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    Norco Sight VLT - Longish Term Review

    Sweet looking bike mate. Don’t remember seeing any e sights around here in Perth for sale either. you now have something rather unique. I settled on a trance e last May and agree with everything you have said. Having a blast on mine around Kalamunda / Dwellingup. For local rides around suburbia...
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    Advice: 2011 Giant Anthem x2, Giant Trance x2 or Scott Spark 50.

    same boat as you a few months back. Wanted a mntn bike for some fun when i aint on the road bike & to ride some of the single tracks over here in perth with a few mates. Test road some of the giants. Anthem was way to 'racey' (little bit road bike style). Trance x2 was nice but the forks...