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  1. kjf

    The watch thread.

    Not perpetual, no. Valjoux 7754 is the movement. It's a LE Oris, called the Grand Prix '70. Here's an article with some nice pictures:
  2. kjf

    The watch thread.

    A big sorry to the Nixon owners out there, but Tristan I'm glad you held off on that purchase. Instead of (for the moment), I suggest you say (forever). You've fallen in love with that Oris, but how about this? Beautiful, right? I'd love to have one to fill up that 10th space in my...
  3. kjf

    The watch thread.

    Been away from bikes for many years. In those years I've found other hobbies to fill up my time (geddit?). I'm only just starting to get back into riding which is why I ventured back onto this forum. Here are my watches: Steinhart, Armida, Glycine, Raketa Sea-Gull, Casio, Timex, Invicta...
  4. kjf

    build thread: 2011 banshee legend mk2... update 1,2,3,5 and finished is nowpg. 6!

    I think theMerryPrankster is asking about the path the rear axle takes when the shock is compressed. Linear being straight up and down. Compare this to a single pivot bike, where the rear axle will follow a sort of "arc" under compression. edit: I believe the more linear the travel, the better...
  5. kjf

    Jackal of Notre Dame

    Well then.. Accidentally did something stupid before in this thread so here's round #2. Haven't been on two wheels in ~3 years, and in that time I've gained some mad weight as a result of BEER. Thought to myself "time to do something about this" about a million times in those 3 years...
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    Well the songs were brilliant. ............wat
  7. kjf

    XC Spot Brand 29er Steel Single Speed

    And more of em
  8. kjf

    Little Things You Love

    That was a really cool vid. Should be "experience human falling really really fast" :p
  9. kjf

    The stupid questions thread.

    Because it's on the way to the laundry....
  10. kjf

    The Cycle of Life

    Cheers mate that should get me started.
  11. kjf

    The Cycle of Life

    I quite liked it but as said above it wasn't "WOW did he just do that??!" As I've been out of the loop, what are some good mtb movies to watch? (Not little clips on pinkbike). By the way, I'm not trying to derail the thread.
  12. kjf

    VIC Giant STP 2 $550 now posting sold

    ^^ exactly. Without a ballpark figure I could offer you $100. Will I be surprised? I hope so, that would be a cracker of a deal. Don't be afraid to put up what you want for it. Work from there.
  13. kjf

    Little Things You've Learned

    R.T.F.M is what I always say :p I've learnt that is a good way to predict whether or not I should bring an umbrella to uni only to realize I don't have an umbrella :rolleyes: Surprised this laptop still works after the 1km walk in downpour yesterday. Neoprene case w/ lining ftw...
  14. kjf

    F1 2011

    Wow. MW was insane!
  15. kjf

    Little Things You Love

    Jumping out of bed at the sound of your alarm only to realize you've set it an hour early by accident the previous day. Now I've got an extra hour in my day! Also, waking up in the morning and NOT feeling tired / wanting to go straight back to bed. edit: Finding ocarina of rhyme and 007 Gold...
  16. kjf

    Free booze.

    ^^ PO boxes work, and they're cheaper ;)
  17. kjf

    Little Things You Hate

    If I'm on the other side of the road and I see a lot of cars, I'll walk to the next set of lights and cross...or just make a mad dash. I know how annoying it is for a driver there. They should install a set of lights (and holy shit not a set of lights that is green for the cars for 5seconds and...
  18. kjf

    Little Things You Hate

    I wholeheartedly agree. I hate it as a pedestrian AND a driver. You want to cross, so many people are crossing so cars get angry and keep driving almost hitting people. You want to drive forwards but people just keep walking across and you have to almost hit someone to get through the...
  19. kjf

    Little Things You Hate

    When threads get locked because it was supposedly blatant advertising for a certain website when it was merely a discussion about the products/authenticity/previous experiences.
  20. kjf Is it a scam?

    I think they'd send the item out. It's the authenticity of the products that probably make people think twice.