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  1. MarioM

    SRAM Code R or RSC ?

    New bike is coming shortly and has Shimano MT4100 levers to MT420 calipers . I`ve never been a fan of Shimano but the bike shop guy reckons these are pretty good . Me I`m not convinced with that , and would change to different levers if I were to keep them . I`m wanting to change them out and...
  2. MarioM


    Item: [Boost rear hub 28 hole 12 mm axle , Shimano . No straight pulls . ] Location: [anywhere] Price range/Willing to Pay:[Cheap as chips - let me know ] Extra Info:[Looking for a cheap hub to get a commuter up and going so if you have a busted wheel lying around or ? ]
  3. MarioM


    No I`m not one yet . The missus has indicated that she would like to ride to work / general riding for fitness but struggles with helmet hair . What are the ladies doing to stop or help with this , she has long hair which she straightens each day . Are there specific helmets or something to...
  4. MarioM


    Looking for a set . They don`t have to be matching . Item: [29" Wheels 15 x 100 and 12 x 142 Shimano driver ] Location: [Wollongong ] Price range/Willing to Pay:[$200] Extra Info:[Willing to travel up to 1 hour away as I reckon post will be a killer but am happy to entertain...
  5. MarioM

    Scott Twin Loc Remote or DT Swiss Two in one

    Item: Scott Twin Loc Remote Or DT Swiss Two in one remote Location: Warilla NSW but it does not matter where it is Item Condition: any condition as long as it functions Price and price conditions: You tell me what you want Extra Info: I would like to run a dropper on my XC bike but having 3...
  6. MarioM


    Item: Merida 96 Carbon 3000D 2011 SMALL 26" wheels Location:Warilla NSW 2528 Item Condition:USED Reason for selling: Don`t think I will use it Price and price conditions: $300 plus postage . Extra Info: Pictures: Below It will need a new headset ( I used it on new build ) . Its been...
  7. MarioM

    Merida Big Ninety Nine

    My new XC race machine replacing another Merida ( 96 ) .I was going to take my time with this build after getting the frame from Johnny Sprockets but the forks and wheelset came in the too good to say no to price bracket . This is my first 29" bike and its so damn quick . The spec will change as...
  8. MarioM

    NSW Found Please Delete

    Looking for a couple of bits for an XC build on a Merida big ninety nine frame . I`m at Warilla which is 20 minutes south of Wollongong , so can travel a little bit for the right stuff . Item: Fork 29 100 mm travel , 15mm axle , tapered steerer longer than 165 and prefer with remote lockout...
  9. MarioM

    Gear Review - Works Narrow Wide

    I bought for my Mondraker Foxy a Works 34 tooth narrow wide chainring from . First thing I must say is that I received my chain ring overnight ! Quality wise it looked the goods straight out of the bag . Nice and light too , although I did not weigh . Initial bolt on showed I had...
  10. MarioM

    Whats next ?

    At our last ride we came across police tape across a fire road ( guessing illegal trail bikes ) and it prompted a discussion of " imagine if they were checking bikes for bells , helmets on , reflectors etc " of which we all laughed at . Now I see this in the good old US and it has me thinking...
  11. MarioM

    Busted - motorized doping

    Not sure which section to post , but has anyone else seen this over at Vital ?,2/Belgian-Rider-Found-with-Hidden-Motor-at-CX-Worlds,9011 It as been alluded to in the past ( last year Tour de France ? ) and finally the UCI have the technology to find...
  12. MarioM

    Majura / Stromlo Conditions

    I`m thinking of heading down tomorrow . Has there been much rain this week and how does it affect these trails ?
  13. MarioM

    Helmets , crashing and riding alone

    Came across this on Dirt Magazine . I think this guy is so very lucky , kudos to the other MTB`ers about who helped him . I myself ride alone a lot and often on trails that...
  14. MarioM


    Hi All , My car was gotten into last night / this morning and my riding gear was taken . If anyone comes across Fox Launch knee and arm pads size large , Carrera edge helmet white small and nitelights lights please let me know . Taken from Warilla NSW I would like them back if they happen to...
  15. MarioM

    Mondraker Foxy

    Picked this up today ! Mondraker Foxy base model . Test ride was good but only really got to ride it in mud so took it a bit easy , climbs really well for a big bike and the descents I took it on the bike really ate them up . Even though some of the bits are lower spec it all worked really...
  16. MarioM

    Choosing a Dropper Post

    I did do a search but could not find what I wanted . Can anyone offer advice on choosing the right drop on a dropper post ? Will be picking up a new bike shortly and want to purchase a post but don`t know which drop to get 4" or 5 " or doesn`t it matter ? The frame is a small if that makes a...
  17. MarioM

    Magura TS8 Elec or similar

    It turns out I`m going to need to replace my fox fork this year due to excessive lower stanchion wear . Thinking of moving away from Fox and looking at the possibilities out there . Bike is a merida ninety six with 1 1/8 headtube but being ovalised i guess i can use a tapered fork just got to...
  18. MarioM

    PLEASE DELETE Got Some .

    Does anyone have a pair of matchmaker x clamps for XO brakes lying around ?
  19. MarioM

    Avid Elixir R Piston Kit

    I have a seized caliper and have noticed one of the pistons has damage so am looking for a piston kit if anyone has one lying around . Elixir 5 R CR and CR mag all have the same pistons .
  20. MarioM

    Helmet MET Limar OR ??

    Recently I bought a new helmet which i had problems with from day one . My problem with it was I was not able to find a store to go and check it out . So what I got was the fit i wanted and it looks great but the adjuster kept coming undone on the trail and after fighting for a while with the...