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    Hey mate, very interested just a few questions though. Have the front and rear shocks been serviced at all? If so how recently? Any major crashes resulting in dents or large scratches? Also if possible could you write up a quick specs list for me of major parts? If you could reply to...
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    hey mate any chance youd consider 2800?
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    The Polite Wollongong Thread

    G,day im thinking of heading down to Mt keira this weekend just wondering what condition the trails are in cause im not sure how much rain youve had down there. Thanks
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    NSW please remove SOLD!!!

    Hey mate, really interested in this bike. Can i get your number to talk to you about it? cheers,
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    QLD SOLD! thanks farkin

    hey mate, for some reason when i tried to add his email to look at photos it wouldnt work. Could u sent me some at cheers
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    Sold sold sold

    Hey mate, could you send some pictures to me at cheers
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    Sold please delete

    Hey mate, nice bike. Still looking around but thinking about buying yours in early next year if its still up for sale. hope so.
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    05 Ironhorse Yakuza Kumicho SOLD

    i am very very interested in the bike. would it be possible if i could come and have a look at it on wedensday afternoon about 5-5:30? i live in the mountains as well so if its convieniant it would be great :). thanks mate.
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    05 Ironhorse Yakuza Kumicho SOLD

    thanks mate, ill keep you posted :)
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    05 Ironhorse Yakuza Kumicho SOLD

    pretty interested mate. how much travel in the front and rear shocks?
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    Norco Atomik 2008 *$1600* VGC Sold.

    Hey jake, out of curiosity why are you selling the bike?
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    Norco Atomik 2008 *$1600* VGC Sold.

    very interested in the bike. Can you post more pictures please?