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  1. Jpez

    VIC 55 lbs Smashpot spring. SOLD FOUND

    Item: 55 lbs smashpot spring Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Reason for buying : needs Price and price conditions: you tell me. Extra Info: no Pictures: no
  2. Jpez

    VIC Raceface Cinch puller cap

    Item: Raceface Cinch DS puller cap. Just the top flat bit. Location: auspost Or Melbourne Item Condition: not munted Reason for buying : I have needs Price and price conditions: what it’s worth. Extra Info: so total long shot here but I busted my Cinch puller cap. Tore the fucker in half...
  3. Jpez

    Cairns bike hire.

    Got a week near Cairns and have a leave pass for 1 day. Not worth lugging a bike up so was thinking of hiring one if available. I did Google it but seems the hire place are permanently shut?? Any one know of a shop that hires bikes?
  4. Jpez

    STOLEN 2018 Specialized Enduro

    A mates 2017 Enduro was nicked from Seddon in Melbourne today. I don’t have much more info than that at this stage, I think it’s pretty stock. Has Renthal bars, V1 saint flat pedals and max is tyres. please keep an eye open on the usual places.
  5. Jpez

    VIC RS Pike 27.5 FOUND

    Item: RS Pike. Location: Melbourne. Shipping. Item Condition: good. Stanchion gouges not good. Rough lowers good. Abused and no services done ever not good. Reason for selling: yes Price and price conditions: balls in your court there but it’s for my beater hardtail so don’t want to...
  6. Jpez

    Deviate Highlander - EL Suavo !

    Frame - Deviate highlander 150 link XL. Black. Full invisiframe kit installed. Rear shock - Cane creek Kitsuma 210 x 55 coil w/ 500 pound spring. Will probably need a 550 Front shock/fork - 160 lyric ultimate 42mm Offset w/One up EDC tool. Handlebars - One up carbon 20mm rise - might go to 30mm...
  7. Jpez

    Sold SOLD Sram gx eagle chain BNIP

    Item: Sram gx Eagle chain Location: Altona north. DO YOU DARE? Oz post. RECOMMENDED Item Condition: brand new. Pulled out of packet before I realised I have no eagles and put back. Reason for selling:I have no eagles. Price and price conditions: $40 posted. Extra Info: $50 RRP...
  8. Jpez

    Sold SOLD Wolf tooth silver 34.9 seat clamp BNIP

    Item: Wolf tooth seat clamp. 34.9 sexy silver Location: covid capitol of Vic. Altona north. We do it better! Item Condition: spanking unopened Reason for selling: frivolous ill considered buy. I do that often. Price and price conditions: $40 posted to to your door. Extra Info: it’s...
  9. Jpez

    VIC FOUND SOLD Sram shifter bracket

    Item: Sram shifter bracket. Not a match maker doodad. Just a straight up old bracket. Location:oz post works well. Item Condition: whatevs Reason for buying : it seems you can have months to plan a bike build but you will always forget one little thing. Hoping one of the dozens of Sram haters...
  10. Jpez


    Item: 2018 GG megatrail and shock frame only. Size Large. Extras if wanted Location: Melbourne, happy to box and post. Item Condition: used and ridden hard, no dents, but still running sweet. Has just had a chainstay warrantied and bearings not long ago. Reason for selling: money Price and...
  11. Jpez

    TRP brake set up.

    Is anyone running TRP brakes with a shifter adapter? I’ve got some TRP Gspec DH brakes with a Sram shifter. The matchmaker I hade on my Codes put the shifter bracket to the right or outboard side of the brake clamp. The TRP adapter puts the shifter bracket to the left side or inboard side of...
  12. Jpez


    : Item: Brand x Ascend externally routed 30.9 150 seat post Location: Vic but happy to post Item Condition: 3 rides old. Would suit new buyer first to see will buy blah blah Reason for selling:not needed Price and price conditions: $100 Extra Info: I bought this off a fellow burner for $100...
  13. Jpez

    VIC 29 cushcore x 1 SOLD BOUGHT SORTED

    Item: 29 cushcore or you got a better option? Location: auspost Item Condition: new or just not shit Reason for buying : I need one Price and price conditions: fair to you and I Extra Info: I know a few people have been trying different inserts and have been going from one to another So...
  14. Jpez

    VIC SOLD Water proof socks

    Item: large/xlarge Seal Skins waterproof socks Location: Melbourne but happy to post Item Condition: brand new not worn Reason for selling: never used them, would hate to chuck them out. Price and price conditions: free. Just pay postage or pick up Extra Info: no idea why I bought these...
  15. Jpez

    found. SOLD thanks Moorey. Yet again!

    Item: sram matchmaker x bracket. Location: Altona north or postage Item Condition: not rooted Reason for selling: need Price and price conditions: less than retail Extra Info: Pictures: yes.
  16. Jpez


    Item: Ergon fat grips Location: postage Item Condition: new/near new Reason for selling: buying. Price and price conditions: you tell me Extra Info: looooong shot but does anyone have a set of Ergon fatgrips they tried and didn’t like or know where some are in stock? They appear discontinued...
  17. Jpez


    Item: 34 tooth chainring Location: postage. Item Condition: decent Reason for selling: I’m buying. Price and price conditions: cheaper Extra Info: 4 bolt 94 bcd Pictures: yes.looks like this
  18. Jpez

    VIC Another FOUND thanks Moorey

    Item: WTB shagged out old xc/gravel/tarmac tires 27.5 Location:Altona north but postage Fine Item Condition:shagged is good. Reason for selling: the world has turned upside down. Price and price conditions:cheap Extra Info: Doing a heap of bike path km’s with a little bit of single...
  19. Jpez

    VIC Bell Super 3R large SOLD

    Item: Bell Super 3R Mips large Location: Altona North or You Yangs. Can post but it probably won't be worth it. Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Proframe Price and price conditions: $80 Extra Info: Helmet is in good condition. I haven't babied it so it has plenty of scuffs and marks...
  20. Jpez

    Superstitions. pelicans.

    TLDR? ^^ Who has em and what are they? I’ve never been superstitious or believed in any hocus pocus but when I lived in Cambodia for a couple of years that started to change. I had a really bad run over there including a bad dirt bike accident, work and personal dramas etc. A good Khmer...