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  1. Wattsy

    NSW ***sold***Giant Anthem 26" - Custom build - Large

    Item: Giant Anthem 2010 large size Location: Hornsby Area, Sydney Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: It doesnt get any dirt time any more. My focus is now on the Roadie. Price and price conditions: Was $1100, Now down to $990 Extra Info: Current setup is for 1 x 10 as i dont...
  2. Wattsy

    NSW ROAD - Complete 105 10sp groupset *sold*

    Item: 105 Road Groupset. Location: North shore, Sydney, NSW Item Condition: around about 500km. Came on replacement bike and swapped duraace from older warranty bike. Reason for selling: Not required. Price and price conditions: $350ONO as is. Can post in Australia. buyers expense. Extra...
  3. Wattsy

    NSW Grip Sport 2 bike carrier $175 ***sold***

    Item: Grip sport 2 Bike (downhill sized) bike carrier with towbar mounted quick release adapter, Rear brake light, Number plate mount and Extra wide crank arm adapter. Location: Hornsby, Sydney. Item Condition: Used, hasnt been run into or damaged, just used. Reason for selling: Dont have...
  4. Wattsy

    NSW Sold!!!

    Item: Iron Horse Sunday Medium Team Location: North shore (hornsby) Sydney Item Condition: Good, is a used bike but condition is fair given its market Reason for selling: Need to downsize my range of bikes. Have not ridden it in a year. Price and price conditions: $2,000 ONO. Price drop...
  5. Wattsy

    NSW Shimano M075 *sold

    Item: Shimano MTB shoes. Euro 46 mens Location: Sydney, hornsby Item Condition: Good. Have been used half a dozen times. Reason for selling: size too small. thought i might stretch them in but hasnt happened Price and price conditions: $40 ono. postage not included. Extra Info: SPD cleats...
  6. Wattsy

    NSW MTB Shoes Size 47

    Item: MTB shoes (clipless) Location: North Shore Sydney Item Condition: Let me know what you got. Price and price conditions: Let me know what it is Extra Info: Needs to be a Size 47. i currently have a 46 MTB shoe and its too small. need bigger. happy to swap.
  7. Wattsy

    NSW Giant XTC - Large ***SOLD

    Bike Sold and Delivered 13/4/2013 Item: Giant XTC 1 (2011 model) Location: North Shore, Sydney Item Condition: Good, no cracks, dents, does have minor scratches. Wheels are true. Brakes are good. Reason for selling: Gotten the XC bug, so upgrading to a 29"" Price and price conditions...
  8. Wattsy

    NSW Sold

    Happy to Ship items, buyers expense. Item: Scott Voltage YZ Dirt Jump frame Location: Item Condition: Good nick, lick stactches. no dents or cracks 100% Reason for selling: Too old for dirt jumps. got an XC bike now Price and price conditions: $150 Extra Info: Comes with Seat post...
  9. Wattsy

    NSW Crank set (for press fit Bottom Bracket)

    Need a press fit bottom back used Crank set. let me know what you have. prefer a shimano set.
  10. Wattsy

    STOLEN Giant TCR C1 from St Ives, NSW

    Bike: Giant TCR C1 2008 Colour: Carbon/Lime Green/White Date it was stolen: 9th of June 2011, 10:28pm Where it was stolen: Stanley Street St Ives NSW Specs: Carbon road bike, all standard execpt for a Falcrum Racing 3 Wheels sets. Other Discriptions: Pictures: Pictures of the below...
  11. Wattsy


    Item: Rock Shoc Vivid 5.1. Size 9.5" X 3" with 300 pound spring. Location:St ives, Sydney Item Condition: Brand new, taken off bike. Reason for selling: Fox DHX Price and price conditions: $300, with spring Extra Info: Its taken off ironhorse sunday 2009. I have no need for it as i want a...
  12. Wattsy

    New bridge/ramp at Ourimbah

    new ladder roll looks crap, really like the older style. [Squid edit: Discussion taken here to avoid going OT in picture thread]
  13. Wattsy

    bugatti goes top

    well, been trying to find it and finally did. Coolest vid you will ever see. topgear taking the bugatti Veyron to its top speed. 407 kmph. enjoy
  14. Wattsy

    i feel special

    chekc this out, i got a new one of the nigerian email's, except it's american this time. read on Mr. Patrick Chan. :( Good Day, I am Mr. Patrick K. W. Chan. Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of the Hang Seng Bank Ltd. I have a concealed business...
  15. Wattsy

    topgear attacked

    this is seriously funny, and scary. only in america.
  16. Wattsy

    Anna-nicole smith dead

    in more useless but entertaining news. i have nothing further except it would have been a bouncy CPR.
  17. Wattsy

    Gripsport bike rack

    What: Gripsport bike rack. Price range/Willing to Pay: What you offering? Location: sydney, prefured but see what postage is. Extra Info: for 2 bikes, but want to see whats out. Toeball mount or 40mm hayman reece.
  18. Wattsy

    New plater rules They dont come into affect till july which is stupid but here are some of the highlight's, From July, first year red P-plate drivers will lose their licences for at least three months if caught speeding. Red P-plate drivers aged under 25...
  19. Wattsy

    Tickel me Emo

    This is a you tube, from sat night live (i think). This one does deserve to be posted.
  20. Wattsy

    saddam going, going

    goooooone. Hung at dusk, more here. So everyone happy?