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  1. RaID

    NSW rollercoaster series 2016

    Great Race once again, but can we you please stop running Burnt Forest in Reverse. That trail is just terrible with no flow clearly not designed to be ridden in reverse. Miles was great with the Old DH trail, more trails like that even if there is a climb rather than Burnt Forest. Keep up the...
  2. RaID

    Sight C7.2

    Enjoy the Sight great bike. With the inline the key is to have the correct air pressure for your weight. Small difference of even 5 psi make a big difference and the shock feels like crap. My Carbon Sight DB Inline Settings FYI HSC 1.25 LSC 5 HSR 2.5 LSR 10 1 full air volume spacer
  3. RaID

    Shock rebound not happy

    I had the same problem on my 2014 Sight with the Fox Float rear shock. No matter how much I played with pressures and settings it was never perfect. I compromised on the faster side, however the final solution was to upgrade to a DB Inline.
  4. RaID

    Destroyed my XX1 derailleur... now what? Their answer X1
  5. RaID

    SRAM Guide Lever & Elixir Caliper?

    Thanks I'll grab new olives and barbs. I wouldn't think SRAM would provide guide levers on their own freely however if you look around they are available and its a cheaper brake upgrade then getting a whole new brake set, plus I don't have to dick around with putting new hoses through...
  6. RaID

    SRAM Guide Lever & Elixir Caliper?

    Elixir 7 & 9 calipers are 4 piston and appear to be the same as the Guide calipers on all of the exploded views I've seen. There might been some minor differences in the piston diameters but externally they look identical. The main issue with the elixir brakes is at the lever end not calipers...
  7. RaID

    SRAM Guide Lever & Elixir Caliper?

    Hey couple of quick questions: Currently I am running Avid Elixir 7s. Having issues with heat build up in the levers locking up the brakes despite numerous bleeds (apparently a common problem). Can I replace the Avid Elixir Levers with the new SRAM Guide Levers? From my understanding the...
  8. RaID

    160/50 mm fork on Norco Sight 2015

    My Pike is the DPA, the 130mm rides very well for flats and climbs, the HA is nice at 68 deg for any quick sections pointing down which used to be DH bike territory not so long ago. Ive hit a few extended downhill sections in the 130mm mode and had no issues. The only negative of riding in...
  9. RaID

    160/50 mm fork on Norco Sight 2015

    Ive been running a 160 Pike on my Carbon Sight since new no problem. Really happy I went with a 160mm rather than 150mm Pike. Gives it a very nice 66.5 HA IMO perfect geo for the general aggressive trail riding I do.
  10. RaID


    Nice decent size green tree snake enjoying some puddle action on the fire road back from the Gharnia Track. Looked pretty cool when he was swimming. Had to go back for a second look
  11. RaID

    Steel singlespeed all-mountain frame

    another vote for the Evil Sovereign, great bike and frame
  12. RaID

    Why did I bother? XX1 vs X01 cassette

    Is it potentially the wear of the used X01 dropping the extra weight? (although i doubt it would be such a high decrease)
  13. RaID

    Gloves you're lovin

    Ive had similar experience with Fox gloves recently. I picked up a pair on special online of Dakine Sentinel gloves and so far they have been great and survived a few crashes without any issues. Can be a bit warm in hot weather though due to the D30 knuckle protection.
  14. RaID

    LIGHTS MEGATHREAD - all questions on riding lights asked and answered here!!!

    I run my Ayup light battery pack velcroed to the handle bars. Stem too short and top tube is too fat to velcro the battery too. No issues with this setup
  15. RaID

    Balfa Minuteman

    Great hardtail, enjoy!
  16. RaID

    What roof bike carrrier?

    I couldn't be more happier with the Yakima Front Loader, bikes are very secure (both highway speeds and twisting roads), no frame touching, all wheel sizes accommodated and it takes 20 seconds to mount the bike. Very quick and easy to take the carriers off the roof if you need to. A few...
  17. RaID

    Sight-C with some fruit

    Great ride, enjoy it!
  18. RaID

    Contact lenses

    Contacts all the way for any sport activity for over 20 years. I wear glasses for most other things where I dont need sunnies and office work. I tried playing basketball once with glasses after I forgot contacts, never again. You loose all your peripheral vision which you only realise how...
  19. RaID

    Trance 27.5 vs Sight 7.......

    Bugger that might be a bit annoying with the colours and the fact that the Carbon 7.1 came without the front deraileur mount for the cleaner look. At least they came through with warranty
  20. RaID

    Trance 27.5 vs Sight 7.......

    What issue did you have with the front triangle? Carbon or Alloy?