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    DH New bike build

    As much as i love the DBL, its about 5 months old now so need a new one. I had it weighed a on some bike shop scales and they said 19.1kg where as my super accurate house scales said 20.0 My mates kona operator was 18, so its in the ball park. Now to make it lighter, the geo is set and I'm happy...
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    Item: shimano saint M820 brake set Location: S.E. Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: second born child, I do love him but I wish he'd go to sleep Extra Info: I need these because my wife doesn't like her guides and I want my Hopes back
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    27.5" dh wheelset

    Item: 27.5" wheels in good condition Location: S.E Melbourne but you can post (edit) them to me and I'll pay):) Price range/Willing to Pay: yes, not really sure what wheels are worth Extra Info: rear can be 157mm
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    Fox 40's

    Item: fox 40's (edit) 27.5" Location: straya Price range/Willing to Pay: yes, depends on condition Extra Info: purple or blue spring would be nice
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    DH I haven't named it yet

    I built a bike!!! Well this is V2 as V1 had a mishap and passed away. Designed, machined and welded each part of this frame all by me. This is as I took it off the stand for the first time, still needed a bit of cable work but I could ride it. 62°HA 1265mm WB 440mm CS 610mm TTL -5mm BB Frame...
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    Sorted, Thanks moorey... 22 tooth chain rings

    Item: 2 x 22 tooth chain rings Location: 3158 Price range/Willing to Pay: don't know what they are worth Extra Info: For everyone out there who's done the 3x to 1x conversion and has the spares kicking around, I'm after two 22 tooth rings if you have them, same brand and model would be ideal...
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    BMX id help

    Instead of joining yet another forum I thought I'd ask here first. I picked this up off hard rubbish a while ago and shelved it, I got it out the other day to have a play. chain is buggered, free wheel is almost seized, head stem bearing have collapsed. Crank is a 3 piece with Rude cranks...
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    Head will roll

    First UCI ban of mechanical doping Femke Van den Driessche, under 23 cyclocross ride had one of these in her bike. I think this is the story where she claimed it was a...
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    Missing bloke up at Buller

    He's been named in the news as Taddeo Haigh, missing since 9:30pm sunday from Sawmill. He was riding up there on the weekend. Anyone still around keep an eye out for him. It's a big area to...
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    New DH bike

    Sup fools, I'm in the market for a new DH rig, I'm on a 2007 Norco A-line (22kg of awesome) now and have put my fair share of dints in it. Lots of DH bikes are Carbon now, DEMO 8 for example. If/when I crash on an ally frame I'd just say oh well and move on. If it's bad I can even weld...
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    2007 Code caliper

    I did a search and didn't find an answer. I have a 2007 A-line with Codes on it. I am rebuilding the brakes and have kits for the masters, but I can't find a rebuild kit for the calipers. Are the calipers universal between a few different years? Does anyone know the part number for...
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    Shuttle Trailer

    I spotted this bad boy at Lysty on Saturday, I forgot to look for a brand name or make at the time. Does anyone know anything about it? Thanks,
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    Road Tripping East Coast for 2 weeks

    I'm packing the van with my wife, young bloke, 2 AM bikes and following the coast from Melbourne to Brisbane.. Planning on being away the 2 weeks before Easter. We will be camping and riding as much as we can.. problem is, we don't know the goss on where to ride.. don't want to go more than...
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    Balance Track Racer

    My Wife built us a kid 8 months ago and he is starting to stand up by himself. Got to get him on some wheels asap. I've always lover the 1900's to 1920's motorbikes, so I got on Solidworks and come up with this. Changed it on the fly, only the drop outs really because my model sucked on...
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    Stolen race car

    BC Automotive WTAC R32 GTR (open class winner last year) was stolen from Essendon VIC yesterday on a trailer between 1PM-6PM, if anyone knows anything or hears anything please contact police on 03 9373 5200. It's probably too late now, but if you see it please call the cops.
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    Hi all, My Wife and I are going to the ACT this weekend and were thinking of having a peddle at Stromlo. Neither of us are fit at the moment, had a baby a few months ago so have been busy. The plan is for 1 of us to go for a ride while the other watches the young bloke then swap...
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    Vivid RC2

    Hey guys/girls, Can someone with a Vivid RC2 measure the Outside diameter of the spring for me please. Not just a guess either, bust out your Vernier please. Thanks,
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    Is it too hard to say "hello"

    I need to vent, I don't know what is wrong with people, can't you say hello or at least look at me and nod as you go past? I think i past about 10 people today while riding at Lysterfield and only two people said hello/hi or even looked at us. The last 2 really pissed me off when we...
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    Impatience will get you in the end I reckon this would have hurt and smashed his bike to bits.
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    Riding in the Snow

    Hey kiddies, Does anyone hit up the mountains in the snow? Buller, Lake Mountain or anywhere else? Whats it like? I'm keen to have a crack....