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  1. dazz

    Shed workbench designs

    Fair enough. Either way, always try to avoid standing directly in front of spinning grinding wheel. I'm conscious of this, especially if grinding something heavy or awkward. Better for a piece of wheel to hit your arm/shoulder than chest/head. Even a brand new wheel can explode if shit goes...
  2. dazz

    Shed workbench designs

    The wheel is likely fine. As long as it hasn't been damaged by misuse or accidental impact, it should be in a useable condition. Depends on the type of bonding used when the wheel was manufactured: Plenty of other online references saying the same thing. The ~10...
  3. dazz

    You laugh you lose

    Bloodhound Gang song lyrics. Which song?? Pretty much all of them.
  4. dazz

    Newly Released Suspension & Components General

    New mega-boost prototype spy pic, also new playa in the MTB tyre game:
  5. dazz

    Newly Released Suspension & Components General

    Yes, unless it's not, then you're f#$#ed. I think the effects of what he is banging on about won't be too bad from new (in most cases). What is shit is that as the parallelogram hinges wear a bit, or the assembly cops a big hit that does manage to bend something, normally the hanger can be...
  6. dazz

    TAS Banshee Spitfire V2 26/27.5 frame, small, excellent condition!!

    @Labcanary did you end up selling yours or are you all like, "WTF!!!!@$@!????" right now?
  7. dazz

    Plastic bags, climate change, renewable energy,

    Relax, the environment will fix itself. Global temps rise, good large chunk of humanity dies out as a result, environment recovers. Boom, done. Nothing lasts for ever, just ask the dinosaurs. I reckon it'll only take a couple centuries, maybe less, maybe a few millennia. ;) The dinos didn't...
  8. dazz

    Solar... who's clued in?

    Maybe ask around your neighbours or google for a reputable local sparkie and talk to them about the drama's you're running into rather than going through a 'solar installer'. They are only really interested in the cookie cutter installs where they can be in and out quick and easy, take your...
  9. dazz

    2023 World Cup Downhill / EDR

    What you looking at that makes you think that? All I see is a heap of data acquisition of suspension movement. I like the hidden tech, obviously because I'm an engineering nerd. I think there's a good portion of MTB'ers out there who are somewhat tech minded who would agree. If a new bit of...
  10. dazz

    2023 World Cup Downhill / EDR

    Yep, that's clearly what's going on here... :rolleyes: You do you and let the suspension engineers do their thing. Ultimately we all benefit from this level of investment in R&D. Competition drives improvement, that goes for the riders as well as the bike/drivetrain/suspension manufacturers...
  11. dazz


    Upgrade time! Don't see why it wouldn't work equally well for blinds
  12. dazz

    20" kids mtb

    Not mine. Saw it while scrolling marketplace on fb. Holy crap! Someone's gone all out for their little shedder with this one.
  13. dazz

    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    I thought, "surely not" so typed name into FB and sure enough there's a few Pedo Fyles on there... Then, hang on a minute... that last one. Righto, who is it??? Fess up.
  14. dazz

    Project Car / Motorbike thread. Let's see 'em.
  15. dazz

    Newly Released Bikes General to the rescue Take your pick:
  16. dazz

    Newly Released Bikes General

    BMW = Brooklyn Machine Works
  17. dazz

    The Tool Thread

    Use your EV as a mobile power source? Just careful you don't drop the tree on the car...
  18. dazz

    You laugh you lose

    @Tubbsy 's fav insta profile?
  19. dazz

    The stupid questions thread.

    Never divest, you've committed. See it out to the gritty, bitter end. Ti forever!