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  1. master@dh


    hey mate. would you sell just the rear? if so how much?
  2. master@dh


    how much for just the front? :)
  3. master@dh

    Toowoomba sunshine series race photos

    number 37 red/black/white jersey, raw sunday cheers :)
  4. master@dh

    Dh race

    probs better off having some sort of open day dude. ive seen what goes on behind a race and its alot more complecated than u think. we held a open day at a track we build in my mates backyard. everyone had an awesome day. and we made a rather swell profit :D
  5. master@dh

    film makers in queensland?

    hey guys, i live in noosa, on the sunny coast. i need a high quality short movie (5mins ish) of me doin both dh and street. i probs also need a interview kinda thing. i need it to send to sponsers and whatnot... is anyone able to help? cheers. :)
  6. master@dh

    What forks are you running?

    go with argyles man... best fork ive ever ridden and most likely ever will. even the base model is fantastic. i have my 318's set at the stock 100mm, but thats coz im not a 'techy' rider. i like to go big. if your more into the tech tricks run them at 70 -80 mm which would make it more...
  7. master@dh

    "show us ya barrie" competition finishes XMAS eve.

    just me (sam fraser) at the shine park... suicide bar: truckdriver:
  8. master@dh

    DJ/ STREET comps ???????

    hey chaps... im very keen on hitting up some dirt jumping and mtb street/park comps around queensland and nsw, and maybe further south. i dont know where to look, so can u please point me in the right direction :) would be a huge help, cheers
  9. master@dh

    Six hours of pain...

    #25 please :) cheers :D
  10. master@dh

    What forks

    argyles for tha win bro, id say 9ish/10 best fork ive ever ridin.... i think u can pick them up for around $400 - 500 brand new. i wouldnt run anything else
  11. master@dh

    bike transportation to radelaide nationals....

    hey guys and gals :) just wondering who is driving or flying from brisbane.without a bike to the adelaide national champs in feburary. i want to take my dirtjump bike aswell as my dh bike. i wasnt sure u could take 2 bikes on the plane, so i was wondering if anyone would have space for a...
  12. master@dh

    Sundial park djs

    yer im up for helping... if they are up to give us dirt and machinary. my name is sam fraser, give me a call if u hear any more aye. 041 4567 726 :cool:
  13. master@dh

    First attempt at trying to stick a flip to Dirt.

    thats sick that ur trying to flip, but go to foam first, its worth it. just pile up foam on the landing, that will at least save ur neck. the vid wasnt that bad either,:cool:
  14. master@dh

    when forks snap...

    lucky bastard:p
  15. master@dh

    when forks snap...

    those forks are argyles, best fork ive ever ridden. they only snapped coz ive ridden them everyday for the past 2 years (and not smoothly) and yes i was wearing a lid, they took it off when i was lying down
  16. master@dh

    when forks snap...

    yer im gonna try go through the security cameras to see what happened. but from what ive been told, i just sent it massive and when i landed my forks snapped. ive dameged 7 teeth and now have to have root cannal. :( i also have a huge concussion and maybe a broken nose
  17. master@dh

    when forks snap...

    hey guys, my forks snapped when i was landing, and i do not remember a thing from about 8:00 pm that night when i got back from hospital.
  18. master@dh

    Sam Fraser. 16 and shredding :) Please View

    chris messed it up, i was in u17's and i was 15. but i still got 6th.
  19. master@dh

    Sam fraser, july edit :)

    cheers timberly.....
  20. master@dh

    kenilworth open day... (headcam)

    yer he got up and was ok.........his helmet is f@#$ed though