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  1. Dozer

    What are you listening to NOW?

    This is 100% the truth. I skip this stuff everytime and still haven't listened to the last track on the new album with the birds squealing. Dunno why they do it but seeing them live when this sort of stuff is a background noise is pretty awesome. With that in mind, I feel like that when I hear it.
  2. Dozer

    Possibly stolen stuff on bookface

    Sounds like this kid read Chopsticks manual of how to be a dishonest immoral cockhead.
  3. Dozer

    Sram standardize derailleur hanger.

    This would be the best thing since.................. matchmaker clamps! Great work SRAM.
  4. Dozer

    Product Review ION protection and apparel

    You're spot on! I just edited the post, my mistake! They are the ION K-Traze Enduro AMP Zip and are amazing!
  5. Dozer

    What's some good, cheap leg armour? Get those.
  6. Dozer

    Matchy matchy

    Yep, it was C. I didn't chip him for his slow riding or shit gear, I just rattled his cage and frightened him. ;)
  7. Dozer

    What are you listening to NOW?

    And then keep it, Apple Music is unreal. And @droenn; you're so right about it all feeling so parallel. Thirteen years later and they still kick the music world's arse's.
  8. Dozer

    What are you listening to NOW?

    So, almost a week after Tool's new album was released I can safely say it is astounding and almost perfect. I absolutely love it and can't get enough of it, twice and sometimes three times a day in full is the norm the last week.
  9. Dozer

    Matchy matchy

    I have been in a crowd where people who are slower than some of the under 19's racer's say "Pfft, Daddy paid for it all" or "Pffft, all the gear and no idea" and I instantly put those cockheads on my list of people that I'll square off into a turn given the chance. Fucking wankers, they who make...
  10. Dozer

    Gripsport crank holder style carrier

    Item: Gripsport crank holder style carrier Location: Coffs Harbour NSW Price: They aren't a modern build so Imagine it won't be in superb condition, $100 maximum. If you fancy selling your's, please get some images to me. ;)
  11. Dozer

    One Cycling body to rule them all

    Can't be any less productive than what MTBA are and have been, they do zero for mountain biking in Australia. I have an MTBA license to save on day license fee's and in the back of my mind I know I have some coverage if I have a crash. Since my early days riding bikes, I've only ever...
  12. Dozer

    Night riding thread?

    Go for it lads, set something up in the General Discussion area and I'll sticky it if it goes bonkers. ;)
  13. Dozer

    Avid Code R Brake or Caliper

    Pretty sure I have just the thing, I'll get the details tonight.
  14. Dozer

    Product Review ION protection and apparel

    Oops! I missed it, they are $159.99. I've used shoes in price ranges above this and below this and while each of those shoes have their benefits, this pair of shoes gets more green boxes on my spreadhseet than the others. Comfy, look great, awesome pedal traction and great for slaving your way...
  15. Dozer

    Product Review ION protection and apparel

    “ION. An atom or molecule with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons” is what you’ll find if you search for the meaning of the word ION. In our world though, ION is an international brand created in 2004 as a water sports icon. In 2012, they bought their flavour...
  16. Dozer

    A brake i can get excited about

    Sorry to get off topic but I reckon I'm gonna start a "send me your Guides for a proper tune" business. Honestly, I've ridden 8252563 sets of brakes and still rate Guides as one of the best and those close to it are Codes. If you're considering a new avenue to get your Guides to fell gooder and...
  17. Dozer

    Riding New Zealand with a 12 Year Old

    There is so much more to do around Queenstown than the bike park. I actually ride that place the least when I visit. Coronet Peak will be running a chairlift this summer, Cardrona runs a chairlift etc etc but yeah, Christmas is a busy time around there.
  18. Dozer

    Manitou woes from a novice rider

    The "mechanic" sounds like a rookie, he shouldn't have done what he did without researching the how-to manual and he sure as shit shouldn't be sheepish about it. I'd be letting him know his service sucks. I'll back up the advice to seek some help from NS Dynamics and even try the guys at...
  19. Dozer

    Product Review Polygon Siskiu N9 review V2.0

    It's a bloody good looking bike and well specced, I love it. ;) Great write up @yogibear!
  20. Dozer

    Polygon Siskiu N9 - anyone ride one? It's a weapon, very comparative to bikes two and three times the price of the N9.