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    Post your Roadie

    On bike fit: Get Steve Hogg to do it. I had a 'frame fit' done when I had a frame made for me. Best money I've spent. Now onto my bike... I don't believe I've posted it here: KUMO KOMPLETE 1 by #lordayplease, on Flickr
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    The Single Speed Thread

    1. You looking specifically for paragon sliders? Or are every other slider/rockers style syste alright? 2. Philcentric and Tr!ckstuff do them. A company called foward components did a really good one, but they are no longer availiable. 3. I ride with tensioner currently, on a geared frame...
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    Friday Night Track Racing At Dunc Gray

    GET ON THIS! go on ladies.
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    Post your Roadie

    Built up for cheap. Awesome interm bike.
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    The Photo Snob Thread

    I went to zoo on easter sunday. Forgot to charge the battery and only had a 50mm, so got limited shots most of which were of the family. Here are my two favourites, with no pp, just cropped. Tiger by Funsize Enterprise, on Flickr TBird by Funsize Enterprise, on Flickr
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    Mont 24 Hour. Tell us your stories

    Whoever organised the drummer to be out at night. You are a fucking legend. Best moment of the 2012 mont for me.
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    new crit machine

    That's the dumbest thing i've ever read. You can get a Playstation and a good quality plasma a cheaper than the amount this guys spending on his sons bike. +1 for ultegra di2 though - it's the furture. I've heard of no such problems with performance (and it feels better then RED as well)...
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    new crit machine

    Considered the Felt F-series or AR-series? F series frames are serious light. Also Focus do some pretty good bikes and TBSM are very resoanble with there pirces/
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    The Fixie Thread

    Bump for tonight.
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    VIC Wanted roadie parts. Please help

    I've have some Pro LT bars, and Pro PLT stems. Very light for the price. PM me for deets. EDIT: got tyres, and some other bits if you want as well.
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    Moving to Sydney from Vancouver - where's the good riding?

    I'm from about an hour NW outta sydney. My Favourite trail is Wisemans Ferry. I can show you around, and I can even assure you a bit of sketchy, steep, loose fun. PM when your here I'll I'll show you around.
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    The Fixie Thread

    Enough talk about forks, more about saturday's alleycat.
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    The Vintage Mountain Bike Thread.

    Building up my aquired 1991 Zaskar frame period correct. Pretty much doing it in NOS Deore XT lovelies. Finding it hard to locate things like GT/AME all terra grips, GT 2x4 forks, GT Flip flop stem, GT Duralumium bars and gave up and bought a Deore xt seat pillar instead of trying to track...
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    The Fixie Thread

    Regan of Gong. You: a) coming up with the other guys to cops and convicts alleycat b) going to the fixie sprints the next day?
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    The Fixie Thread

    I find sockets work fanstastic for starnuts. PVC pipe from your local bunnings for crown race. Wooden mallet for headseat cups. Proceed with caution. I've learnt the hard way with the first two.
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    Banshee Morpine - new photo!

    *Saved* Possible the best picture on farkin... ever.
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    The Fixie Thread

    From the dudes who bought you Riddle me that Alleycat now bring you: Cops and Convicts - Alleycat - 18-2-2012 Be there. Dress to impress to the theme (or you can forfeit a gold coin for not making any effort) and get yourself and your trusty...
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    Mixed drinks?

    Yeh I made some redskin vodka (for shots) for new years. I drank most of it actually - passed out before 11. In other news: Solo and southern comfort. For those who don't like southern comfort (like my mate who hates it and me who also dislikes it) it's a fanastic drink.
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    Post Your XC Machine

    I don't care what nybody says - anything less than 10kg for a mtb is LIGHT.
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    Women, etc.

    Put her number on here. Hilarity would ensue.