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  1. Slowman

    Possibly stolen stuff on bookface

    She's selling off ex-hubbies toys :D always bargains to be had ;)
  2. Slowman

    What does your day look like?

    Telopea speciosissima are out in full bloom around Heathcote
  3. Slowman

    What does your day look like?

    My day usually starts with a surf... if it's too small I'll go ride some trails. I'd do both but work keeps getting in the way.
  4. Slowman

    SRAM XO Trail brakes, rear caliper is stuck on.

    My SRAM XO Trail brake, rear caliper is stuck on.The pads are also worn down to a couple of microns thick. I am thinking perhaps the pistons are simply extending too far and won't retract properly. I tried opening the bleed port and gave the lever a squeeze to remove any excess oil. I prized...
  5. Slowman

    Old and angry: what pisses you off? The rants of ANGRY old men and women!

    I'd be training an army of white ants to demolish their house.
  6. Slowman

    Shimano Acera BR-M395 front caliper not compatible with IS mount adapter and 160mm rotor?

    That's a 160mm rotor adapter alright... but it is a rear one! The front ones for 160mm have a greater depth/offset. Hopefully someone at your LBS sorted you out by now.
  7. Slowman

    Sweaty head, sweat on glasses

    ended up buying a new helmet problem fixed immediately
  8. Slowman

    Are you in your retirement Job?

    Hmmm, I'm pretty sure I could leave and get a significant pay raise. Finally the trend in IT is back to insourcing though it's a bit of a hybrid. High level strategic system architects and the like are being rehired by banks and large companies but they are still outsourcing their ops and...
  9. Slowman

    You know you're getting old when ...

    Get yourself osteoarthritis of the hip or knee and that might accelerate things!
  10. Slowman

    Are you in your retirement Job?

    These days you need at least a million and a couple of investment properties to retire comfortably... and a wife that will stop spending money all the time! I've been with my current employer 32 years. Enjoyed the first 20 flying all over the world on assignments, and took my bike a lot of the...
  11. Slowman

    Old and angry: what pisses you off? The rants of ANGRY old men and women!

    I think there could almost be a separate thread on how much Kendrick Lamar, and while we're here throw in Kanye West too, are hated because their pretentious upstart rap over R&B music is total shyte. If you wanna rap do it right, take a lesson from Public Enemy.
  12. Slowman

    XC Tyres

    Have you seen the avatar? :D That's not an egg shell being worn! Just on topic for a second, the new Racing Ralph rear and Racing Ray front on the hard tail 29er, Racing Ralph rear, Nobby Nic front on the 429c and a pair of Ikons on the 650B converted XCc Blur. Ikons are slower than RRs for...
  13. Slowman

    Rider etiquette sticky?

    Almost 13 years later... what has changed? I think to avoid the problem race organisers for 24hour races and mass participation like Fling and the like be conducted entirely on fire trails. :D:D
  14. Slowman

    Sweaty head, sweat on glasses

    I find this problem with some helmets but not so much others. The latest helmet I bought is a bastard for it. I put it down to the interior air channel design and the pad layout. By shifting the pads around and adding some others (doesn't everybody keep those spare pads from other helmets just...
  15. Slowman

    New riding group or get an ebike ?

    if an ebike gets you out there and keeps you happy...why not? A mate of mine who is what I'd consider one of the best technical riders around and is about 10 years younger (BTW I'm 62) has bought one, which kind of surprised me but when you can't get out as much to maintain the fitness level you...
  16. Slowman

    Old as you feel....

    Precisely. I am 62 and took up hapkido a couple of years back with my son. For him it was for discipline and self defence for me it's to regain flexibility and agility. Seems to help with both surfing and MTB and helps me maintain my mediocrity. I use riding to gain fitness and endurance for the...
  17. Slowman

    Old and angry: what pisses you off? The rants of ANGRY old men and women!

    My son drinks from the milk bottle! Just like I used to!
  18. Slowman

    Another operation that awaits you if you surf too

    Yes. My surgeon used both drill and chisel. The chisel they say requires great care so they don't break anything else but the drill does your hearing no good. The high frequency sound can also damage the ear drum and lead to industrial deafness too, it doesn't matter that you are asleep. So he...
  19. Slowman

    Another operation that awaits you if you surf too

    It's the dementia I forgot where the forum was, but the ears are fine!