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  1. treble

    Sam Willoughby training crash.

    For anyone interested, he did a podcast a while back and talked about the mental health implications of what happened to him and his recovery. Pretty interesting listen
  2. treble

    Confessions from the fuckwits

    That's brave. Please share all the badly written offers of swaps for VN commodores and half disassembled dirt bikes you get, if we all get a laugh its not a total waste of everyone's time.
  3. treble

    The QUICK question thread.....

    I want to do a quick lowers service on a spare Fox fork that’s going to get used for a short while. Problem is, all my other forks are RS. Do I have to get Fox oil? Or is the RS stuff the same?
  4. treble

    Buying bike parts from overseas, shipping time estimates and methods ?

    I ended up cancelling my earlier mentioned frame order and getting a refund, the 300% increase in shipping was too much. I paid with Paypal so when they refunded the transaction I ended up losing $35 because the exchange rate had moved. I complained to PayPal and they credited my account the...
  5. treble

    Buying bike parts from overseas, shipping time estimates and methods ?

    7 id be fine with. 77 is a fair increase for what sounds to be a fairly ordinary delivery service though
  6. treble

    Buying bike parts from overseas, shipping time estimates and methods ?

    Unfortunately it’s the only example of the right frame/size/colour I’ve found anywhere. no local stock. I'll have a think for a bit and see what else is available while they gather the other small bits I ordered from their distro.
  7. treble

    Buying bike parts from overseas, shipping time estimates and methods ?

    Hrmm, I ordered a frame from Hibike last night and woke up to a an email requesting an extra 77 euros shipping this morning. At checkout I was only charged the usual 20-odd euro shipping fee. I was considering wearing it because the frame is still worth it. But maybe I should cancel after...
  8. treble

    VIC WTB: Hardtail Frame (FOUND)

    Thanks! I saw that, like the Mmmbop it’s probably more aggressive geometry than required for the build I have in mind. But for the the price it’s hard to go past. I’ll keep in mind. Wish they still had a primal in 27.5 in stock.
  9. treble

    VIC WTB: Hardtail Frame (FOUND)

    Item: Hardtail Frame - Medium Location: Vic or post Price range/Willing to Pay: <$600 Extra Info: I’m looking to get a bike rolling with some parts I have sitting around. so I’m after a hardtail frame to suit either 26 or 27.5 wheels, with trail-ish geometry. 142x12 rear end preferred but...
  10. treble

    NSW found

    I've got a set listed. 20mm front, but can possibly be converted. can look into it if you're interested,see%20them%20good.
  11. treble

    VIC Garage Sale

    Spare Derailleur and Grips Sold - everything else still up for grabs
  12. treble

    VIC Garage Sale

    @moorey, Yep GX with XD mount. all yours if you want.
  13. treble

    VIC Garage Sale

    I couldn’t say for sure. I don’t use Strava or anything when I’m riding most of the time. I bought it all new and it’s a couple of years ago. But I haven’t been doing much riding in that time unfortunately. I would guess maybe around 1000, Probably less
  14. treble

    VIC Garage Sale

    Item: Clearing out some spares I've got sitting in drawers. Happy to post the smaller items at buyers cost. Location: Montrose Vic Reason for selling: N+1 Fund Pictures: See bottom of post Item: SRAM GX eagle 12spd Mini Group Item Condition: good, works fine, cosmetic wear from use. Price and...
  15. treble

    Any Zwifters out there?

    Just applied for the Rotorburn club. I haven’t been on zwift much lately, It’s all different. will have to look into what the clubs function actually does. I don’t have to shave my legs or learn some weird handshake now do I?
  16. treble

    Calling all Meta AM29 and TR29 owners and other bike owners!

    My Meta is a 27.5 and a few years older but here’s a pic for reference. I’ve never had issues with it
  17. treble

    BIKE RACKS AND CARRIERS FOR CARS MEGATHREAD - all questions asked and answered here

    I'm looking to replace an old Gripsport 2+2 with an upright rack. I've seen Singletrail and Shingleback both make 4UP options that look appealing. Seems to be a lot of love for the Singletrail Rack on here. What makes the singletrail "better?" and is there another contender I'm missing? This...
  18. treble

    SA Found - Avid 160 disc 6 bolt.

  19. treble

    Oval chain rings

    Well that’s me guilty on both counts