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    Crit race - is there a strategy

    Yes manage get second or third position before the finish line. Let the lead guy pull you in, then last second sprint to take the win :)
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    Carbon speed cycle wheels review

    How much do you weigh ?
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    Tubeless Rim Tape

    I concur, read this thread and used the blue bear masking tape on my new carbons wheels. Works perfect. Also tried the Norton cloth tape on another wheel set and works fine as well. Why pay quadruple the price for Gorilla tape beats me.
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    Bargain buys thread

    lol bargain. Grabbed a couple, even though I have too many pumps already
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    How to Setting stack height stem length rule of thumb

    Thanks for the replies. But when setting initial baseline setup, it would be done in position 4 right? Not really whilst in position 1,2,3 ,
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    How to Setting stack height stem length rule of thumb

    I am experimenting alot with stack height and stem length on my MTB currently, and essentially want the best all around neutral setup for both climbing and descending. In road bikes, the rule of thump setting up the stack height and stem length, is that when on the hoods, you look down towards...
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    CO2 Cartridge inflators - worth trying?

    Correct. Tube in both cases
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    Lezyne Super GPS computer (or similar)

    I have a Magellan Cyclo 505 for a few years now. Its being faultless for me, but battery life is about 7 hours now.
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    Sold Sram GX Drivetrain Sold

    Do you have pics of Shimano XT platform pedals? Willing to split? Thanks
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    CO2 Cartridge inflators - worth trying?

    Co2 are a life saver. Carry two at all times. Who wants to be pumping like crazy on the side of the road when its cold and rainy and miserable.
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    Would 36mm deep wheels make my bike less stable than 20mm deep wheels?

    I ride 38mm and its ok, unless cross winds are 40kph +.. Btw its only an issue on front wheel, so 50mm deep on the rear is less of an issue.
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    Lezyne Super GPS computer (or similar)

    Most decent units, there is a data field that shows to the sensor as primary and gps as secondary.
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    VIC 170mm 30t 11sp crankset Boost GXP

    Item: After 170mm 30t or 32t 1x11sp crankset for 27.5 boost frame GXP. Location: Melbourne or interstate Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends on model , condition etc ... Extra Info:
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    Post your Roadie

    Thought I'd share mine. Nothing special anymore or latest and greatest, but good enough for me. Put 26,522.0 km according to strava in a few years and she is still going strong. Specs: Giant TCR Advanced SL Sram Red 10 speed (converted to 11 sp) Chinese 38mm Carbon wheels
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    DT Swiss conversion kits in Australia?

    Hi I need to buy a set of these But they are rarer than hens teeth it seems, and can't seem to find any sellers in Australia. All overseas charging crazy shipping.. Does anyone know who stocks and...
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    Wheel options for 141mm QR hub

    Sorry for bringing this old thread back, but I am just now in the market for some aftermarket Carbon wheels and want to be positive I am getting the compatible parts. I just want to confirm to be 100% sure, if I buy wheels with rear DT SWISS 350 12x148mm BOOST hub, and then I can convert to...
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    Wheel options for 141mm QR hub

    Thanks for that. Seems I have very limited options.
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    Wheel options for 141mm QR hub

    I have a Norco Fluid 7.1+ and it has the dreaded 141mm QR hub. Been looking around for some aftermarket wheels, either 27.5+ or 29er, but with this hub I have limited options..:(...Can't find many, if any, wheels with this rear hub. All the wheels seem 148x10 TA or similar.. Anyone know what...
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    All Mountain Tyres

    can people recommend 2.6 inch 27.5+ plus tyres? The only one I can find so far is nobby nics
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    Xtc in parts, worth doing?

    Personally would get the frame and wheels professionally checked out, but if all ok, seems like a good little project.