Riding After A Decade Q&A Thread

    Hey Farkers, So I've decided to get back into riding, it's been over a decade since I swung my leg over a bike and I have forgotten a lot of what I used to know.... And now the MTB landscape has changed so much and I am completely bamboozled by all the new standards... tapered this and boost...
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    Sold 2008 Iron Horse Sunday Expert $650

    Item: 2008 Iron Horse Sunday Expert .. 17" Frame Location: Adelaide Item Condition: Good used condition, has it's share of marks and scratches some fork stanchion nicks and even some free dirt too Reason for selling: Was going to get back into DH but it has sat in the shed unused for several...
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    SA Sold

    Item: 2014 Fox Float 34 Evolution Series, CTD, 160mm Travel, Non Kashima Location: Adelaide Item Condition: Excellent, less than 100Km's light AM duties, forks have some dirt on them but meh they're a MTB fork so expect that, Seals good, Stanchions Nick/Scratch Free Reason for selling: Bought...
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    [SA] JT Cycles Liquidation Auction

    Adelaide bicycle store JT Cycles on Pultney Street is in liquidation... Kearns Auctions has been assigned to sell off all the shopfittings/tools etc, something might interest people here!
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    Matt MacDuff Loop Of Doom On Saturday march 19th, Matt Macduff sustained a terrible fall attempting to make his way around the Loop Of Doom. After over 3 year of research, determination and hard work, Matt managed to find everything he needed to make his project happen...
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    Terrorism: Paris, Syria, Turkey, Belgium, Florida......

    Multiple shootings, bombings, hostages... Martial Law declared in Paris & French Borders Closed
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    Crows Coach Murdered...

    Breaking News This Morning
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    Prototype On-One 650B DH

    Details are scarce but it seems On-One is looking at entering the 650B DH market with this pictured prototype, I'm sure more info will filter out in time - 8'' travel - 27,5'' (650B) wheel size - 63 Degree HA - Reach 440mm - BB Height 345mm - Chainstays 440mm
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    BST Nano buys Ellsworth

    2/9/2014 BST Nano Carbon, a leading design and advanced composites manufacturer, has announced the acquisition of Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles, designer and “Made in America” manufacturer of award-winning mountain bicycles for nearly 25 years. As part of the agreement, Ellsworth Bikes’...