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    Chain slip.

    Retuned my derailleur and shifter over the weekend. Made the higher limit closer towards the hub. I think that sorta made a difference. Biggest surprise was when i stiffened my rear shock when climbing. No more slippage! Now wondering if pedal bob was the contributor to the whole slippage...
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    Chain slip.

    =( So you've never used your m786 on your setup? Immediately went to the new m8000? Reckon one of those RAD cages would solve the issue? What does the RAD cage do different anyways?
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    Chain slip.

    Yupz, standard M-786 10 speed derailleur with a long cage.
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    Chain slip.

    Yeah only slips on the largest sprocket. I'm pretty sure its properly tuned. I've tuned all my previous bikes and have got it right so far. Indexing of the gears are pretty spot on too. I will take a picture tomorrow when its brighter. The b-screw is wound out as far as it will go before the...
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    Chain slip.

    Hi guys, any advice would be appreciated. I recently installed a Sunrace 10spd wide range cassette (11-40t) on my bike. And along with it a brand new KMC chain. Since then I have been experiencing chain slip while on the largest sprocket (10th), but only while putting loads of power down...
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    NSW WTB - Dually or Hardtail

    Item: Mountain bike for a beginner rider. (asking for a friend) Year: 2010 or newer Size: Small - Medium Price: $1000 or below Location: Sydney Extra Info: - Would prefer a bike with at least 120mm travel. - Prefer a dually, but will consider an aggressive hardtail. Please let me...
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    NSW SOLD Bell Super Helmet (Small)

    Yup still available. Just pm-ed you.
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    NSW SOLD Bell Super Helmet (Small)

    Item: Bell Super Helmet (Size: Small) Location: Carlingford NSW Item Condition: USED (3 Months) Reason for selling: Too small for my head. Giving me headaches after each ride. Price and price conditions: $60 Extra Info: My head circumference = 55.5cm Pictures:
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    Avanti Competitor S1

    Hi mate, First off I do not own a competitor, but I do own the Torrent (almost 1 year now). So perhaps the question carries over. Anyhow, how did you manage to snap the chain and how did you manage to twist the chain? Was it just during normal riding? Was the chain jumping around the...
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    Ouchy... that f*ckin'hurt!

    Mate of mine went off one of the wooden bridges in OMV and landed really hard on his top tube. Balls blew up to 2x the size and he pee-ed blood for 3 days. I've done the same when I had to emergency brake or smack into a car. Thank god no swollen balls or blood for pee. But god damn I was...
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Converted my bike to 1x10 with an oval ring. Upgraded from a SLX shifter to an XT ispec b shifter. Cleared up the clutter on cockpit. Duct taped bilateral seat stays and chain stays for scratch resistance. Also duct taped top tube and under the bottom tube. Bike is slowly becoming stealth!! :becky:
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    NSW WTB ispec b bolt

    • Shimano iSpec B bolt which is circled in red. • Carlingford, NSW • Recently bought a second hand ispec shifter which was missing that particular bolt. Just wondering if anyone has any spares lying around that they are willing to part with before I resort to the LBS or CRC.
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    NSW SOLD : Brand X 60mm Stem

    Item: Brand X 60mm stem with 7' rise (SOLD) Location: Epping NSW Item Condition: Brand New. Never installed. Still has grease on the bolts. Reason for selling: Bought and realized it was the same as the stem on my bike which defeats the purpose of another 60mm stem. Price and price...
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    1 X 10 conversion advice

    Absolute Black sells a 28T oval chainring which will fit where your son's 24T granny ring is. AB doesn't make a 30T oval but i reckon 28T is good enough if your son is like me (weak legs ;) ). Once he gets stronger you can get a 32T Oval, also from AB, which will fit where his 38T chainring is...
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    Newbie trying to find the right bike

    A bit of a mixed bag of bikes you've chosen there. All different fork travel lengths as well. So a little confused on what you mean by all mountain. However, I hope my experience might be able to help you. I initially got into mountain biking after being persuaded by a mate. Bought a cheapo...
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    Chain ring upgrade progression

    Thanx for all the advise guys. I guess what I'll do is see if i can find a cheap 32/34t to swap out my 38t and try using that first. At least if all else fails I still have my granny 24t ring. Currently 38 is way to big for the cassette I have which is a 11-36t. If i ever shift to the bigger...
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    Chain ring upgrade progression

    Oh I just ride places like omv, wylde, h2o, manly, loftus, menai and occasionally lane cove in Sydney. The hardest of the climbs would be 'vomit hill' in manly where I am definitely pushing 24t x 36t. I can barely make it up that hill even with that. Wouldn't say the legs so much, more like...
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    Chain ring upgrade progression

    27.5 wheels.
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    Chain ring upgrade progression

    Hello, I'm thinking of upgrading from a 2x10 to a 1x10 setup. Currently have a 24t + 38t at the front. I never use the 38t as I have really weak legs. While riding the 24t plus the lowest gear at the back, it is easy enough for me to climb most steep hills with ease, so long as I keep pedaling...
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    Help..Giant Stance Vs Polygon Siskiu D7?

    Can't beat polygon on money/savings. I have personally test rode the D7 and stance when looking for a new bike and they both felt pretty much the same in terms of handling (according to my limited experience). The giant did seem to have a softer rear suspension. Not sure if it was because there...