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    VIC please delete

    Not selling Please delete
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    DJ The Pinscher... dob

    Before i start Ryan has asked me to give a big shout out to Darren Boman, from Bar spin imports and give him a big thanks! This is my mate Ryans bike.. NOT mine Specs: Frame – ’09 Dobermann pinscher, 21.5 Front shock/fork – Rockshox pike 426 Handlebars - NS District Stem – Ns District...
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    Chelt day edit - James Roney

    Chelt day edit very chilled day ride, was 34 degrees out so we kept it chill.. hope you enjoy it all the credit goes out to Daniel Martin.. amazing work, he just makes the video worthwile :) hope you enjoy!
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    Rampfest night session

    These are about a week and a half old but i thought id still post it :) all photos are taken by me except the ones of me.. obviously, they are taken by brett D.T. Shaun Patto Myself Enjoy..
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    Relaxed park session.. check it out

    Nibbers and James riding elsternwick Relaxed riding on wednesday afternoon Editing done by nibbers 26 love yal... enjoy.. C&C welcome..
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    down whipping... MTB[New clip]

    I've been trying down whips on my mate's bmx for the last few months. Only recently stuck them, So I gave them a shot on the ol'e steed I call a mtb here is the result better clip...
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    DJ 250 stealth *new photos*

    She took me a Looonnnggg time to finish and complete to this stage, but shes not done yet.. newer and better pictures are still to come when a nicer day does aswell.. Frame - 2007 Norco 250 Front shock/fork - 2006 manitou gold label jump series 2 Handlebars - Blk Mrkt Bada Boom 3" rise...
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    Jackson Crowe, James Roney 8/7/09

    video from yesterday, all the tricks in the video were tricks were tryed for the first time on that day. enjoy Vimeo
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    Nibbers - Moto Kicker on MTB

    My good mate Nibbers sent me a video of his first few attempts at hitting a 22ft moto kicker on his pushie, hope you enjoy! Rider : Andrew 'Nibbers' Nilbett
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    Matt Priest - Relentless energy

    A mate of mine sent this to me earlier this week, i was amazed how flowy this guy rides! and some of the style cat stuff he can do :) so enjoy Farkin/Rotorbruners! Vimeo
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    cadbury ad i saw this video recently, omg is phat! amazing stuff, love the kids bahahah
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    new aus dobermann team vid

    i saw this video recently sent to me from a friend, and realised ive ridden with thise guy a few times before!!! love this riding!! i did not edit this just love street riders vids ;)
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    very short vid from today got these pretty dialed today, im fair happy with them hope you enjoy!
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    Rampfest Edit Nic & James 7/4/09 my mate nic and myself rode rampy on tuesday, so i made this edit! cheers everyone and no i did not put foam pit footage in as it makes the video tacky, and the tricks dont even count. C&C welcome about...
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    lowering fox 32 vanillas???

    hey i am possibly coming into a set of these in the not to distant furture, and i know they sit at 140mm but would love them to sit at 100mm on my park bike! is this possible or am i dreaming? sorry if there has been something on this, i checked but my search came up with nothing. cheers...
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    One wednesday afternoon.......... my mate will made a really good edit of me! not becuse of the riding, but he put everything together really well!!! cheers will!! and yes before people say that i have shit flips, yes i know, i am still wrking on getting them slower and dailed! cheers James
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    Elsternwick session - Hammers Dropped!! this is just a little edit of all the footage i took on sunday the 8th of feb!! cheers
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    INSANE/chilled Elsterwick session

    today after ben and i hit rampfest we got some lunch and went to elsternwick!!! ben wanted to have a chase hawk session, wth like chilled riding decent airs and some lip tricks but it was more than that!! he started out with a few big airs and then started to spin, and he did a 360 look...
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    VIC TRADE - Hussefelt dh riser bar for FSA Gravity lights

    hey everyone i am so keen to get my hands on a set of these bars. i have a set of hussefelt dh riser bars at 680mm that are near new. i don't care what condition the bars are in but i would not like bent bars with any cracks or anything, scratches i dont mind! if anyone has some that they...
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    Phillip Island road trip...Damo & Roney!!

    this trip report was inspired by Patto and Latchy's adventures! <3 them!!! Day 1 So on the weekend Damo and I went up to Philip Island, we had to get the train and boat over there as we didn’t have a car that could take bikes. We left my house around 10 40 and had a stop off at the little...