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  1. Nerf Herder

    POLE Evolink Medium

    Item: Pole Evolink or similar Pole in Medium please Location: Sydney Price range/Willing to Pay: You tell me Extra Info: If you bought mine and still have it ... hit me ... but I dont care if its not the same. I was overly emotional when I sold it ... and curious if the steep seat angle is the...
  2. Nerf Herder

    Are you in your retirement Job?

    So Retirement Job job you think you will be in when you retire ... whenever that may be you are no longer interested in changing roles so may as well be the retirement job. your age doesn’t really matter ... but be interesting to see how long you think you will be in this role for. I remember...
  3. Nerf Herder

    Modern XC WTF

    This is actually a really good discussion. Good ad for the Spur as well the comment from the plaid shirt guy re building bikes up ... or over building ... definitely hit a chord with me a likely quite a few riders in general my comments on topic Fracking hell the SID Ultimate is a bloody good...
  4. Nerf Herder

    NT trail Katherine - Nitmiluk I’ve never been to the NT.
  5. Nerf Herder

    Hello X Fusion

    Quick fire annoucement ... Link Sports welcomes X-Fusion to the family. Initially focused on Service Centre Support ... After Market stock is planned for Q1 or Q2 next year ... yes COVID, wharf strikes both here and Taiwan, bike booms, production blow outs etc etc. Wanted to pass on my thanks...
  6. Nerf Herder

    NSW State Forests

    Need some guidance ... firstly I have no idea how state forests are run so apologies if my terminology or questions aren't great. Trying to find out how to get information on what company is operating in a particular State Forest ... unsure if they are a lease holder or permit holder etc etc...
  7. Nerf Herder

    Unparallel Rubber

    With over 18months of trail testing. Link Sports is happy to annouce that we will be distributing Unparallel Rubber and bringing in their range of MTB and Commuter shoes via our Retail partners.
  8. Nerf Herder

    Direct to consumer Bike purchase

    Curious to know what instructions / tools come with your bike purchased from a B2C Brand like Canyon, Commencal, YT, Polygon etc etc. If you have purchased a bike from any of these and you still have your manuals or tool kits ... I'd appreciate a photo or itemise the following contents of tool...
  9. Nerf Herder


    This is purely aimed at me ... always good to look back and see how stupid I was or more hopefully what a flaming guru I be. I will make wild And not-so-wild predictions on dollar direction, general economics and other BS I find interesting re Finance and the such. Be prepared to be awed...
  10. Nerf Herder

    Dictator for a day

    The all wise Australian Voter has deemed it fit to make you Supreme Leader. What would you change ... big, small, no issue to trivial or outside of your power. Time frame doesn’t really matter, but Dictator for a Day was a nice title :) The only requirement, you need to explain why ... and...
  11. Nerf Herder

    MTB shoes

    For the various types of riding that you do ... what is it you are looking for in a shoe? Eg for When I’m clipped in ... I’m not looking for an ultra stiff plank ... but I want slightly more stiffness for power transmission vs when not clipped ... to hold me up off the Pedals. This is about 10%...
  12. Nerf Herder

    Amazon customer service

    This is very random I'm writing a paper ... long story ... looking for anecdotal experience re Amazon or ebay if needed. Have you used either AMAZON US or AU or ebay What was your experience (rate it 1 to 10, 1 being shite, 10 being exceptional) ... what was your expecations ??? did they meet...
  13. Nerf Herder

    Sydney ... Christmas Drinks

    Anybody interested in an old style CBD pub and booze night.? or. could do a ride and BBQ ... CBF cooking to be honest. say LowenBrau pork knuckle ... schnapps.. Then Lord Nelson or whatever from there. 6pm Friday XX ... Late Nov ... ride at your own pace. And do as many laps as you can...
  14. Nerf Herder

    Balance Bikes

    Question for the parents that put their kids on Balance bikes at some point or are considering one If you had a choice of a more Bike Path focused or Dirt focused balance bike what would you opt for (presume only 1 choice). If off road ... would you want brakes for the little tike presume...
  15. Nerf Herder

    Project Demo days / Demo Program

    Would you pay for a demo + shipping over 2 weekends? Context Aussie is a big place ... Perth / Darwin may as well be another country let alone fracking regional areas in WA, FNQ, NT, SA . A complete bike to Albany from Sydney is like +$159+gst A full wagon train of roving bikes and crew to man...
  16. Nerf Herder

    Fight fans

    That was a great fight ... I’ve never seen either fighter before. I don’t normally like the heavies as I prefer fighters with quick hands ... but Fury was frigging weird but awesome all at once ... definitely my style with quick hands and feet. I reckon Fury got robbed even with the two knock...
  17. Nerf Herder

    NSW WTB => Found

    Item: SLX/XT/XTR 9sp shifter Location: prefer Sydney but happy to pay postage Item Condition: used but shifting well Price and price conditions: whatever’s fair Extra Info: Bar mount ... old Skool... wife’s bike won’t shift. I know I have some somewhere. But fracked if I can find it. Email is...
  18. Nerf Herder

    Bike Wish list

    in the spirit of What's your current bike wish list ... be it brand hoe, style hoe or full weird and wacky. Dirt, Road, or rocky dirt, commuter, e, cargo ... Whatever ... Go nuts and dream big.
  19. Nerf Herder

    NSW Pole Lovers sale

    Link Sports was the local service support for Pole Bicycles of Finland ... however, Pole have decided to bring it back inhouse and so we have a number of frames to clear. These are the V1.2 models ... in the 140mm the difference between the V1.2 and 1.3 is in the cable routing. Sizing Geo...
  20. Nerf Herder

    Graphic Designers

    Any of you so inclined or qualified ? Did you go to uni? Which one? Which of the Sydney Unis are more highly rated then the others and why? In a nut shell, what are they mainly teaching you now days? The reason I ask this is that a friend of the family was relating a story where after 4 years...