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  1. rowdyflat

    Mavic Zicral spokes for Crossmax 27.5

    Item: straight pull spokes 281.5 mm Location: anywhere to NE Vic Price range/Willing to Pay:anything Extra Info; My wife had a stick which broke one I need a rear non drive side one . I like Crossmax due to ease of tubeless set up . Pushys dont have any in stock , anyone know any Aus suppliers ?
  2. rowdyflat

    Best sealing Shimano compatible bottom bracket

    Any opinions about external bearing bbs that sort of seal out fine grit? mine run rough after several serious gritty muddy winter rides . I realise its a bit subjective . Have found external are not great compared with the old internal stuff. Does the quality ie Deore or higher grades matter ?
  3. rowdyflat

    FOUND OD2 stem, spacers,top headset bearing

    Item: Accidentally bought a stupid Giant gravel fork 1.25 ins OD2 top , if you dont want them , an external top bearing , spacers or stem 40-60 mm would be handy Location: Yackandandah , so I will pay postage from where ever Price range/Willing to Pay: whatever is fair Extra info : May Need an...
  4. rowdyflat

    Thredbo lifts and Thredbo Valley trail

    We are booked to go to Thredbo next weekend . I gather there was lots of rain yesterday and rain is predicted for the middle of this week . Never having ridden either, at what stage is the lifted stuff at Thredbo closed , I would imagine it mostly runs off and what makes the National Parks...
  5. rowdyflat

    44 mm ID 50 OD semi integrated lower head tube bearing fits tapered fork ?

    Just got a 10 yo hardtail frame and as above wondering if it will take a tapered fork ? Thanks for replies
  6. rowdyflat

    VIC Saint 9 speed M810 rear derailleur

    Item: Saint 9 speed M810 rear derailleur Location: Yackandandah . Happy to post Item Condition: 8/10 spring is excellent ,no wear Reason for selling: surplus Price and price conditions: $60 + postage Extra Info...
  7. rowdyflat

    FOUND rigid carbon fork 26 or 27.5 straight steerer disc brake

    Item Carbon fork with disc brake attachments prefer 26 or 27.5 Location NE Victoria happy to pay postage of course Item condition scratched is OK provided it wont break Reason Building another gravel bike from a 26 ins hardtail Price and price conditions whatever Extra Info: Yes I know there...
  8. rowdyflat

    FOUND Shimano 9 speed right hand shifter prefer XTR or XT.

    Item Shimano 9 speed right hand shifter Location Yackandandah NE Victoria of course I will pay postage . Item condition description good quality XTR or XT not knackered Reason for buying Moving 1 bike from 10 to 9 speed Ha ha Price and price conditions $ 50 -100 upwards Extra Info: prefer the...
  9. rowdyflat

    FOUND thankyou Shimano 160 mm CentreLock Disc Rotor

    Item Centrelock disc rotor wherever ,of course I will pay postage and can be sent flat Condition usable Price whatever about $10
  10. rowdyflat

    FOUND SORT OF old Grip Sport crank holder rack or similar

    Item: Old crank holder 2 bike rack Location: Victoria somewhere between Bright and Melbourne , Southern NSW Price range/Willing to Pay:Whatever is fair Extra Info Any condition it will be modified and repainted if necessary.
  11. rowdyflat

    Pinholes in Raceface tubeless rim

    Bought a RF 35mm offset rim. 2 annoying pin holes in the side of the rim are for what ? Are they holes for gases to escape as the rim is pressed ? Annoying because they are close to the edge of the tape and separately have to sealed with silicon.
  12. rowdyflat

    Tubeless is great but is there a primer for rubber patches ?

    Some wheels just require tubes. Often wondered as I endlessly sand the rubber prior to a patch , is there a primer to slightly etch rubber rather than use sandpaper?
  13. rowdyflat

    How do you push in pivot bearings ?

    So my hack worked and I got the bearings out. The new bearings arrived and I have been tapping them into the yoke but it is tricky to get them in square especially as the SC yoke is quite assymetrical . I have greased them then used a socket which sits on the outer race and use a hammer . I have...
  14. rowdyflat

    Cotic soul 26 ins frame is this worth it ?

    I dont usually ask these sort of questions but am in a quandry. I am sure to get some interesting answers. So does anyone think is worth > $600 , it is steel and has a tapered head tube , is 135...
  15. rowdyflat

    Tight New Disc brake pads

    I know it should nt be but are new cheaper pads[ probably from China] slightly too thick when new and drag on the rotor for the first bit until they wear down ? I know about sideways caliper adjustment and the level of fluid in the system but even with the pistons pushed back it happens a lot ...
  16. rowdyflat

    A Hack for removing bearings.

    You might know this but its new to me . I was redoing my wifes SC 5010 pivots and thought I would need a special tool to get out the bearings which are wobbly . The tools made in England looked like something familiar with the expanding collar so I looked on youtube . Turns out a dynabolt /...
  17. rowdyflat

    Shifters wearing out ?

    When a Shimano 2 way release {rear derailleur right } shifter wears and the little shifter arm wont change to a higher gear with your index finger clicking towards you but changes when you push away the little shifter with your thumb, is that because some catch inside is worn out ? Hope I have...
  18. rowdyflat

    Rear shock leaking from the valve stem

    Never had this roblem before . does anyone know whether Fox and Rockshox use the same size valve to put air in the shock it seems the same ? It is leaking air where the stem screws into the shock body , I have used an old o ring but it is still leaking . its a very small o ring does it come in...
  19. rowdyflat

    Can a controller be used for similar types of motors ?

    I am changing from a 250w x36V 5:1 geared hub motor bought as part of a kit to a Bafang 310 motor which is 250w x36v but 11:1 gearing . So similar motors but the 11:1 has more torque to get up steeper hills ie our driveway gets to 17%. It seems to work with the battery and controller but just...
  20. rowdyflat

    VIC 26 ins mtbike VTT about 580 mm disc frame

    Wanted solid frame steel or alloy for ebike commuter about 580 mm top tube . Just needs to take disc brakes and 26 ins wheels . If mtbike could be lightweight hardtail or dually with lots of room in the triangle for a battery 100 x 350mm . Location Where ever ,postage or courier not a problem...