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  1. fastrider gus

    WA Hope Tech3 V4 brakeset

    Item: Black Tech 3 V4 brakes F+R braided hoses Location: Perth Item Condition: Overall in good nik, the bleed is fine but could do with a piston service. One lever blade pin is missing the little locking grommet, pin has never fallen out. Reason for selling: Changed to Formula on both bikes...
  2. fastrider gus

    Down-Single-Gravel-Country build.. yea you heard me..

    So about 8 months ago I walked into a bike shop 3500km away from my home and asked for a cool new bike, I wasn't sure what that new bike was ment to be but I had a heap of cool parts in mind that I wanted. In the end I couldn't actually buy any of those parts, then the parts that I chose instead...
  3. fastrider gus

    WA sold

    Item: Magura Mt7 kit Location: Perth Item Condition: Basically brand new. Installed and ridden once for about 20 minutes, not even bedded in yet. Reason for selling: Prefer Hopes Price and price conditions: $700 Extra Info: Includes LH sram matchmaker clamp, 2x 203mm floating rotors, extra...
  4. fastrider gus

    V10 project

    Since i decided to play around on a downhill bike again a few years ago, ive tried quite a few different setups but nothing really felt quite right.. Easy option, just get a V10, cant go wrong.. My new obsession is custom paint, im loving the endless possibilities and new techniques to learn...
  5. fastrider gus


    Item: 1 or 1.5 degree ZS49 angleset cups Location: Geelong Item Condition: not chewed up preferably Reason for selling: just opened the box i had in the stash and realized i got rid of my extra cups with an old frame Price and price conditions: 50? 100? Extra Info: ideally id be after a 1.5...
  6. fastrider gus

    VIC sold

    Item: Rockshox Boxxer World Cup fork Location: Geelong, Vic Item Condition: Clean as a whistle, bought as old stock and only ridden once. Reason for selling: Upgrade Price and price conditions: $800 Extra Info: - Hope integrated crown - All bolts replaced with cherry red Ti bolts from J.A.B. -...
  7. fastrider gus

    Zerode Katipo

    Finally got my hands on a new rig. Its turned out so much better than i imagined! Frame - Zerode Katipo enduro XL "sharknado grey" Rear shock - EXT storia lok V3 Front shock/fork - Rockshox Lyrik ultimate, 170mm, 51mm offset Handlebars - Chromag FU40, 780mm Stem - DMR defy 50mm Headset - Cane...
  8. fastrider gus

    M975 XTR rear wheel

    Item: 26" m975 XTR rear wheel Location: Geelong, Vic Price range/Willing to Pay: depends on condition, willing to buy complete wheelset just to get a rear Extra Info: lovely template.. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  9. fastrider gus

    One of the ones i regret selling..

    The bike that got me back into trail riding after 5 or 6 years off from broken bones.. My first foray into fancy new wheel sizes and dinner plate cassettes. I loved it, one of the most fun bikes ive ever had, way better than the banshee i was riding in '04! Got the bike from a fellow burner in...
  10. fastrider gus


    Item: Rotec Revert 5.0 frame (medium) + DVO Topaz T3air Location: Geelong, VIC Item Condition: Purchased new in April, maybe ridden a dozen times and well looked after. Reason for selling: Need to find a new enduro bike Price and price conditions: $1700 Extra Info: BX tapered headset and Rotec...
  11. fastrider gus


    Item: 2017 Bos Deville Fcv RaRe 160 Location: Geelong Item Condition: Great condition Reason for selling: Want a shorter travel setup Price and price conditions: swapsies Extra Info: Im looking to swap these for a set of 140-130mm Pikes in similar condition, about a 165 steerer from memory, ill...
  12. fastrider gus

    VIC please delete

    Item: 2002 Intense Tazer Location: Geelong Item Condition: Pristine, basically NOS. Not even any chainslap. Reason for selling: New bike is on the way and im lookin at these old beauties like, do i reeeeeeally need so many shed-queens? Price and price conditions: $3000 pickup only at this...
  13. fastrider gus


    Item: 2006 (i think) Rocky Mountain Hammer frame. Location: Geelong, VIC. Item Condition: Very clean, barely any marks on it at all. Reason for selling: Not quite big enough for me. Price and price conditions: $300, happy to post at buyers cost. Extra Info: Large frame would suit someone up to...
  14. fastrider gus

    M1 mid-school dream bike project

    The mighty M1 was always a dream bike back in the day, one of the best bikes you'd see at local races! I was saving most of these parts for a different bike, but when an old mate advertised this M1 frame i just had to have it! Suspension needs a rebuild, bearings, shock, and a fork service...
  15. fastrider gus

    Rotec Revert 5.0

    I got this bad-boy sent over just at the start of the covid dramas, from Washington to my front door in less than 5 whole days! Incredible! Then it took about 3 weeks to get the cranks even though they were within 100km of my house... Anyway, the reason for this build was the desire for a...
  16. fastrider gus

    2007 Nicolai M-Pire ST resto-mod

    I picked this frame up a while ago as I was converting my M9 to 27.5 and figured the Nicolai would be a cool home for the old 26" parts, a good shed-art bike and also good for mates to jump on for shuttle days. Ive since sold the Intense, tried an M16 and sold that too, now the Nicolai is the...
  17. fastrider gus

    VIC XL '16 Transition Patrol

    Item: 2016 Transition Patrol size XL Location: Geelong Item Condition: structurally perfect, no dings or cracks. Shock runs perfectly. Reason for selling: New bike is on the way Price and price conditions: $1500 Extra Info: Fox float X2 kashima w climb switch, frame is freshly rebuilt with new...
  18. fastrider gus

    VIC double banger, please delete

    baaah... double post.. what a noob...
  19. fastrider gus

    Back on it! Foes bitsa

    *sorry for the low quality photo's, no more fancy (not so)smart phone so had to make do! will try to scrounge a better one* G'day guys! well after a couple of years without riding bikes, i decided to finally build up the frame i impulse bought quite a while ago! bought the frame from here...
  20. fastrider gus

    135x10mm through axle

    Item: Chasing a 135 x 10mm bolt up axle Location: Geelong, Vic. Willing to pay postage Price range/Willing to Pay: whats an axle worth? Extra Info: Got Hadley hubs, would be really happy with a lighter axle, but a steel one will do until i come across an alloy one.