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    Mini DH

    This looks so fun! I'm gonna do this on my sisters bike hahaha :)
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    Pinnd - A web cast series.

    Yeah, I can't go either but I am going down there in the April holidays which will be awesome. :D
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    What have you named your bike?

    I named my Trek "Rocky" Suitable name because its heavy and really durable :)
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    People's Dream Ride

    Specialized cross country bike. Thats my dream bike XD
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    Would you pay over a grand for a rear derailleur

    $1000 dollars could buy you a decent entry level downhill (stock) I'd rather spend it on that (mainly because I need a new bike and only started downhilling this year)
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    Pond Scum

    Looks really good, what type of wood did you use in the ramp?
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    Thoughts on Australia holding the soccer World Cup

    I hope it's 2014 because thats my highschool graduation year. Also it would really boost the A-league and Australia's reputation in the sport, it'd also be REALLY good for the economy :D
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    What helmet do you use and why do you like it?

    I have a specialized helmet now but all the pads are starting to wear off, so I'm saving to get a Troy Lee designs full face.
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    HD 1080p Helmet Cam A must For All!

    God that is awesome, hello christmas!
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    BLACKLAKE new bike label - opinion?

    I like the hoodies, maybe you could do one in black? Also what sizing do you have and how much would a hoodie cost? Looks awesome, keep up the good work :)
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    Pinnd - A web cast series.

    Yeah, will do, that sounds awesome I heard Nathan Rennie was doing a clinic at thredbo, maybe interview opportunity, but then again it's a bit far away :confused:
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    Pinnd - A web cast series.

    This sounds awesome, who will you be interviewing?:)
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    New? Feel free to say g'day here.

    Hey I'm Will. I just got into biking this year when I downhilled at Thredbo. I have a bike but its not very good :P (Trek Mt 220) - I've had it since I was ten or something. I may or may not be getting a new bike for christmas and a mate told me this was a good place to look. So hey guys :)