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    FOR Sale - Forrest Festival Ticket

    My mate who was going to give me a lift has broken his wrist. So I can't make it. So I am trying to sell my ticket and his for $140 each. PM me if you interested. Alternatively if anyone has a free seat I dont mind chippin in for petrol money.
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    LOST White Bike Computer on Yarra Trails on Wed 7th

    Lost a bijke compauter somewhere along the Yarra trails between Johnston Street and Pink Ribbon. Let me know if you find it Thanks Lanky
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    The Self Sufficient Bike Camping Thread.

    I have done the Great Dividing trail before from Ballarat to Bendigo in two days. It is really good fun and would be my preferred place to head for some bike packing but my mate is from Bairnsdale so he wants to head out east...
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    The Self Sufficient Bike Camping Thread.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a overnight weekend epic to the East of Melbourne? I am currently thinking of just heading to Bairnsdale and heading north on any dirt road I can find. I know that there is a rail trail out there but it is a little flat for the training I am after. I had...
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    The Self Sufficient Bike Camping Thread.

    I managed to get a cheap Freeload off the ebay and plan to carry my dry bag with my sleeping bag and clothes in it (should have got a revelation saddle bag instead for a weight reduction). Was going to run my sleeping mat on the handlebars with a tarp. I had hoped to use a small triangle bag for...
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    Electric Downhiller! Kinda cool I thought!

    I also beleive that the engine needs to cut our at 25km/hr! If it doesnt then it is a motor bike and needs to be registered so cant be used in on MTB specific trails. I have seen one around Melbourne. The guy just uses it to commute on. Well it doesnt look dirty enough to be used off-road
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    VIC Lysterfield Park

    The drop is rideable
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    BMC Super team for 2012

    U forgot ballan assuming he does not get suspended
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    2011 census

    More importantly how many peops will be pitting down bike as their transport. We had 7% of the population of Yarra council (melbourne) ride to work in 2006. Hoping to break 10% this year. The more riders the better funding commuting cycling gets which is good for cycling
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    Sorry I thought I had replied. I threaded the pedal in the backside to try and get the right thread pattern to work and lucky for me it has. So no need to upgrade at the moment. I dont think that XX cranks were ever going to happen. I would need to upgrade the rest of the bike around the...
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    Dirty Deeds Urban Cyclocross Series 2011

    I think that I have left my run to get into cross shape a little late. I nearly died from coughing after the last race. My gf was not impressed with how smelly the bike was that got put in her car. Shouldnt have left so early so I could have got it washed cleanish. I will be there on...
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    Forrest 6 Hour - June 5 2011

    best way to break in a new chain in the abrasiveness of a sloppy mud...... Does that mean you are going SS Stevob? I will unfortunately be taking the soft approach of a Dualie with gear.
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    melburn roubaix

    Now that the dooms day has passed I feel that I can fully commit to upcoming bike rides.... I want the ticket. I assume that it is an electronic ticket? Let me know how I can get it from you.
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    I have screwed the pedal thread on my Cross bike. Yay. So it looks like I am up for a new crankset. My question is does anyone have any recommendations? I currently run a Tiagra 175mm triple and I was also thinking of moving away from square BB to something with some larger bearings ie Isis...
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    Internal Geared Hubs

    I have installed a 8 speed Afline on my 29er rigid. I love riding SS but SS to work and crits was impossible. I would be more shagged from the commute home from crits than the actual race. I kinda like it. I basically ride it as a SS rarely changing gears except on the hilly stuff. The...
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    UCI's suspicious list leaked from 2010 Tour de France - INTERESTING READ

    Cadel got a 4 with not even a rumour of doping Michael Rogers and Wes Sulzbeerger got a 7 Interesting to read it. I wonder how those ratings have changed over the year, well at least from last year to this year. Also interesting that Dopers like Vino only get a 5!
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    Dirty Deeds Urban Cyclocross Series 2011

    WHOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO Cross Racing. Only question is why a MTBA license can't be used. They have done so at other cross and buying a three race permit just adds to the cost. ps thanks for organising the series again.
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    Tumbles - it is definately for newbies, after all there has only been 5 CX races in recent memory so we are all new to it. It is pretty easy going so there is no need to stress out. Just rock up and participate. Unlike US CX races lapped riders will not be pulled from the track except after...
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    Pffft it is way too early in the year for the cross season to be starting. That said if there was anything happening in Melbourne I would be getting into it too. If only i could attend one of the Melbourne Gravel Grinders
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    Bikepacking Victoria?

    You could just start riding up the Yarra the trails head up there a fair way. Just camp in a discreet place but be careful as I imagine there are people walking along the Yarra early in the morning!