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    Diamonds in the Dirt - Rocky Trail's first Women's only race. It's Juliane's baby but she doesn't have a RB account so excuse my male posting :-) This will be an event for any woman who rides and already races a mountain bike. Dreamt up by me, Rocky Trail’s Juliane Wisata, it will...
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    NSW Shimano MTB GP 2016

    5 races - kicking off in Glenrock. Here is the preliminary trackmap:
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    NSW JetBlack 24 2015 edition (in 2016)

    The countdown is on for the 2015 edition of the JetBlack 24. It's on January 23+24 2016 because our son Cosmo decided to be born on the originally scheduled date in November last year. The 2016 24 hour is scheduled to be Nov. 26+27 but more about that later. I just came back from getting the...
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    NSW JetBlack 12 Hour 2015

    The legendary JetBlack 12 Hour is heading up into the Hunter Valley for the second year in a row. Being within the James Estate winery makes it one of the best venues for a MTB race! I'ts at the end of School Holidays so we encourage you to make a family trip out of it. You can camp from the...
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    RedAss Downhill NSW State Series and Championships 2015

    RedAss DH action in 2015: Dates and locations are now locked in for this year: Series Round Location Race Date RedAss Downhill Round 1 11. + 12. April 2015 Thredbo / NSW RedAss Downhill Championships 25. + 26. July Del Rio...
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    Shimano mtb gp 2015

    The GP series is entering it's 7th year! We decided to revisit how we run the categories and came up with a new way of looking at them: There will be a General Classification in addition to Age Group Categories. You will also get the prizes at the BEGINNING of the race - sounds like a crazy...
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    Fox Rollercoaster powered by BH Bikes - 2015 NSW and ACT Enduro State Series

    Time to start a new thread for the 2015 races: Results from Round 1 are up: Such a great day with the best racing crowd! Thanks all for coming. Smiles everywhere, no injuries and all that despite the heat!
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    ACT AMB 100 Marathon - 8 February 2015, Stromlo

    We are heading to Stromlo again for Rocky Trail's Marathon race: the AMB 100. 1,2,3 or 5 laps of the course that includes (almost) all of Stromlo's singletracks. Race details, maps, entries etc:
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    JetBlack 24 Hour 2014 - 24 Solo National Championships

    This is the official thread of the JetBlack 24 this year which includes the 24 Solo National Championships. Details about the race here: Online registration will open Monday 28 April 2014 at 6pm. Spots are limited to 600 and we...
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    NSW JetBlack 12 Hour - James Estate - 12 July 2014

    12. July 2014 - James Estate Winery, Baerami, Upper Hunter Valley Every few years it is time for something new and exciting: the tracks at the James Estate proved so popular at the Shimano MTB GP round we held there in 2013 that we though we want to bring you more races at this fantastic...
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    RedAss Downhill ACT/NSW State Series and Championships 2014

    Championships Thredbo, NSW 12 + 13 April 2014 Round 1 TBC 2 + 3 August 2014 (or a week earlier as quite a few of you might be in Whistler at that time) Round 2 Stromlo, ACT 20 + 21 September 2014 Round 3 Lithgow, NSW 11 + 12 October 2014...
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    Shimano MTB Grand Prix 2014 Series Dates and venues for 2014: Series Round Location Race Date Round 1 Awaba 1 March 2014 Round 2 James Estate Winery 26 April 2014 Round 3 Ourimbah 21 June 2014 Round 4 Mt Annan 9 August 2014 Round 5 Stromlo...
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    Australian Gravity Enduro Series 2014

    Together with our friends at Alpine Gravity in Victoria we, Rocky Trail Entertainment, are currently working on the Australian Gravity Enduro series. For 2014 we plan to bring you events in NSW, VIC, ACT, SA, WA, QLD and TAS. It's quite the extensive undertaking and we aim to confirm all the...
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    Rollercoaster powered by Flow - 2014 NSW State Series and Championships

    It's time to get excited again about the Rollercoaster series. Now in it's third year Gravity Enduro is here to stay! 3 Rounds + Championships. We initially planned to have more rounds but instead we teamed up with...
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    ACT AMB100 - Rocky Trail's Marathon Race

    With AMB on board as headline sponsor we are very happy to bring you our unique Marathon experience. The longest possible Stromlo singletrail loop put together in 1 race. You can choose to ride 1,2,3 or 5 laps. The 100milers will start again in the early hours so that we all finish roughly...
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    NSW JetBlack 24 2013 - Rocky Trail's 100th event

    Not only LeTour is celebrating 100 events this year - so do we! Event info: Location: The Australian Botanic Garden, Mt Annan Date: 30 Nov - 1 Dec 2013 Registration will open on August 13 at 10am. Rider limit is 600...
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    NSW JetBlack WSMTB 12 hour 2013 by Rocky Trail Entertainment

    We will be rock Dargle Farm again on August 10 2013. It's your only chance in the year to race on this iconic track. Event info: Registration: Due to...
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    NSW/ACT All Mountain and DH State Series + Championships 2013

    We are proud to be hosting both the RedAss DH State Series as well as the Flow Rollercoaster All Mountain State Series in 2013. The respective threads can be found here for DH: and...
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    Flow Rollercoaster by Rocky Trail - NSW ALL Mountain State Series + Championships Rounds 1+2 at Ourimbah and Del Rio, State Championships at the brand new All Mountain track at Thredbo and the final round TBC.
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    Shimano MTB GP Series 2013 - Fast 4h and Furious 7h racing that rocks!

    5 races that rock in 2013! Round 1 Awaba 23 February 2013 Round 2 James Estate Winery 20 April 2013 Round 3 Ourimbah 15 June 2013 Round 4 Mt Annan 13 July 2013 Round 5 Stromlo Forest Park 7 September 2013...