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  1. SpectRe

    Australian Interschools 2010 (all galleries now online!)

    Hey all, As some of you may know I was in Thredbo working with the crew at South East MTB Co in the couple of weeks leading up to Interschools and got the camera out and about for the weekend. Shots will be online as I go through the batches (4X is up now) so please be patient and check back...
  2. SpectRe

    Augmented Reality webcam hologram?!

    Not sure if any of you have already seen this.. but i just spent a few minutes mucking around on the GE website; To those of you without a webcam - you can still click on a link to play a video file demonstrating what...
  3. SpectRe

    2009 NSW Interschools Thredbo **1300+ Photos, All galleries now online!**

    Thought I'd jump on the Interschools photo thread bandwagon! UPDATE: All galleries are now online! Head to and click on the online store link to check them out Oh and for those that were wondering - 'Archell' is pronounced Ah-'kel (as in R.Kell... it's a phonetic...
  4. SpectRe

    2009 Mt Buller Nats Sampler

    A few random snaps from Sunday - I was hanging out and scoping Buller out for the first time (not snapping heaps of riders) so please don't flood this thread with requests.
  5. SpectRe

    DH The Konas (His & Hers)

    Had these for a little while now, but haven't really gotten around to getting photos of them. We just got back from Thredbo and had bugs splattered all over the front of the Soobi, so a quick pit-stop at the car wash also made for clean bikes to shoot! No spec list - as they're both pretty...
  6. SpectRe

    Helmet Cam - Wide Angle lens??

    With my impeccable timing I've only just read into the whole Hel-Cam shutting down thing just when I want to get a wide angle lens for the kit I bought off them a while back! This one is for the helmet/lipstick camera gurus out there; Does anyone know where I can get a wide angle lens to suit...
  7. SpectRe

    888 tuning

    It's been ages since i've started a thread.. but thought i'd see if anyone else has had any experience with this one! Having come off a nicely tuned Dorado on my last DH bike i'm stuffing around with Marzocchi's for the first time and trying to get them juuuuust right. I'm running the stock...
  8. SpectRe

    Thredbo Trip, January 08 **UPDATED**

    Lisa and i headed to Thredbo for a week's holiday, so I took her riding on the hill for her first time. Here's Part one of three.. quick throw together this afternoon, but had to post it up! EDIT: All three clips now up - apologies for the web quality...
  9. SpectRe

    07 Stinky stock?

    This has got to be one of the most n00b-esque threads I've ever started, but I'm on a bit of a hunt at the moment (snow is melting!!!!) Is anyone aware of any 07 Kona Stinkys available in small? I know TBSM and a few others have mediums, but at the prospect of saving myself a few dozen...
  10. SpectRe

    2006 - National DH - Round 3 - Thredbo (Updated Gallery @

    Gallery finally online for DH#3 - the original rider plate number listing had to go!
  11. SpectRe

    2007 - National DH - Round 4 - Mt Beauty (Gallery now online @

    Sorry for the delay, but Mt.Beauty photos have now been uploaded to the website You know the deal :)
  12. SpectRe

    2007 Oceania DH Championships - Thredbo (All images now on

    A few from Sunday - Complete gallery now on Unfortunately a lot of riders were missed, see rider number list below. High quality prints of all images are available for purchase. Sizes include but aren't limited to; 6x4" 8x6" 12x8" 18x12" For pricing & size...
  13. SpectRe

    Thredbo DH #3 - Complete rider list now up

    Just a few to get started with, will be uploading more here and onto my new site soon. Hope everyone had a good Christmas - here's to an awesome new year!
  14. SpectRe

    06 Worlds NZ

    Some randomness from my worlds happy snaps Apologies for the quality loss.. you know how resizing for dialup friendliness kills it!
  15. SpectRe

    What type of bike do you have?

    I'm currently gathering as much info as possible for a mountain bike park/trail network extension proposal. A quick cross section of bike ownership from the farkin forum users will most likely yield better results than a survey conducted at some XC playground. This may have been done to...
  16. SpectRe

    661 Dirt Lid - SOLD -

    Item: 661 Dirt Lid Helmet - Large Location: Tumut, NSW Item Condition: Excellent, worn a couple of times, never crashed on Reason for selling: Dont use it - just taking up space Price and price conditions: $40 incl post Extra Info: Pictures:
  17. SpectRe

    01 Rockshox Psylo SL - for parts - SOLD -

    Item: 2001 Rockshox Psylo SL QR (White) Location: Tumut, NSW Item Condition: Worn seals + bushings, large patches of anodizing worn off stanchions. Lowers in good condition and internal valving etc is all still sweet. The forks are still super smooth, and oil just needs to be topped up...
  18. SpectRe

    Helmet Cam Kit - Viosport AdventureCam II *SOLD*

    Item: Viosport Adventure CamII Helmet Camera Kit Location: Thredbo or Tumut NSW Item Condition: Brand New, used once Reason for selling: Never get the chance to use it and don't have my own recording device to hook it up to (future availability of borrowed camera equipment just got shorter...
  19. SpectRe

    E-13 SRS East Coast 32-42T Brand New *SOLD*

    Item: E-Thirteen SRS East Coast 32-42T Chainguide Kit (4-104 pattern) Location: Thredbo, New South Wales Item Condition: Brand New, Still in box, 'parts tree' intact etc Reason for selling: Framekit build fell through (Ironhorse Sunday Factory defects) so parts not needed Price and price...
  20. SpectRe

    2004 Ironhorse SGS Team *SOLD*

    Item:* 2004 Ironhorse SGS Team Location: Thredbo, NSW Item*Condition: Excellent, purchased new in Dec.04 and hasn't seen a lot of riding due to work commitments etc. Reason*for*selling: Not in use Price*and*price*conditions: $3500 ono Extra*Info: Boxxer Team fork, Easton Bars, SIC Stem...