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    The Mont 2013.

    No updates No updates since early afternoon. Suspect something may have gone wrong. :-(
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    James Williamson Enduro Challenge

    MTBPilot, Thats pretty awesome. Jimi would have been proud! That's what mtb is all about. Folks riding their bikes for fun and respecting one another. Hopefully your little one will be ot there next year with his dad! Ride on.
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    Post Your XC Machine

    WOW!! Nice!!
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    24HOA World Solo Championships 2012 cancelled.

    I am surprised about this because :-( Sadly nothing from these guys surprise me anymore. Sad for all the people planning on attending. Especially the folks who have worked their entire year towards racing in 2012. A huge impost if you were from overseas. I am assuming, there will be no...
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    Sub 2kg 26" 100mm Frames...

    Congrats, nice ride!!
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    Ingkerreke Commercial MTB .. it's all over

    marathonmtb marathonmtb were there and several reports to get you started. The first few :-)
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    Ultimate weight wheenie

    xtr Ouch! If you want to get down to xtr wt, have a dump before you ride. Your tacticts a a bit more extreme though :-)
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    Mont 24 Hour. Tell us your stories

    Ouch! Hope he, his, bike, lights etc are ok. Hospitals at that time can be a major bummer unless you are dead or dying :-( Femur sounds nasty to put it mildly!
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    Future World Solo 24 Hour MTB CHampionships

    24hr solo It's great to see the sport moving forward and dates set for the next three years (especially) after this years debacle. Well done to all concerned, especially corc and all the people working tirelessly behind the scenes. CORC have repeatedly shown how events can be put on for...
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    World Marathon Championship start list

    4hrs at that intensity for Cadel would have been cool :-) Perhaps several of the Drapac boys over in Europe may have also be drafted in given the nature of the race.
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    Could someone explain how XCO works?

    This is funny :) Could not agree more!
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    World Marathon Championship start list

    Its a shame we could not have a couple of riders there. Judging from the types of courses these are run on, mtb handling skills are not a premium as its on fire-road and tarmac mostly. Perhaps we should send one of the riders who are racing in europe already, if cost is an issue. ---
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    Sunglasses (8-)

    These guys also make great eyewear at very reasonable pricing too. Few euro pro teams on them too if you like that sort of stuff. ---
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    Sam Hill OUT

    Hope he gets back to full fitness and starts mixing it with the big boys again. We also need more courses which showcase his bike handling skills!
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    LIGHTS MEGATHREAD - all questions on riding lights asked and answered here!!!

    It's a good idea to try if you can. Think recent mountain bike australia magazine reviewed both lights in a big shootout. ----
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    LIGHTS MEGATHREAD - all questions on riding lights asked and answered here!!!

    That's an interesting looking light. Battery looks big. Is it a hard case? Will it cause damage if bumped on the bike?
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    Craig Gordon involved in hit run.

    Gordo Gordo is pretty banged up, but knowing his resolve, and character he will recover as soon as any human being can. He will need a lot of work but as he says, this will only make him stronger. One of his specialists has seen 24solo a few times, so we know he is in good hands :) Our...
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    IC MTB Enduro - Red Centre

    Yellow Andy Blair retains yellow after hard fought stage, breakaways, crash right at the end. Nick Both also (swell redshift racing) made great gains and involved in breakaway. Jess 8min plus in womens yellow.
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    The Mont24 Hr - 2011, Mt Kowan

    regardless of his uni status, the guy can take pics...perhaps these 'pro' outfits can learn a thing or two :-)
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    The Mont24 Hr - 2011, Mt Kowan

    pics Same ol same ol, nothing special about the pics. mediocre even :( Guess we are spoiled by sportograph at the scott