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  1. Jpez

    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    I don’t know what section to put this in. I’m also really not sure what I’ve been searching for in market place for FB to think this is something I’d like to buy. Anyway if anyone has been searching long and hard for a tooth ring this is your lucky day.
  2. Jpez

    What does your day look like?

    Gravel-RBe has now become Rotorstroll. Jeez we sound like a bunch of old guys! Oh wait….
  3. Jpez

    The QUICK question thread.....

  4. Jpez

    Down-Single-Gravel-Country build.. yea you heard me..

    Dang! You sure you’re not Hambo??!
  5. Jpez

    What are you listening to NOW?

    I had to Google them and the first video that came up was a show on Recovery with Dylan Lewis. Now I just wanna punch myself in the face!
  6. Jpez

    Forgive me, I have sinned...

    I’ve got a 160 air shaft if you need it.
  7. Jpez

    Little Things You Hate

    The photo is upside down as usual. He’s probably looked at it and thinks he’s positive.
  8. Jpez

    Little Things You Hate

    So I’m confused. You had Covid but now you don’t?
  9. Jpez

    What are you listening to NOW?

    Is Monday bumming you out as well?? This will wake you up!
  10. Jpez

    Why you ride

    With the amount of self justification going on here lately I can see Farkin becoming RB,e and instead of a seperate section for Ebikes there’ll just be one lonely old section for analogue or acoustic or whatever the fuck they are called bikes. Bit sad in my view. Anyway where’s the that hiding...
  11. Jpez

    Deviate Highlander - more common around here than a Farkin Banshee

    Haven’t heard anything about that. I did notice the other day after giving my bike a bigger wash than usual that every time I used the dropper it blew air (or moisture) out of the dropper routing hole. So it’s obviously very well sealed except for that port. I service my dropper every few...
  12. Jpez

    Ok, I bought a cheap fork. Enjoy

    I think he’s probably talking about tek screwing some rim brakes to the fork or something. ;)
  13. Jpez

    Little Things You Hate

    She never served me a cuppa Earl Grey
  14. Jpez

    Little Things You Hate

    The non stop coverage of this thing is outta control. FFS they are still shelling around a nuclear power plant in the Ukraine and experts are saying it’s literally on the brink of disaster, literally half of Pakistan is under water, and many many other serious and noteworthy local and...
  15. Jpez

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Yeah it’s like ooooh hello sailor! Where you been all my life. Haha. It suddenly feels balanced, just ‘right’. The new chart recommended a 55, The old chart a 60! Only had a 60 in stock so bought that. Felt stiff. Got a 50 and 55 off FB for a cracking deal so currently running the 55...
  16. Jpez

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Surprisingly well. I’m religious about keeping the chain lubed anyway to reduce idler noise so that helps keep it clean. There were other non HP bikes making a heap more noise than mine which I was quietly happy about. I find mud is no issue for it. It’s dust it doesn’t like. It was born in...
  17. Jpez

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Yeah some guy I met once reckoned it would look the goods and he was right! Standing in the start queue and some guy asks how I’m liking the Ohlins! :D Spring rate is spot on though at 525 so that’s the main thing. fuck this 50lbs increment that most brands go with.
  18. Jpez

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Not today but the weekend. Rode it at bright with a couple of Burners. Saturday was sloppy, mucky, slimy and treacherous up on Elevation/World Cup. This was after my first run up there. Sunday for race day it had dried out nicely. Still some slimy spots and sniper roots about but conditions...
  19. Jpez

    Australia Post, I hate you!

    I received a parcel a few days ago. Then two days later I get a reminder card. No tracking on it so no idea what it actually is. I’m pretty sure it’s for the parcel I picked up two days previous but I rack my brains. Maybe I bought something and forgot. It’s possible. So I take time off work...
  20. Jpez

    Totally Over Magpies

    There was some highly scientific you tube test where the YT scientist tried all known methods. Apparently nothing really works, Google eyes, zip ties, riding faster. Only getting off your bike and facing off seemed to work. Which in my braver moments I tried and it worked. Obviously that’s not...