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  1. merc-blue

    BIKE RACKS AND CARRIERS FOR CARS MEGATHREAD - all questions asked and answered here

    Has anyone on here used the Rola vertical bike racks? I need an efficient method to transport 1 E-bike 1 regular bike and 3 kids bikes. I ideally want to invest in something that will cover me for 10+ years. At approx $1200 and an established commercial product, it's not as nice as the new...
  2. merc-blue

    Sold Liteville 301 MK9 - Large

    Need to move this bike, anyone keen, open to offers. don't like the spec happy to part out frame or other bits.
  3. merc-blue

    Sold Liteville 301 MK9 - Large

    26 and 27.5 (although some tires are limited) Will ship but may charge a little for packaging costs etc. A MK11 frame which is quite similar sold on here (in probably better nick for over 1K so this is a ripper deal) could arguably ask for more but I didn't pay heaps for this so keen to sell...
  4. merc-blue

    Sold Liteville 301 MK9 - Large

    Item: Liteville 301 MK9 - Large Location: Geelong Item Condition: Good, everything works, normal wear for a bike this old, still goes hard. Reason for selling: not being used. Price and price conditions: $1500 firm. Extra Info: X9/X0 1x10 drivetrain XT brakes with Saint 4 pot front caliper...
  5. merc-blue

    Sold SOLD Sram X1 11 speed crankset

    What is the PCD on the spider?
  6. merc-blue

    wtd 26" rim or rear wheel

    either will do. 135QR 10mm 12mm or bolt up I can deal with all
  7. merc-blue

    wtd 26" rim or rear wheel

    Item: Looking for a 26 inch rim. 32 holes with a ID of about 22mm if complete wheel needs a 135 rear axle with 6 bolt disc brake and HG body Location: Geelong prefered Price range/Willing to Pay: ideally under $100 Extra Info:
  8. merc-blue

    Sold Loaded front hub

    How many hole? if 36H I will grab it for sure.
  9. merc-blue

    WTD: ISIS Cranks, High rise (80+mm),31.8 Seatpost, GXP Bottom bracket

    Very old and crap parts are mostly the aim Some of these are for very specific reasons, Isis cranks are due to the quick swap out of a single side and the need for 2x setup Why would I replace a whole crankset that will be a $200 dollar exercise when a new GXP BB is only like $50 and I'm just...
  10. merc-blue

    WTD: ISIS Cranks, High rise (80+mm),31.8 Seatpost, GXP Bottom bracket

    Item: Looking for the following items A heap of ISIS cranks (must be drilled for Granny tabs) 170-175mm long High rise bars 80mm + 31.8 clamp Also a shitty 31.9mm seatpost and saddle. BSA 68/73 GXP Bottom bracket. Location: Geelong Price range/Willing to Pay: what its worth Extra Info:Trying...
  11. merc-blue

    WTD; 10 speed drivetrain parts and 31.8mm DH Bars

    Item: Looking for the following: wide 31.8mm bars, 10 speed Rear Derailleur (not fussy but must be clutched and take 32T,) 10 speed cassette and chain (11-32t and not cooked) 34 -36t NW 104BCD ring 2x basic MTB saddles Any lock on grips that aren't toasted Location: Geelong Price range/Willing...
  12. merc-blue

    WTD: 26er Steel MTB Frame Medium Size

    Item: After Crusty old Steel MTB frame, must be medium., Preferences for (but not compulsory) Disc brake, Horizontal dropouts and larger seat post diameters. Dints and Cranks are mostly OK aswell Location: Geelong (will pay freight if required) Price range/Willing to Pay: depends on...
  13. merc-blue

    Wtd: 26 DH tyres

    Item: lookong for a pair of DH tyres in half ok condition Location: geelong or melbourne (will pay post for right deal Price range/Willing to Pay: as little as possible Extra Info: Looking for a pair.of tyres to test fitment on bike with new shock/fork for clearance before i drop like $170 on...
  14. merc-blue

    WTB: Hope Pro 20mm front hub caps

    Mate, any chance you want to sell the 15mm? Are they for pro 2 evos?
  15. merc-blue

    WTD 15mm non boost hub 32hole 6 bolt rotor

    Item: 15x100mm 32spoke 6 bolt front hub of moderate or better quality Location: Geelong Item Condition: anything serviceable Price and price conditions: willing to pay reasonable price plus postage
  16. merc-blue

    VIC X01/X1/XX1 Shifter 11speed

    Item: Looking for a 11sp shifter in X01-XX1-X1 spec, either trigger or grip shift. Location: Victoria preferred, will pat post Price range/Willing to Pay: depends on what you have would ideally spend under $75. less is better.
  17. merc-blue

    VIC Onyx red hubs. The bling is real! Pair for 400firm tonight! Sprag clutch for life SOLD

    If someone wants a shimano freehub on these, I will trade the XD for one, I have a sed of these hubs NIB that i have been tossing up lacing up, but would prefer XD
  18. merc-blue

    Bearings... Special bearings... Where to buy? 6902V with 1mm and 2mm offset/lips

    These sound like a particular bearing found in a few year old treks, They are reasonably available and available through DIYMTB. just gotta ask the right questions as bearings are sized/labels in a number of different methods if it is one of the trek ones, go to a decent trek shop. Just read...
  19. merc-blue

    Fitness Brain Technology who else hates this

    Unfortunately your a victim of economy. essentially the fork you have has no similarities to something like a SID brain, pretty much every fork on a sub grand bike isn't really that impressive. this can be observed in the retail price of a good fork is around the price of your complete bike...