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  1. Chriso_29er

    Fox Superflow Racing - Mount Taylor trails Gippsland

    To be honest I didn't even know this trail network existed and visited for the first time for this race. But well worth a visit if you're heading through the Bairnsdale area. Really enjoying the Fox Superflow events lately. Just a really relaxed way of getting a days racing done. Up to 5 runs...
  2. Chriso_29er

    Its been a while - Video of DH track and JJs big jumps at Silvan

    Hey all, Bit of a edit / vlog of two of my favourite local trails at silvan. Both extensively fixed up since the massive storms last year. Hope you enjoy the video! Cheers
  3. Chriso_29er

    POS Old School Mongoose

    Why is there no prefix for Gravel bikes in here haha. This is my kind of retro mod / super old school XC weapon. I've had this bike since new back in 1997, and just cant part with it. I still have all original components for it including full 3x8 grip-shift groupset. But is now running a 10...
  4. Chriso_29er

    Smiths Gully

    Hey guys, Don't know why it took me so long to go and visit this spot given its only 30min's from my place and my sister actually lives there lol. Maybe because on the maps it looks a bit daunting with trails everywhere. However, the local club have now set up QR codes in the General store at...
  5. Chriso_29er

    Deviate Highlander recall

    Hey guys, I know there are a few of you on here now with these. I just found out they had some issues with the resin in the front triangle of a batch of frames and are now recalling. A guy I know has had his 2021 recalled. I believe you all purchased directly from Deviate so should be easy for...
  6. Chriso_29er

    After 4 months, finally back out at the Silvan Trails

    So stoked to have been able to get back out to my local after the huge storms earlier in the year and found them running as good as ever! Huge props to the trail crews and fairies, done an unbelievable job. Hope you enjoy the videos
  7. Chriso_29er

    Different bikes, riding & fitness

    Hey All, Been a bit of discussion in other threads about different types of riding and bikes and how they may affect fitness. Wanted to give my opinion and thought it might be a topic many might find interesting or have some input. IMO it is not the bike you're riding but the type of riding on...
  8. Chriso_29er

    The start of the huge Warburton MTB project?

    The lone Warburton trail, Hey Hey My My has had a huge makeover. This is supposed to be the first trail in the ever running saga that is the Warburton mountain bike hub project, should it ever finally eventuate. In the meantime the local council employed a temporary trail crew, and this was the...
  9. Chriso_29er

    Riding the You Yangs at night with a couple of Burners

    Time off the bike is allowing me to get around to looking through some old footage I had kicking around. So decided to get this one together with some footage from a couple of rides out with @beeb and @fjohn860 a little while back. It's clear I need a better set of lights lol, the 2nd run down...
  10. Chriso_29er

    New PB at Silvan after finally getting my rebuilt suspension back after 2 months

    Lesson learned, don't go overdue on your fork servicing... Many $$$ later and new stanchions fitted I'm back on the trails! What started with a blown rear shock up at Bright, I decided to finally send off my fork for what I thought was a standard service at the same time. Well turns out the...
  11. Chriso_29er

    Bike trouble while getting my Hero on

    Awesome day up at Bright running the Hero trail and Shred Kelly on the Blue Dirt shuttles. Unfortunately blew my rear shock out on the 2nd run, so never made it up to some of the more challenging trails up the top of the mountain. So we stayed on the awesome flow trails and still got a solid...
  12. Chriso_29er

    Lake Mountain Cascades Epic, Twice!

    Took the shuttle up for the epic Lake Mountain Cascades trail. Even with the bus ride up its still an epic 28kms long with 580m of vertical climbing and total descending of over 1000m. Turns out it's a very physical trail both for the legs and upper body! But we decided to do it twice, with the...
  13. Chriso_29er

    POS The cheap yet cheerful collarbone killer

    Not all PYR can be boutiques right? So here is my very basic but very functional older XC machine. Used for everything from long rail trail rides through to technical XC riding and racing. Most components are low end Shimano with a full SLX 11 speed driveline. Really shitty set of lead weight...
  14. Chriso_29er

    One of Silvan's favorite trails got a big makeover during lockdown!

    Riding all the new features of JJ's trail out in Silvan east of Melbourne. Those guy's who joined us for our last meetup will remember this as the first trail we rode.
  15. Chriso_29er

    A collection of Jumps

    Some of the jumps I find around on my usual rides, mostly east side of Melbourne as I haven't had the chance to get much external footage of other areas. Cheers
  16. Chriso_29er

    Vic Burners get together in Silvan

    Victorian members got together for a bash down the fun descending trails of the Silvan trail network east of Melbourne. This is around 3hrs riding condensed into 8 minutes lol Thanks again everyone for the support with this and showing up for a fun arvo of riding. And of course huge thanks...
  17. Chriso_29er

    A Lap of Lysty | Black descents

    A quick lap of Lysterfield Park taking in all the so called black descents. Quite a few people around, but still largely had no worries with traffic on the downs. Did have to queue up to take our turn down Com Games lol. Trails were running pretty nice.
  18. Chriso_29er

    Melbourne Burners post Covid meetup - Silvan - Sat 13th June

    Hey all, Hope everyone's still managing to get out to some local trails in these difficult times, or keep the bike fitness up some way or another! A lot of us either ride Silvan or want to give Silvan a go, so I’m hoping to get a bunch of us together for a post lock-down Burners celebration...
  19. Chriso_29er

    Some basic through to more advanced tricks to try at home

    Hi all, Put together this little group of tricks and skills how to to try if you're bored :) Basic fun like wheelies, endo's, manuals and some fun variations. Enjoy! Cheers
  20. Chriso_29er

    Gravity trails at Silvan

    Hitting up a couple of favorite trails at Silvan a couple of weeks back. Had bit of a stack too ha ha.