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  1. camzh

    LOST Lost GoPro

    Hey Peeps. I lost a GoPro yesterday while riding the Fire Trails around Darkes Forest / Appin NSW. It's complete with the holdy handle thing. From what I can tell, it was lost some where between the 10Q Trail, most the way along the 10B trail to the weir. I re-rode the sections that I was on...
  2. camzh

    AM 2011 Norco Range 1

    Frame - 2011 Norco Range Rear shock - 8.75"x2.75" Fox DHX RC4, now fitted with 2.8"x550lbs (I bought it with a 3.25"x400lbs) Front fork - Fox TALAS 36 (2009?) 100,130,160mm adjust (I bought it with a 140-180mm TALAS) Handlebars - Nukeproof Warhead 780mm ? Stem - Transition Temple Lite Headset...
  3. camzh

    FOX Talas travel Adjust Speed

    I've got a set of 180 Talas that seem to be very slow to change between the travel options... Is this normal ? As in to go from 140mm to 180mm will probably take about a minute. Other travel adjust forks seem to be rather quick. I've just picked up a 2nd had set of 160mm Talas' (which are...
  4. camzh

    Transition BlindSide

    So I'm a bit of a Transition Fan and been looking for a more FR/DH orientated rig. This frame turned up and the build began. It's now kinda complete and yet to be ridden in real anger. Frame - Transition BlindSide V2 Rear shock - DHX 5 Front shock/fork - Fox Talas 180 Handlebars -...
  5. camzh

    Norco Range 2011 Shock Size

    I've been searching but I can't find the info I'm looking for. I bought a 2011 Norco Range a while back and it came with a DHX RC4. This isnt the standard shock and I dont know if its the right size, its a 8.75" x 2.75" It seems to fit but its a rather large size for an all air shock (which...
  6. camzh

    NSW shimano 9sp rear derailleur FOUND

    Item:** Shimano 9sp rear derailleur. Long cage. Location:* Sydney, but happy to have it posted Item*Condition:* new or good working order Reason*for*wanting:* the old one is a bit jigged and I can see it encountering spokes some time soon Price*and*price*conditions:* this is for a charity...
  7. camzh

    Shimano E-Thru rear axle

    Does anyone know much about the Shimano E-Thru axles ? I've got a 135x12mm rear end with thick dropouts and looking for an axle. the Shimano E-Thru looks good, but I can't tell how long it is. Says its to suit 142x12mm but can't find specfic length. Anyone know? Or got one they can...
  8. camzh

    NSW 12mm Rear Axle FOUND

    Item: 12mm Rear axle. To suit 135mm hub with thick dropouts (9mm) Location: Sydney Item Condition: not fussy Reason for wanting: The donor bike wants its axle back. Extra Info: This is to suit an older Transition Blindside with 12mm dropouts. The dropouts are not threaded so I need a bolt...
  9. camzh

    NSW WTB Shimano Front Hub - found

    **I've got this under control (i think) **** I'm after parts to repair a failed Shimano HB-M475 front hub. the axle and cone races are stuffed. anyone got a hub like this they dont want/use ? From what I can tell the M525 uses the same internals The M525 is $26 complete from CRC so...
  10. camzh

    Klunkin' Aint Easy (Preview)

    Enter the Klunker....
  11. camzh

    NSW Square taper cranks FOUND

    I'm after a set of old cranks with a square taper. Dont have to be flash. Must be cheap and have the middle chain ring in good working order, I dont plan on using the others. Would prefer local to Sydney. fanks all, i found some (CRC)
  12. camzh

    Montview Oval (Hornsby Heights)

    Not sure if anyone else goes there, but I was at Mont View on the weekend and it looks like its seen some love recently. While the lay out hasnt changed, the surface is now ride able.
  13. camzh

    NSW Eastern Night Train SOLD

    Item: 2008 Eastern Night Train Location: Sydney, 2115 or 2128 Item Condition: Used, but well looked after. Reason for selling: Got a new bike Price and price conditions: $450, but also open to offers. SOLD Story: I bought this bike a few years ago to get into DJ. It's been a solid...
  14. camzh

    Marzocchi DJ1 Rebound Adjustments

    My rebound knob appears to be stuck. I dont want to force it, how tight should this be ? Anyone else have this issue ?
  15. camzh

    NSW Fox Spring 450x3.25 SOLD

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Item: FoxShox Spring, 450lbs x 3.25 Location: Sydney, 2115 or 2128 Item Condition: Great Reason for selling: I need a 450x 2.75 Price and price conditions: $40 Extra Info: It's Black, I havent used it as It doesnt fit my shock and its made of steel. Pictures: yep
  16. camzh

    Shock Spinrg Compressor

    Hi All, So, a bike I've bought 2nd hand has a DHX RC4 (2.75") travel and fitted with a 3.25" travel spring. I recently bought a new spring (stiffer) in the same size. But I can't get the bugger off ! It looks like the spring is actually too long for this shock, so when the collar is fully...
  17. camzh

    SRAM X0 Barrel Adjuster

    Hi All, I need a new barrel adjuster for my X0 Shifter. I believe it is from around 2011. Only a 9speed. I've had a look around and I can find older ones, and newer ones, but the newer ones are all 10Speed. Anyone know the proper part number? or where to find it ? Had a look on the SRAM...
  18. camzh

    OMV Blue Line Decent

    From a few weeks ago. 1st outing on(and off) my new (2nd hand) Norco.
  19. camzh

    Truing Wheels

    So I bought a new bike, And its arrived with a 'slight wobble in the rear' The 'slight wobble' makes me think the rim is stuffed. But I'm curious to know if its possible to have it trued back to shape. The rim is 7mm off at the biggest deflection. It's suffered an impact at the center of...
  20. camzh

    Wisemans Ferry Jumps

    Anyone been there ? Worth going ? I can't find the old thread about this :confusion: