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  1. dilstubs

    VIC Sold sold sold sold

    Item: 2007 GT DHI Location:Melbourne Item Condition:Good Reason for selling:Stopped riding Price and price conditions:$900 now $750 will post but you pay postage. Extra Info:Rear brake needs to be bled, will most likely get that done before sale Pictures: Yesh Specs: Frame - 07 DHI Rear...
  2. dilstubs

    Sequence Of Cressy Climb

    Hey guys, my mate just made this sequence of me, thought I'd share it here. Cheers
  3. dilstubs

    My garage of white wonderness

    Hey guys, this is my collection of bikes, all paid for by me! Cheers for looking guys. The Downhill Frame - 07 GT DHI Rear shock - Fox DHX5.0 Front shock/fork - Manitou Travis Handlebars -Sunline V1 OS Flat bars Stem - NC-OS TORO Headset - FSA Grips - THE Saddle - SDG/Xtension...
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    VIC Small XC/ Dually or hardtail bike

    Item: Small XC dually or hardtail, Giant trance/reign, trek/kona etc Location: 3103 Victoria Price range/Willing to Pay:$800 Extra Info:Needs a decent spec, don't care if it's a few years old, around 06/07 at the earliest though, just tell me what you've got. This is for my mum, so that's why...
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    You Yangs 25/9 Cressy's photo's of the new track

    Hey guys, went up to the Youies for the first time since the reworking of the tracks...And fuck me they're amazing...Cressy's descent(as it's now called) is ten times better, bigger jumps, smoother berms...orgasm. Well heres a few snaps of me and my mate Aarish!
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    Our adventure in Lilydale..

    Hey guys, just some snaps from Saturday up in Lilydale...Scary place it is. I'm wearing the black/gold TLD jersey and red pants while my mate Aarish is wearing the Orange/red/black TLD jersey...I own the Trance and the DHI, Aarish owns the Banshee Rampant. Cheers, Dylan.
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    Downhill Shoes US Size 9.0 to 10.0 5-10's, Shimano etc

    Item: As stated in title Condition: No rips or tears please Location: Australia Price: Up to $70 Other info: I have quite a wide foot.... Pics: PM me please. Cheers, Dylan.
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    Post your GT DHI thread! Or any GT for that matter

    Hey guys, update of my bike, It's complete! 3 weeks now since I got the frame(Massive thanks to .Alex. for an awesome deal) Can't wait to take it for a ride at You Yangs! Thanks as well to Beno for the Pedals, Headset spacers, seat and chainring bolts, got an amazing deal on all that as well...
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    Paypal help.

    Hey guys, I sold my frame on E-bay for the Buy-it-now price of $350, when if the person had waited 3-4 days could have bid on it and probably gotten it for under $300, The money is already in my Paypal account and i'm currently transferring it into my bank account now, is this a possible scam...
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    Anyone tell me why this crankset is $3000? What the hell...?
  11. dilstubs

    My new GT DHI current progress

    Hey guys, this is my new frame which I bought from .Alex., Massive thanks to him! All I need now is Cranks, Pedals and a chain! Which are all lined up, purchased the cranks on Friday and should receive them on Tuesday. So stoked about this bike. Spec list Frame - 2007 GT DHI Rear shock -...
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    VIC Le sold!

    Item: 2006 Giant DH comp/ Team with Race Face Diabolus Crankset and FSA Headset! Locations: 3103 Melbourne, Victoria. Item condition: Frame has paint chips and scratches but nothing serious. Price and conditions: $350 Plus postage! Or offer me. Extra Info: The Manitou Swinger 6 way will...
  13. dilstubs

    SWAP/ My 2006 DH comp frame with Diabolus cranks and BB for your 2008 + triples!

    Item: Swap My 2006 Giant DH Comp Frame for your 2008 or later forks, no Marzocchi's unless they're 888 WC'S, would also trade for 2006-2007 Fox 40's Location: Must be in Melbourne Price: Swap Extra Info: May also consider a swap for an 09 pair of 66's or 2008-2009 Totem coil or solo airs...
  14. dilstubs

    VIC Sold!

    Item: 2006 Giant DH comp/ Team with Race Face Diabolus Crankset and FSA Headset! Locations: 3103 Melbourne, Victoria. Item condition: Frame has paint chips and scratches but nothing serious. Price and conditions: $400 Plus postage! Or offer me. Will swap for a 2008+ set of Triples, no...
  15. dilstubs

    VIC Crankset with 83mm BB, chain ring included preferred

    Item: Downhill Crankset with an 83mm BB, hopefully you'll be able to chuck in a chainring. Location: Victoria or if postage isn't too much interstate is fine. Price: $100-150 Info: Not too damaged, and not really wanting any Hussefelts at the moment. Cheers.
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    2006 Giant DH comp bottom bracket size?

    Hey guys, as the title states, does anyone know whether the bottom bracket is 83mm or 78/73mm? Cheers, Dylan.
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    VIC Downhill frame preferably 2006 or newer...around $500 Found

    Item: As stated above, primarily I wouldn't want a Kona, or Giant but will consider all offers. Location: Preferably in Melbourne or not too far from Melbourne. Price:$500 Maybe $600 Extra Info: It must have a shock. Other parts I would like would be, a chainguide, headset, 1 1/8th steerer(or...
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    Shimano Saint M800 SOLD!

    Item: As title states Location: Balwyn, Victoria Condition: Fairly good, bought them second hand but haven't used them since. Price: $100? Reason: Need money Extra Info: The rear brake will need new pads. Cheers, Dylan.
  19. dilstubs

    My two bikes: 2006 Giant DH Comp and SE Filth Flyer

    Hey guys, these are my two current rides, My 2008 SE Filth Flyer despite everybody saying SE's are shit (Which is complete bollocks) Has served me well for 18 months now and the only problem being the deraileur hanger, which is now replaced which an SS kit. My 2006 Giant DH Comp is a great DH...
  20. dilstubs

    Sam Hill crashes in his timed practice run at Fort William. You guys think he'll be good for qualifying? Looks like a bloody bad crash!