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  1. Samy

    Bsc !!

    A small insight on PB below to what would be a very streamlined process with extremely high turnover to make profits on smaller margins and completely different to anything done within bike shops here. Interesting to note that CRC started as a LBS but chose to innovate and embrace the way they...
  2. Samy

    Carine Cycles Web Shop Trials

    Hey guys, looking the goods! Can't go wrong with Wordpress these days, nice theme, well structured content = good job!
  3. Samy

    I know every dad thinks so...

    Whoa! That was smooth! Nothing like watching the progression is there.
  4. Samy

    I know every dad thinks so...

    Awesome work! How old is he? I just ordered my 2 year old a Specialized Hot Rock 12 (should arrive before end of week!) as he is now too advanced for his 'balance bike' and really needs some pedals / something to put his feet on. Recent photo below of him doing a DH - he started right up high...
  5. Samy

    Soil Samplers Mountain Bike Video

    Good to have it digitised and on youtube, my VHS copy is still on the shelf (in hard case) and got plenty of use back in the day...!
  6. Samy

    Suggested Geelong area rides

    Yes, but there should be - I saw this link below recently - if anyone can afford their own private training ground, $49,000 buys you 20 ACRES to build singletrack on, smack back in the middle of the Brisbane Ranges off an access track...
  7. Samy

    Greatest moments of MTB history

    All Terrain MTB challange in Jindabyne (2001?) which turned into the Red Bull Ride (2002&3?), which perhaps aided development of Red Bull Rampage around the same time. Suprisingly could not find footage of All Terrain MTB challenge on You Tube, but have a VHS of the last RB Ride. 2002 RB...
  8. Samy Saw this the other week which shed a little bit of light.
  9. Samy

    You Yangs MTB Park

    You Yangs MTB Inc now on FACEBOOK Be-friend us on Facebook to keep up to date with Club News, Events and Trail Information. Share with your friends, upload photos or videos and help us get the word out there that the You Yangs is one of Australia's premier mountain biking destinations. To...
  10. Samy

    YYMTBInc. Club Race-Cressy Descent 18th to19th September.

    Hey man, this means they will probably get to me soon. To save me processing, it could just be easier to either get the Photo Bucket Link or You Tube embed code (you will need to allow this in the settings as I already tried to get it). I could pick out some good ones to update the site with but...
  11. Samy

    2010 UCI Road Cycling World Championships - Geelong

    Was amzaing to see these big guns race around my local streets. Geelong put on one hell of an event. Looked great on TV and the racing was top-notch. I got out to see most days of racing and time trialing from various parts of the course. Sunday had a crazy amount of spectators everywhere...
  12. Samy

    2010 Red Bull Rampage

    On LIVE now?
  13. Samy

    YYMTBInc. Club Race-Cressy Descent 18th to19th September.

    Results! Result are up on Or you can view the PDF using the link below:
  14. Samy

    YYMTBInc. Club Race-Cressy Descent 18th to19th September.

    Flyer Click for larger view:
  15. Samy

    The Ctrl-V thread

    Website coming soon
  16. Samy

    Push Runs near Melbourne

    You Yangs, more on the west side tho... Info:
  17. Samy

    My Pumptrack

    Absolute work of art! How good is the mountain view..!
  18. Samy

    How To: Nose Manual Tuck No-Hander with Nathan Ashworth

    Ha ha classic - vid was well done.
  19. Samy

    Thoughts on You Yangs VDHS It's the black one in the Stockyards area. You can do push runs also.
  20. Samy

    Youies Ride Day

    Facebook Event for the Race! Get everybody onto it!!/...14012681958139