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  1. boyracer


    School me on Melrose please. Kids finally getting into MTB and I want to take family up this year...tried 2020/2021. I haven't been there for ages, like 20 + years. Who's going ? Stay at Caravan Park? Website still has 2021 dates on it but it's still long weekend in June? Then 18 hr in August?
  2. boyracer

    SA Found- Derailleur hanger

    Item: Derailleur hanger as pictured Location: ADL or post Item Condition: straighter than mine. To suit 2015 Marin Cortina CX commuter Reason for needing :stick Price and price conditions:$$ /beers/favours Extra Info: My CX got munted by a car a few weeks ago and now 2nd bike took a liking to a...
  3. boyracer

    SA Found - Avid 160 disc 6 bolt.

    Item: Avid disc 160 mm 6 bolt Location:ADL Item Condition: not bent Reason for needing: make wheel go round and match front one. Price and price conditions: ?? Have beer/ cash waiting. Extra Info: Just picked up a 'new' bike for miss 10 and disc U/S...bent like a potato chip. Need one for...
  4. boyracer

    SA Found - Handlebars and short stem

    Item: bar and stem combo Location:ADL Item Condition: whatever Reason for buying: Need a short stem and bar combo for miss 10's new 26 HT. Currently she's got a 120mm stem which is too long, teamed with a 26.0 riser bar from the cretaceous period. Price and price conditions:dependant on spec' i...
  5. boyracer

    SA Found - 700 C front wheel

    Item: Front wheel. 700 C - 100 OLN - Quick release or able to be used with adaptors if 12/15/20mm. Prefer black. Location: Adelaide Price range/Willing to Pay: depends on condition/ purple ano'. Extra Info: Happy to look at anything but ideally something handbuilt/nice left over from upgrades or...
  6. boyracer

    FoundSRAM 10 speed derailleur and/or shifter

    Item: SRAM 10 speed derailleur and/or shifter Location: ADL or post Price range/Willing to Pay:Less than new Extra Info: To suit 11- 36 tooth cluster - low budget commuter build up so i can spend all the monies on MTB
  7. boyracer

    brake line replacement

    I have purchased some S/H SRAM brifters for my dirt commuter so i can have full hydro brakes. i need a recommendation for where to buy hydraulic line ( and barbs/olives) as the set i got obviously came of a bloody Oompah Loompah's bike. All other bikes in shed are mineral oil. Local shop said '...
  8. boyracer

    SA Found - 12mm thru axle 100mm OLN wheel or hub needed -700c/29

    Item full name and model etc.: 700C/ 29 front wheel with 12mm thru axle 100mm OLN. alloy or carbon rim OK. Location: Adelaide or post OK Item condition description: new or used. Price and price conditions: Not fussed, dependant on condition and spec'. Extra Info: Happy to look at wheel complete...
  9. boyracer

    SA QR wheel 29 + mini group

    Item: 29er 135 QR wheel to suit 10/11/12 shimano[ or hub suit 32 hole rims /b] Location: Adelaide or post Price range/Willing to Pay:Less than new/swaps/beer Extra Info: Anyone got a spare unwanted wheel/group to add gears to SS hardtail coz kids MTB enjoyment/ encouragement rides need less...
  10. boyracer

    26 inch XC ~100 mm fork needed

    Item: 26 inch (air ?) fork - 1 1/8 straight steerer - disc or vee's - 185mm steerer minimum Location: Adelaide ideally. In Melbourne once a month. Reason for needing: papa got a brand new bike ( to build for Mr. 10 in December). Price and price conditions: whatcha got? Extra Info: I have a mint...
  11. boyracer

    SA 29er rear wheel 135mm

    Item: 29er rear wheel for 9/10/11 speed. 32 spoke black rim preferred. TR or ghetto-alloy or crabon. Location: Adelaide ideally Price range/Willing to Pay: monies/beer/swaps Extra Info: looking for a wheel to retro fit my SS for FROE 2019.
  12. boyracer


    Hey all. looking for a set of front and rear 785's . would consider SLX also. for a large 26 inch rigid. Ha trovato molte grazie.
  13. boyracer

    [SA] 29er front wheel 15mm thru axle.

    Looking for a front 29er wheel ...prefer a black rim ~25mm + 15mm thru axle/ 6 bolt disc/ tubeless compatible good or i'll tape it. In adelaide/goodwood area. beer/ money/ swaps..what do you need?
  14. boyracer

    Kids 20 inch needed ASAP

    My 7 y.o. has had his bike stolen. He helped me fix it and desticker it in holidays, so he is crushed. I'm looking for a BMX mini race bike or a 20 inch 6/7/8 speed hardtail preferably. Alloy frame? Anyone got a hand me down in the shed? Adelaide but willing to pay post.
  15. boyracer

    SS crank length

    I need to buy cranks for my rigid alloy/crabon 29er SS. 32 tooth front 'ring and 17/19 Dos ENO at rear. Also have a 21 tooth white Industries freewheel as well. Adelaide trails mostly, but keen to go out n about on lightweight overnighters to woodend/goldfields trail/mawson trail... I ride...
  16. boyracer

    WTB [ADL] 29er tyres x2/ 15mm hub-32 spoke.

    Item: [29er tyres x2] found some [Item: [15mm hub-32 hole] Location: [ADL] Price range/Willing to Pay:[swaps/beer/cash] Extra Info:[32 hole-15mm thru axle compatible hub so i can build a wheel for SS nats] Have a hall pass from missus so trying to screw a bike together for SS Nats quickly...
  17. boyracer

    15mm front hub/29 tyres

    [b]Item: [6 bolt front hub/ 32 hole for 15mm thru axle ] [b]Location: [Adelaide] [b]Price range/Willing to Pay:[cheap as possible] [b]Extra Info:[trying hard to finish build for SS nats] [b]Item: [29 tyres x 2] [b]Location: [Adelaide] [b]Price range/Willing to Pay:[^^] [b]Extra...
  18. boyracer

    Any Adelaide rigid riders?

    Hey all, I haven't been on the trails too often in the last 10 years/15 kgs/3 kids. Is it really 17 years since the Cairns World cup???? Been roadie riding, CX and touring. I have passed eagle park about 1000 times since it was opened and decided i will roll on in soon. Oh, and it's now legal...