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    Kona KABOOM

    What: Kona Kaboom frame. Price range\Willing to Pay: Depending on condition / we'll talk. Location: Melbourne. Extra Info: If you live interstate we can talk postage. PM me!
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    Seanuts perhaps?
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    SURLY FORK sold

    Oh, if only it had disc tabs! :( :( :( :(
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    broken cranks

    You're always breaking cranks and you want to save money on some new ones? Spend spend here mate...... provided that is, you are breaking them through hardkoren4ess and not shit installation etc....
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    good dj freeride bike

    A FULLSTOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!one!
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    hey guys ive heard bout windsor jumps

    Dude, you are gonna get fucking OWNED if you dont start writing correct sentances. Windsor jumps are right next to the WINDSOR train station ZOMG, go and have a look, or Search and find some pictures.... FFS!
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    new hfx9's whats wong

    Some Asian bloke i'd say.... That's it mate, they're HFX9's :D
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    Q U O T E S

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    So who's got what on the cup?

    From now on, anything RCOH says is null and void. Sorry mate, them's the rules :wink:
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    My hopping bike (now with shiny booster stuff)

    Very cool! From the thumbnail i thought it was an Instigator :shock:
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    It's been confirmed that yogibear has some crazy shit going on with his browser. Nevertheless, that my friend is a fucking hot lookin bike.
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    So who's got what on the cup?

    Nah it wasn't mate, and it didnt come through, and now i have to sell off all my stuff to pay for the tip. Oh well.... :P
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    So who's got what on the cup?

    Makybe Diva
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    So who's got what on the cup?

    I can't tell you or else id be done for the horse-racing equivalent of 'insider trading'. But i'll tell ya if my hot tip comes through :wink:
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    How to make your bike fit it your car easier

    HA! Why am i not suprised? :lol: :lol:
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    I'm sorry to create another one....

    Do you have some sort of budgetry restrictions? Being a young bloke (which you are, i think), money is going to come into it somewhere.
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    Hayes Lever + Loctite= Death.

    (excuse my spelling, the captain has been at me, or the other way around) had EXACTLY the same problem. the bike store ( in VIC,mtb store) didn't fit the loctite right, and it worked it's way into the mech after about 3 hour riding. the wash up: taken appart, fixed, but still a little loose. i...
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    how much we take life for granted

    I hate to say it, but ewither thsat ro dead....
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    how much we take life for granted

    im 3/4 cut but still thats some fucke d uip shit. And poeple ask us why we throw ourselves down cliffs,....
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    Re: Cmon guys More competent at rollerblading, probably. But... SO WHAT? PS You suck :shock: