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  1. Slowman

    SRAM XO Trail brakes, rear caliper is stuck on.

    My SRAM XO Trail brake, rear caliper is stuck on.The pads are also worn down to a couple of microns thick. I am thinking perhaps the pistons are simply extending too far and won't retract properly. I tried opening the bleed port and gave the lever a squeeze to remove any excess oil. I prized...
  2. Slowman

    Another operation that awaits you if you surf too

    I just had exastoses (bony growths) removed from my ear canal (swimmers/surfers' ear) and I don't mind saying it doesn't tickle. It's 4th day post op and the pain still has not subsided as much as I'd hoped. Thursday afternoon straight after was good but then you are still pumped full of...
  3. Slowman

    Old and angry: what pisses you off? The rants of ANGRY old men and women!

    As a vet there are probably some peeves that will be somewhat unique to our age. This is the place to rant on :laugh: about it! What really pisses me off is when I take my 2 adult daughters out to dinner and one of the boyfriends, or the new boyfriend tags along. My daughter says she'll pay...
  4. Slowman

    FOUND pair 650B XC wheels QR 100/135mm axles

    Item: pair of 650B XC wheels with standard QR 100/135mm axles (front/rear) Location: Sutherland Shire Woronora Heights Price range/Willing to Pay: around $300 depending condition Extra Info: need to weigh around 1600g or less and be tubeless compatible Ideally something similar to a pair...
  5. Slowman

    Found: WTB Fox Float 32 100mm Fork

    I'd like to swap my 2010 Rockshox SID Team 100mm dual air with remote lockout for a Fox Float Fork 100mm RLC 2010 or similar, or even better. I need a Fox because my SID won't take a 650B wheel and tyre. The SID is in very good condition hasn't been used all that much and has been trouble free...
  6. Slowman

    Can anyone tell me how to get a tubeless tyre on and off without obscenities?

    I recently had to replace a spoke on my Sun/RINGLE DS1 rims. Which meant taking the Schwalbe Evo Racing Ralphs off which were full of Stans sealant. On the one hand you'd think all that goop would help get the tyre off and lubricate the bead - well it does but it gets everywhere and on your...
  7. Slowman

    Anyone tried a "10 speed" Shimano crankset with their 9 speed drive train?

    I've seen a few threads on 10 to 9 speed compatibility but none that really cover this. I'm thinking of buying a Shimano 10-speed dynasys M770 crankset (on special but also because I need it in 165mm length for my son) but it says everywhere it is not compatible with 9 speed drive train. At...
  8. Slowman

    SRAM announces 10 spd Grip shift woo hoo!

    Finally SRAM have got the message and acted|Bike%20Europe|21-feb-2012|SRAM%20Grip%20Shift
  9. Slowman

    Provide input for development of draft POMs for RNP, Heathcote and Garrawarra

    I got the following email from Jacqueline Sedgewicke of NSW Dept of Environment, get down and put across your views :
  10. Slowman

    ANSTO closes Menai/Lucas Heights trails to the public

    Here's the thread on this forum but I raised this here for your awareness. The trails at Lucas Heights (what most of us call Menai) are mostly on ANSTO property. It has always been privately held land but the public...
  11. Slowman

    What's your hip angle at the top of your pedal stroke?

    I have been given the go ahead to do a bit of light cycling but I have some fairly stringent rules I must obey for the first 6 months so as not to jeopardise my recovery. 1. I can not bend more than 90 degrees at the hip 2. I can not rotate my femur inwards or outwards 3. I can not lift more...
  12. Slowman

    Bike fit for injury recovery

    I have been given the go ahead to do a bit of light cycling but I have some fairly stringent rules I must obey for the first 6 months so as not to jeopardise my recovery. 1. I can not bend more than 90 degrees at the hip 2. I can not rotate my femur inwards or outwards 3. I can not lift more...
  13. Slowman

    Sell a whole bike or frame and parts?

    I am trying to raise funds for a new frame and I'm going to sell my 2007 Spec Carbon Marathon Epic, it currently has X0 and light carbon bits all over it, 2010 SID team forks, which I will take off and replace with X9 and normal bars. I'll be missing a couple of things which I'll need to buy...
  14. Slowman

    Pivot Mach 4 vs Santa Cruz Carbon Blur XC

    My carbon epic just has too much flex and other suspension designs have caught up to the big S's brain technology and the brain is just another part to break, so KISS principle etc. etc. I'm going for a change. So far I got it down to a choice between the new(ish) SC carbon Blur XC 4" vs the...
  15. Slowman

    Repairing Stans rim strips

    I've had the valve separate from a couple of Stan's rim strips which renders them effectively useless as the sealant never seems to be able to get in there to seal the hole. I tried replacing the valve stem with a normal tubeless one hoping it might work and seal against the strip but no...
  16. Slowman

    NPWS meeting on Wednesday, tonight (13/10) 6PM at Sutherland United Services Club

    I posted the details over on the General MTB forum too. If you ride in the area of Menai, Loftus, Engadine, Heathcote, Waterfall, Helensburgh, and even further south it is worth making the effort to get along. Big numbers will help convince the NPWS that there are a lot of park users that...
  17. Slowman

    NPWS meeting on Wednesday (13/10/10) 6PM at Sutherland United Services Club

    I received this email today... I have a work function on but anyone living not too far from the area, especially if you ride Menai, Loftus, Heathcote, Engadine, or Grays Point, please show up, big numbers will help show NPWS that there are a lot of riders who are park users, rather than just...
  18. Slowman

    comfortable grips for enduro, to go with grip shift

    The Back Yamma Bigfoot being a fairly flat course means a couple of things. Lots of pedaling and not a great deal of position changes on the bike. Both my hands were going numb, though, the left was worse as it didn't need to do much shifting. Because I have grip shift I have smaller lock-on...
  19. Slowman

    SRAM Truvativ Noir GXP 3.3 carbon cranks ...experiences

    I have an old set of RaceFace Deus cranks that are just about buggered - the drive side crank keeps coming loose. It is not in danger of coming off it just wobbles but you bet it is annoying me. The solution is to tighten the self extracting cap. Race Face fixed this and changed the design (I...
  20. Slowman

    If you are selling a bike beware of this scam

    I have advertised a bike for sale on BA classifieds (here too)and I received a strange enquiry. For a start it is an Australian website so I was not expecting to get anyone from the US wanting to buy my bike and especially since it not a brand that sells over there. I was suspicious from the...