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  1. Nmag

    FOUND [NSW] Garmin - near Hornsby - 20 October 2019 - Jason

    Do you know Jason? "Garmin Cycle Computer in the middle of the Pacific Highway yesterday near Asquith. After digging into the info, the user had just ridden OMV, his name is Jason, he was born in 1971, is 173 cm tall and weighs 96kg. " If you know Jason, can you please get him to message...
  2. Nmag

    [NSW] March Sun 17 - Hornsby OMV event

    This Sunday at Old Mans Valley (Hornsby Mountain Bike Trails). Social rides, demos, dirt jumps, prizes and giveaways.
  3. Nmag

    [OMV - Hornsby NSW] Organised Sports Want to Take Our Trails

    It appears the development of Hornsby Quarry and Old Man's Valley into a recreational facility may jeopardise trail network we have ALL worked so hard for. Please share the following video, and encourage all in support of mountain bike riding to make comment in the video comments section...
  4. Nmag

    Flat pedal technique advice

    The soles of my 5-10's have two rows of imprints. For downhill and rough stuff my foot is more centred. Going up a steep hill I move my feet back a little on the pedals, and think about tyre traction and breathing. I use adjustable seat post.
  5. Nmag

    Official Old Mans Valley MTB Park - Hornsby

    Dear Mr Puppet I've have news that your efforts are not in vain. I am informed council will be implementing pretty strict controls to ensure the schools minimise impact on other users and stop congregating near the fire trail entrance. For anybody else reading this, people are trying to come...
  6. Nmag

    Made the change to flats and wont be going back !!

    5/10 Impacts and thin Deity flats for me.
  7. Nmag

    Wisemans Ferry Jumps

    We are aware not everybody can access Facebook, also not everybody is a fan of Facebook. A new Website is currently being refined prior to launch by a local pro web builder who helps voluntary groups (and rides a MTB). You can email Sydney North Off Road Cyclists on ...
  8. Nmag

    NSW Hornsby Trails going ahead *Press Release*

    Stage 1 in November I'm told. Mr leaf blower dude would have been doing it for free, volunteering direct to SynergyTrails, not council. He is the Secretary of Sydney North Off Road Cyclists Inc. He is also obviously a financial member of SNORC, including some insurance for trail building. He...
  9. Nmag

    NSW Hornsby Trails going ahead *Press Release*

    Thansk Han, I made the correction about committee not getting the build training, it's a good point. To get back to the start, I think (but not sure) that you head south from the northern end by following some green and then some fire trail then take a left (east) into that blue trail, then up...
  10. Nmag

    NSW Hornsby Trails going ahead *Press Release*

    Here is what I have heard, but it's hard to ever know exactly how accurate things end up being: - Master Trail Building classes by IMBA will be provided to a handful of people late July. These "Masters" will then be allowed to lead crews. It's about $1300 a head. If somebody wants to come up...
  11. Nmag

    Helmets - are you really covered?

    Yes i read the add. It appears to read "will not comply" when I think the actual fact is "may not comply", or more in fact is "will not have a sticker on them that indicates it complies, but most of them will anyway, so who gives a shit, and it will be better than no helmet" but we will make...
  12. Nmag

    Shane warne hates cyclists!!!

    Male workers over 55 have a higher incidence rate than 15-25's. Young people are vulnerable as the frontal lobe in the male (which helps with risk assessment) may not fully develop till mid 20's. What happens later in life must be true complacency, a choice which costs the community more than...
  13. Nmag

    NOBMOB Censorship

    Consider this: If you post a link to or (god-forbid) the Snorc Facebook page (Facebook is hated by the British webguru), on the NobMob website it will be deleted. The Drupal god told me this would be the reaction, and it's because the snorc committee chose not to use the...
  14. Nmag

    NOBMOB Censorship

    The censorship being discussed is about advocacy, and it's being implied that advocacy on the northern beaches is at the forefront of advocacy in Sydney. I'll outline some facts and people can read into them if they like: HSMBA is on the global riders network and is fading into the history now...
  15. Nmag

    NOBMOB Censorship

    There certanly is more to life than xc riding.
  16. Nmag

    NOBMOB Censorship

    I think you will find some of the key people on NobMob are the founders of and I've heard that it's biased to Northern Beaches.
  17. Nmag

    NOBMOB Censorship

    It's dark, it's raining, nobody is hiding and people are free to say whatever the hell they like. I've been offended by your idol, and it's soothing to hear I'm not the only one who takes offence. If this thread hurts your eyes, don't read it.
  18. Nmag

    NOBMOB Censorship

    hmm so it's not just me who gets irritated by it (and I don't just mean trail talk)? You haven't lived till you've had a heated email argument with him... which generally goes along the lines of him ripping shreds cause you're not doing something HIS WAY. Thankfully I have channeled my anger...
  19. Nmag

    [NSW] Stringy Bark Ridge - Sydney

    It's on this Saturday. Come in support!
  20. Nmag

    [NSW] Stringy Bark Ridge - Sydney

    That's right. It won't be a jump park, pump track, free-ride or dual slalom course. However, some parts of it will point down hill, and some uphill. There is no plan to open the fire trail for shuttles.