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    Stolen: 2003 GT Ruckus I-Drive 2.0 Dually (Kingswood NSW)

    Kingswood / Penrith / Werrington NSW..
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    Stolen: 2003 GT Ruckus I-Drive 2.0 Dually (Kingswood NSW)

    Hello all, my brother in laws 2003 GT Ruckus I-Drive 2.0 was stolen from his garage today (27th August 2015) If any one spots it or knows of its whereabouts, please PM me ASAP.. Reward will be given.. Specs include - Grey Frame / Black Marzocchi 888 Forks / Red Hope Hubs laced to Mavic 321...
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    NSW WTB - Scott Pro Shock Pump..

    Hello all, after a Scott Pro Shock Pump - 600 PSI with anti-leak head.. Thanks..
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    Shimano XT Trail Pedals M785 - SOLD

    Item: SOLD SOLD SOLD Location: Penrith NSW Item Condition: Used for one ride Reason for selling: Not required Price and price conditions: $70 including Express Post Extra Info: Packaged on original box with new unused cleats Pictures:
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    Straitline AMP Pedals - SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Item: Straitline AMP Pedals - SOLD PP Location: Sydney / Penrith NSW.. Item Condition: New / Unused.. Reason for selling: Not needed.. Price and price conditions: SOLD Pending Payment.. Extra Info: If you want them, you already know how good they are.. Pictures: See below
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    ...Getting that Downhill Feeling Back!

    Awesome.. Awesome bike, well done.. Love the colour combo..
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    Evil Undead - Carbon

    Evil.. Very very nice, well done..
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    Gt it1

    Gtit1 I know the guy who owns the Marz version, he is one of the best riders I have ever seen, pure talent!..
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    Who sales ti springs

    Ti Springs.. Kerry at Phantom Cycles has a range of RCS ones..The best IMHO
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    Freeride / DH Wheelset - Sydney

    Item: WANTED - Freeride / DH Wheelset Location: Sydney / NSW Price range/Willing to Pay: Between $400 - $500 Extra Info: Must be 20mm front and QR rear
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    just beacuse

    Hell yeah!.. Awesome!..
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    DH Yeti DH9 Back to Life

    AWESOME!, love the colour combo, great work, hats off to you..
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    Obscore/Rare/Dream DH Bikes ?

    Gt it-1 Not many at all, I have a brand new one "Marzocchi Version" and a used "Fox Version", I love this bike despite what some peoples opinions are, most have not even ridden one let alone seen one in the flesh, you know what it's like.. There were 2 versions, the only difference...
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    MET parachute

    PM Sent Mate..
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    Oxford Falls chestcam

    Nice work..
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    Jersey Etiquette

    Jersey.. Wear it man, who gives a fark what anyone else thinks or says..
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    RAD Or BMX Bandits

    Rad!.. RAD all the way!..
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    Another Oxford Falls Video

    Nice.. Very nice, great angles and smooth flow..
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    Ti Spring Wanted!..

    Item: Ti Spring 450lbs or 500lbs X 3.00 Inch Location: Can pick up if in NSW or will pay for postage if outside NSW Price range/Willing to Pay: Top dollar, depending on brand / condition Extra Info:
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    So. Your Bike is worth more than your Car...Add your Pic's

    Works just fine for me, not all that high, it's just the angle of the pic.. I still can't find a rig that feels better for me and my riding style..That's why I have not upgraded..