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    ACT Kona Operator 2011 SOLD

    Item: 2011 Kona Operator, Medium Location: Canberra Item Condition: Good, all items on the bike were new and unused when I built it in July 2013, the frame and rear shock were 2nd hand and in good condition, one small dent in the down tube near the bottom bracket and another very shallow dent...
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    Santa Cruz Bronson

    Received the last part for the Bronson today (Pikes) so I completed the build after work. Its not final but I need a few rides to see what I do and don't like, also will replace those red spacers at some point. Frame: Santa Cruz Bronson Alloy, Medium Stem: Nukeproof 50mm Handlebar: Crank...
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    Santa Cruz Bronson

    Hello all, I need a bit of help. I am going build up a Bronson 650B and I am having issues deciding what size frame to get. I am 167cm tall (5' 5.7", so just under 5'6"). The Santa Cruz website cut-off for small to medium is 5'5". So I fit into the medium range. From what I have read...