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  1. mossmanguru

    Mid-late 2000's XC and DH bike/frame Project

    I have a 2006 Commencal Supreme superteam DH (Cedric Gracias ride at the time) frame in Large. Front triangle is brand new and never been assembled/ ridden (warranty replacement) and rear triangle will need new bearing due to not been ridden for 8 years. $250 plus postage or pickup from...
  2. mossmanguru

    NSW XT m785 brake lever - left

    I have a left XTR handlebar mount - the actual brake lever snapped off, you can have it. That was its only crash and otherwise is in perfect condition.
  3. mossmanguru

    Product Review Evil Follwing MB (complete & individual component review)

    Ive been wanting to review a few things I'm currently riding for a while now, but never had the time to write an in depth review. Here goes.. About the reviewer: I'm 25 and have been riding for 9 years, racing downhill on and off. I'm 6ft and my rider weight is 95kg, I would describe my riding...
  4. mossmanguru

    Sold SOLD

    Just to claify are these? F: 15x110 R: 12x148 And brand new/ unridden?
  5. mossmanguru

    Yeti SB6c Rear Shock

    I put a Fox Float X2 on mine. In my opinion there is no better shock for and SB6. The adjustability is amazing and can be tuned to do whatever you want whether your climbing or ploughing your way down a rough track. The only other shock I would think about swapping an X2 for would be a Push...
  6. mossmanguru

    Evil Bikes Partner With Defcon Cycles

    It seems as if the majority of people commenting on this thread are just spectators to the tragedy. I ordered a custom built Evil Wreckoning totalling $9750, although my the forks I BYO'd through Cyclinic which meant I lost $8350 though the closure of Defcon, which was stated to be the biggest...
  7. mossmanguru

    When to buy

    I recently built a 2016 SantaCruz V10cc with my dream parts list and there is definitely a lot of money to be saved if you pick your timing. First of all you need to allow yourself plenty of time, it took me 6 months and there were plenty of times I wanted to just finish the build and put it...
  8. mossmanguru

    QLD sold

    Some more photos added to the ad on Facebook. Can also throw in 2 weeks use of a ShockWiz to get this set up and feeling perfect for you, and a turquoise TLD A1 helmet. First to see in person will buy this bike is immaculate! Cheers!
  9. mossmanguru

    QLD sold

    Item: 2016 Yeti SB6c Large Location: Brisbane Item Condition: Very good, Frame skinned sine new. 1 maybe 2 small marks Reason for selling: finance personal reasons Price and price conditions: $6500, open to offers around that mark. Extra Info: Large frame with frameskin since new. Fox...
  10. mossmanguru

    Quick swaps to change an Enduro to a Roadie?

    Hi y'all Recently I've been looking at adding a road bike to my collection, for the simple reason to clock up more K's during the week through 1 hour rides along the bike way and also commuting. Mainly for fitness and just the love of riding. I live 30 mins from the closest trail and by the...
  11. mossmanguru

    Adding volume spacers to a Rockshox Vivid Air r2c shock?

    Bloody stupid if thats the case, they call it their most advanced shock and its not user friendly. Rockshox need to take a page out of Fox's book. Im on my way to get a pin wrench to see if I can follow the service manual to access the can.
  12. mossmanguru

    Adding volume spacers to a Rockshox Vivid Air r2c shock?

    Anyone know how? I bought the spacers and was told theres lots of tutorials for it, although I can only find ones for monarchs. I did find this service manual ( ) although I feel there...
  13. mossmanguru

    Yeti sb6 size???

    How much growing have you got left to do? (if any) I have a large 2016 SB6c and I'm 183cm, which is a perfect fit. I personally would go the Large, bigger bikes and short stems seem to be the popular choice with lots of brands making bigger bikes.
  14. mossmanguru

    NSW Large 2014 Santa Cruz V10 sold

    Is the shock size still the same for the current model V10? If so are you willing to sell the shock separately?
  15. mossmanguru

    Giving an older frame a new lease on life?

    Totally agree! Enjoy!
  16. mossmanguru

    Giving an older frame a new lease on life?

    I don't think its worthwhile, unless you know exactly what you want and you can't get it elsewhere (new). I have a 2008 Commencal Supreme Team DH (see pic). I always wanted one when I could never afford one and I remember watching Cedric Gracia ride this on several world cup events...
  17. mossmanguru

    The GoPro thread

    I ended up going with the Session for $300. Can't fault it, very good quality when riding trails and watching playback on a 13" Macbook. Maybe I'm not riding aggressive enough!
  18. mossmanguru

    Shock mount hardware

    I don't know to much about mounting hardware although i replaced a Float x with an X2 a few months ago. I paid $28 per end for the Fox mounting hardware which is made of nylon. Its good because you can push it out with your fingers and you don't need to design a special torture device out of a...
  19. mossmanguru

    The GoPro thread

    The session seems value for money and suitable for most people just wanting to record there rides to look back on themselves. I bought the session although wish I spent the same money on a Hero4 off gumtree. I bought off the GoPro site which comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so if its...
  20. mossmanguru

    Ironhorse Sudnay Frame

    Item: Ironhorse Sunday Frame Only Location: Brisbane, Will pay postage Price range/Willing to Pay: Upto $500 posted dependant on condition. Extra Info: Looking for the model that Sam Hill use to ride. 2008/9 I believe. Doesn't matter about cosmetic condition as I can get it painted...