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    QLD Sold

    looks fast. good deal GLWS
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    AM BTR Ranger Hardcore Hardtail

    fucken awesome
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    You Yangs this weekend

    The You-Yangs are Sand over Granite. It drains extremely well and quickly. So like Moorey said unless it pisses down while your there, the bit of rain we have had wont matter. Might be a few puddles here and there on the access and firetrails especially in the Plantation area. But for your...
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    Chain reaction cycles

    Not me but a mate bought a Dura Ace chainset for his roadie Last Thursday. Rocked up yesterday. Standard postage. Pretty good i think.
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    VIC Sold

    Holy image size x 100000000
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    AM Focus SAM Factory

    Yep, way to much bike for lysterfield, unless your happy doing laps of Aneurysm all day. Lysterfield is great for punching out xc style KM's on the right bike. Still such a sweet ride though.
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    Help..Giant Stance Vs Polygon Siskiu D7?

    This probably wont help your cause all that much, but this is what i personally would do. Try to save a few more pennies and see if you can get the entry model Trance. If you pop into a few shops, you never know, it appears they are starting to reduce the 2016 models to make room for the...
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    Atheist's, what got you to your atheism?

    Logic and science makes it to hard to believe in religion for me
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    High intensity interval training.

    Do you even #crossfit?
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    High intensity interval training.

    If you want to drop some weight fast and still have decent energy to ride. Do some research on intermittent fasting, I can give you a quick breakdown on it and how I do it, but there is a few varied versions so you can choose what suits best, just google it. I have done the 16/8 and have...
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    High intensity interval training.

    Hey mate, Honestly at this stage, Hiit isnt all that necessary. If your struggling on the smallest hills, you really just need more time on the bike. I'd be looking at your diet (fuel source) also. The first step to getting fit is to eat well, consistent clean foods. If you have time to...
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    Food Recipe: Gluten free schnitzeled chicken

    Not sure how you make your risotto, but each to their own, I gently stir on and off for pretty much the whole cooking time, and it does not turn into a gluggy mess at all. In-fact I actually quite rate my risotto against what I have eaten elsewhere, both other peoples and restaurants.
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    Food Recipe: Gluten free schnitzeled chicken

    Spag bol is a good one for big groups also. Just cooking up a big load of sauce. Very easy to make GF. Then just have 2 pots, one for regular pasta, and another for GF pasta. My misses is a diagnosed silly-yak so Im also pretty experienced in GF cooking, as I like to cook so have had to...
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    Snowboarding vs Skiing!

    Have only had good experiences skiing NZ. Base yourself out of Queenstown and hire a car. Then if the weather or snow sucks, Queenstown has so much to offer. Amazing Fly Fishing also, did a week there with the old man a few years ago with a guide, fishing the crystal clear glacier fed streams...
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    Snowboarding vs Skiing!

    Big time skiier here. The only thing I really dont like about Australia is the ski fields. We are super spoiled in Aus, the missing link to make Aus comfortably the best place in the world is decent legit Mtns. Like Alps or Rockies style Mtns. Aus ski fields are over-priced, terrible snow...
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    Terrorism: Paris, Syria, Turkey, Belgium, Florida......

    Set up a fake attack in North Korea. Get that crazy bloke Kim Jong Un as ISIS's number 1 enemy. Problem solved. Your Welcome
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    2015 Giant Reign Advanced Options

    Cant really comment all that much on the tech side of the offsets and all that blah blah. Main question is why do you want to change from the Pike??? Sounds like an expensive side-step
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    What do you do for work ? Is it hit or shit.

    Production planner and MR purchaser for a plastics manufacturing company, we make bottles, mostly Milk and soft drink and the closures associated with them (the caps/lids). Not an exciting role at all on paper, but I enjoy it and work with good people. I have to used my brain everyday and deal...
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    STOLEN Giant Trance custom build

    shit mate thats terrible news. Hope you get the scumbag and the trance back.
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    Another new MTB park for Tassie.

    Someone needs to try convince them to build a chairlift. That would really make it truly epic