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  1. SouthYarraSage

    Sold Marzocchi 55CR 150mm 26” - sold

    And... 20mm thru axle?
  2. SouthYarraSage

    Sold Marzocchi 55CR 150mm 26” - sold

    Are these guys still available? And are they boost or non-boost? (I assume non-boost, being 26" and all, but have to ask :-))
  3. SouthYarraSage

    NSW Sold

    Still available?
  4. SouthYarraSage

    1 x 9 ? and the biggest rear cassette ever ?

    I'd just add - get a proper chain guide with retention at the bottom as well as the top. Those light / cheap XC-style top-only guides suck ass, as my swollen and bloody knee will attest.
  5. SouthYarraSage

    2012 Norco Aurum DH

    Love that there is enough room for a bottle cage in there. Kidding, kidding!
  6. SouthYarraSage

    ENVE Composites and Monza Imports distribution partnership in Australia

    Oh, but don't forget the warranty support! That alone is worth the 50-100% markup on web prices... Seriously - and no flames please - I would consider dropping 2.5k or so on a really nice carbon wheelset. I've never understood quite why the idea receives the ridicule on line that it seems to...
  7. SouthYarraSage

    Sam Hill OUT

    For mine - and let me add, it's pure speculation - I wonder if he actually trains enough. Take a look at Gee, Minnaar, plenty of others - they look like athletes - low body fat etc. Sam looks like a regular bloke. Just sayin... BTW Andy - love the Avatar, my all-time fave.
  8. SouthYarraSage

    The Dell/Kalamunda

    You need Scratchy's book, you do. Check out a newsagent. From the observatory road, head up Lockwood Rd to the top of the hill, take the singletrack to the right, follow it around aways, down the hill, over some logs, hang a left, go along a bit and white tag is on your right just after the...
  9. SouthYarraSage

    New FOX40 Stem with Crown

    Damn. I hear those North Koreans love a bit of CNC bling...
  10. SouthYarraSage

    Another Gearbox Bike

    Simply awesome. Sweet welding. How does it ride?
  11. SouthYarraSage

    Are AM riders just washed up DHers?

    Personally, I fall into the category of aging wannabe downhiller without the skills, balls or time.
  12. SouthYarraSage

    New bike for daughter: Is the Byk Ergonomic Team RaceR E-350 really worth it?

    My eldest (6) has the E-350, non-team version. It's good. Still way overbuilt though, IMO. The question I'm now asking is: is the Redline Flight Micro (at nearly $1000) really worth it? It's 2kg lighter after all...
  13. SouthYarraSage

    Why do they use torx screws on disc brakes.

    It's so muppets don't undo anything they shouldn't. Pretty crap idea. Make something idiotproof and someone just invents a better idiot.
  14. SouthYarraSage

    VIC It's a good day for Forrest

    Norm, great work. I know you guys have been on this one for a long time. Sandra and I hope to get back to Vic soon for a ride :) Best, Ben Connor
  15. SouthYarraSage

    Places to ride in Australia, any good bike parks?

    Go to New Zealand instead. Got mountains, yo.
  16. SouthYarraSage

    ACT SOLD Saint derailleur NEAR NEW

    I'd be keen at $80 - PM me your bank details if that works for you and I'll send you the $$. Thanks, Ben
  17. SouthYarraSage

    World Cup World Cup DH #3 Results - Leogang

    Four Kiwis though bro...:o Choice aye?
  18. SouthYarraSage

    WC #3 - Leogang

    Could this just be the year it all changes? Peaty nowhere (head somewhere else?) Minnaar's strength on the pedally bits just not quite enough to get him the win any more? New faces start showing up in the top 5? Matti keeps it together for a season? Sam H forced into a level of...
  19. SouthYarraSage

    Where should a mountain biker live in Melbourne

    Why not live in Little River then, it's closer to Melbourne, on the train line, rent is cheap and you're right next to the Youies. Not much else to do though...
  20. SouthYarraSage

    Windsor Dirt Jumps, Melbourne

    Sorry for the late reply - have been in NZ (still am, but back in internet range). I'm back on the 9th - how about 2 weeks after that? Cheers!