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    banshee legend hey mate, have u got a number u can be contacted on? got a few questions about the bike. Thanks Brendan.
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    Stolen: Green/black Iron Horse Sunday with custom parts

    Car was recovered with some damage. might be write off crime scene detectives checked out the car, not sure what they found tho. Also taken, was a blue Mace full face helmet, 1x shin/knee guard race face (why they only took one i dont know) and 2x NEW tyres Schwalbe Big Betty 26x2.3 and 2 tool...
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    STOLEN VIC: Iron Horse Sunday Green & Black with 888 Forks and saints cranks

    Whoops, yup forgot some details. Bike was in car with all my car gear parked out the front of a mates house in chelsea over saturday night. Car was stolen and recovered in langwarrin with no bike.
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    STOLEN VIC: Iron Horse Sunday Green & Black with 888 Forks and saints cranks

    06 Iron Horse Sunday with DHX 5.0 450lbs (red linkage) - Green front, Black rear triangle. Marzochhi 888's - black. 07?? Atherton Bars - Black, Shimano lever and bontraeger grips - Black Avid juciy 5 bracks - Silver with black lever Sun 888 Direct Mount Stem Black Da bomb seat post - Black...
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    Stolen: Green/black Iron Horse Sunday with custom parts

    Car was taken from Chelsea and found in Lang warren. No idea when the bike was taken out. Just know the car was found without the bike in it and the rear seats and been folded back up.
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    Stolen: Green/black Iron Horse Sunday with custom parts

    Car was recovered this morning with no Bike in it. Yer i reported that my car was stolen to the police as soon as i noticed, and they know there was a bike in there. They pass missing car content info onto their CIU for investigation. apparently Regards,, Brendan.
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    Stolen: Green/black Iron Horse Sunday with custom parts

    Hey guys, Last night my car was packed out the front of a friends house with my bike and all my gear ready for race today at long gully. Car is a White 99' Nissan Stagea RS4 and bike; Iron horse sunday 06 - red linkage. da bomb seat post with prologo scratch pro t2.0 seat saints cranks...
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    Weekend DH rides meet ups

    Hey man, im just up the road from you. I have been going riding abit lately, mostly out east past lysterfield. Might go out to you yangs tomoz for first time. Also been looking for a few more people to get out riding with. Brendan.
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    VIC Fox 400 x 3.25 spring

    Hi, I'm looking for a Fox 400x3.25 spring for FOX DHX 5.0 shock Will pay $40 posted or trade for 300x3.25 Item located Melbourne Here are some pics of the 300lbs spring
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    VIC fox 3.25x300 or 350

    Hi, I have a 300x3.25 on my DHX5.0 Will trade for a fox 400x3.25 or $40 posted.
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    Hi, sent you a pm about one of the springs
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    suspension setup

    Travel refers to how much movement a suspension mechanism allows. It usually measures how much the wheel axle moves. Preload refers to the force applied to spring component before external loads, such as rider weight, are applied. More preload makes the suspension sag less and less preload...
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    Truvativ Holzfeller OCT 1.1 vs 2.2 Difference?

    As the title states, whats the difference between the 1.1 and 2.2? I know that the 2.2 is intended to be used with 2 chainrings and and 1.1 with 1 chainring. But is the spider identical or different? I can't seem to find a picture of the back of oct 1.1's the 2.2's have 8 bolt holes...
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    XT M772 Rear Derailleur Thoughts

    YAY !! ;) Just bought one off ebay (New) because my old XT long cage got mangled. Can't wait to get this thing on. I got the RD-M772-GS :cool:
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    Stripping a frame

    I just got a second hand frame that i am stripping and going to repaint. Original Paint jobs may come off easier but my frame had a very thick resprayed coat. I went to bunning and bought 500ml paint stripper $12, steel wool, $3, sand paper, $1. Total $16 and already had a few wire brushs at...
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    Ironhorse bushes

    Thanks for help. I got them out. used a socket, vice and wood with cutout to suit bearing. Not a fun task for a first timer
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    Ironhorse bushes

    Thought i would post here instead of making a new thread. I used the 'search' and this seems to be the most relevant place. I am planning on replacing the bearings on my new frame i got. I have been able to dismantle most of it but just cant seem to get the bearings out. I have circled them...
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    2008 Norco Fluid LT vs 2007 Kona Coiler

    I have just bought a new frame and will be looking at selling my 04 kona stinky frame. Bike was bought as a complete 04' Kona stinky then recently had forks (8" travel), wheels and brakes upgraded to more of a DH setup. Now i will be changing the frame too to a ironhorse sunday (8" shock)...
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    Dirt jumps and melbourne freeriding

    Hate to revive an old thread but the "search" lead me here. Sandringham are now rubbish. its got 2 lines of 4 table tops. you would need 2 shovels and a days work to get anything out of it there.
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    Frame swap compatibility, Kona - Ironhorse

    Cheers, thanks heaps to everyone for 101 lesson. Ill post pics of the build very soon as its just about to start. :)