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  1. mik_git

    Travelling on Spirit of Tas with Roof Racks

    just wondering, planing a trip in the future, was thinking of renting an SUV or something (since we sold our Ford Territory), only as wasn't sure on taking the car with roof racks. Now I realise that I can take the car with roof racks, but not totally sure about with bikes on them, the blurb on...
  2. mik_git

    Downhill world championships: Pick the winning time and win a prize

    cairns worlds on redbull So I was just looking on redbull tv for upcoming races and can't find the worlds, am I missing something, are they no showing it... or am I (as normal) just dumb?
  3. mik_git

    Wiggle and CRC

    So wiggle will buy CRC apparently... interesting. I know Wiggle got some big cash injection a couple of years ago, and CRC seem to have been struggling a bit.
  4. mik_git

    Driving the Red bull tv site

    OK is it just me...probably is... but trying to figure out when and where stuff is on, on the redbull tv really confusing me. It used to be that you could click on a little calander icon and it was all super easy, now it just has crap all over the place, and all I want is XC mostly...
  5. mik_git

    Sydney bike lanes...?

    Saw on the tv just now that they are going to scrap Sydney bike lanes? What's all this about?
  6. mik_git

    CRC issue

    Dunno what the deal is, but It's possible CRC's site has been cracked or something. It seems its all over the web, just be aware if buying from them. I like, em, used em, hopefully they can sort it...
  7. mik_git

    would you like this job?

    I sure wouldnt' scares the hell out of me...
  8. mik_git

    My Zaskar

    Hi, just had my 1st offroad ride on my new Zaskar... quite liking it. Unfortunately I decide to toss my job in last year to play at being poor uni student, so the build didn't quite end up the way I wanted it, but well it seem to work pretty well and I'm pretty happy with it for now... till i...