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  1. {ScarFace}

    Camelbak Leaking

    Send it back to SOLA...
  2. {ScarFace}

    USB troubles

    What an idiot... I've sorted it out myself. Sorry for wasting your time.
  3. {ScarFace}

    USB troubles

    I've got a USB (Lexar Echo 16gb) and i've filled it up with movies and stuff. Then when i've "moved contents to trash" (MAC) the USB says that I've got the same available capacity as when i've got a full 15.5 gb of content. is there someway in which I can fully delete the content. Or am I...
  4. {ScarFace}

    9 speed saint derailer with 10 speed XTR shifter

    Similar to what he said ^^^ either use a 9 speed cassette with your 9sp shifter. Or use a 10sp set up back, it'll work but you'll never get the gears working right. You'll always be really out of tune either high or low end of your gears. You can usually tune it to have your most used gears...
  5. {ScarFace}

    Xbox 360's Unite!

    Hey guys, getting an xbox soon. Would anyone like to point me in the direction for a 250 gb console + wireless adaptor + 1 or 2 games?
  6. {ScarFace}

    Little Things You Love

    Read subscript.
  7. {ScarFace}

    Little Things You Love

    RACISTS!! Written on my HTC using SarcasmoTalk
  8. {ScarFace}

    06 fox RL 100 'FIT' cartridge....buh?

    Yeah they're an open bath fork :D
  9. {ScarFace}

    Pro's/ Con's of the 29er

    Millions of threads about this already, for more info. Google Trek G2
  10. {ScarFace}

    Commuting bag - any recommendations

    I cannot recommend these enough. Super lightweight, and has the best ventilation of any bag i've ever seen. F'all compartments (just a large main compartment and a small front pocket + rain...
  11. {ScarFace}

    Mineral Oil Leak. Shimano XT

    Straight back to the shop!
  12. {ScarFace}

    The stupid questions thread.

    What brand of bike have you got? Some brands will void your warranty for doing so. Ofcourse, if its second hand, drill away.
  13. {ScarFace}

    Little Things You Love

    If that was a self portrait I wouldn't have been such a little bitch to him :P
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    Where Can i get my 888's serviced?

    Any LBS will be happy to send your forks up to the service centre, if they can't do it themselves
  15. {ScarFace}

    Steer clear of AMBC courses

    It's an odd sort of set up, I can understand a local club holding similar things or a owner of a privately managed track offering courses, but to come along on publicly accessible tracks and make capital out of them I'd hope they'd be giving back to the community. This may be the case. I...
  16. {ScarFace}

    Mixed drinks?

    Thankyou so much, this will keep me comfortably numb for a while.
  17. {ScarFace}

    bike shorts for bigger folks

    I'm not sure about other other brands but Bontrager have XXL shorts with an adjustable waist. We've had a few blokes bigger than you (not so tall though) fit well.
  18. {ScarFace}

    Where to get coloured parts.

    Do what you want man. Looks are important. is your friend, all well below the retail price of your local bike shop and with more variety. They've got free shipping until x-mas too. Also, JetBlack is a great company based out of baulkham hills who...
  19. {ScarFace}

    Anyone running more than 40psi on a Stans kit? (commuting setup)

    I've kept my stans 29er tyres (rocket rons) at 80psi for a couple hours, for seating the bead. I banged them around a fair bit too, although obviously not the same as proper riding. Are they UST tyres? I would assume that would help your cause
  20. {ScarFace}

    Little Things You Hate

    wanking it is then